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August 5, 2005

1. Were you rooting for Bo or Carrie (American Idol)?

I was rooting for scripted television to make a comeback so all my writer friends and I can have a JOB!!! Truly, the only reality TV I watch is "Amazing Race."

2. I just watched season 4 on DVD. I thought all the Ted/Emmett stuff was beautifully acted. I was disappointed, though, that we didn't get to read Ted's letter of amends to Emmett. What do you think Ted had to say to get Emmett to forgive him?

It said "You know you liked it rough."

3. You had to be in some interesting positions in episode 507. Tell us your secret - yoga? gymnastics? muscle relaxants?

Years of studying in Montreal with "Cirque de SoGay."

4. If QAF would have continued after season five what would have been some dream storylines that you would have liked to have played as Ted?

Ted anywhere doing anything in Hawaii or the Bahamas.

5. Have you read "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince" yet? What did you think?

Not yet. I'm in the midst of a ton of research reading and I want to re-read the last one before I do. So don't spoil anything for me or ... or ... I'll ... I'll ... you know.

6. Have you read any new books or been listening to any new music that you care to share with us?

My favorite new band/religious experience was seeing Arcade Fire at the Hollywood Bowl. I rushed out to get their CD "Funeral." They are truly awesome. The passion that these crazy kids from Montreal play with gives me faith in the future of music. Get the CD and listen to track 7: "Wake Up" first and prepare to be converted.

7. We all get a kick out of the witty repartee between you and Peter (the Showtime website's video being a prime example) and would love to see you two working together again. Since you both share a love of writing as well as acting, have you ever considered writing something together in which you both could act?

We have promised to do a dinner theater production of "The Sunshine Boys" when we are a little older. During the course of QAF Peter and I wrote a number of letters on behalf of the cast over various issues (confidential stuff, so please don't ask) but that's the only writing together we've done at this point. Maybe something more significant will blossom in the future.

8. I would like to commend you on the onscreen chemistry you shared with your bovine costars on the Liberty Ride in the Season Four finale. What was it like filming the ride? How much bicycling did you guys do? Do you still keep in touch with Daisy and Elsie?

Weren't they the prettiest cows you ever saw? As bitterly cold as it was that night they truly warmed my heart. Filming the ride was not pretty. It was the beginning of March and we filmed an hour NORTH of Toronto so it was freakin' cold and we could only wear fleeces (with as many layers underneath as we could without looking like overstuffed sausage casings). My memory is tainted, I know but it felt like two weeks of non-stop biking to me. What with the helicopter shots, etc. there were some long stretches to go. The riding on camera was usually downhill or straight away as I remember, but it was ALWAY uphill to head back to starting positions at the end of each take. As far as the cows go, I was asked to give them a good home ... and I did [[patting my big belly]].

9. Have you ever had one of those moments where you stop and ask yourself "How did I ever get to where I am today?"

That usually follows: "Who am I?"

10. Your fans know that in the last few years you've been to Hawaii and Italy. What's the next destination on your travel agenda? I'm swear I'm not a stalker, I only like to know where my favorite celebs want to visit.

Next on my list is Australia/New Zealand. I keep trying to get the network that carries us or the people who sell our DVD's down there to fly me down with some very unsubtle hints like: FLY ME DOWN! So far no bites.

Scott Lowell