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January 3, 2003

1. Zucchini bread, or banana bread?

Tough one. Different tastes for different times. All in all Id have to go with Banana Bread (nut-free).

2. When you were cast for Queer as Folk, you obviously knew you would be a part of something very different that would hopefully enlighten and educate others that there are many facets outside "sexual orientation" that help define a person. After two seasons, do you notice any difference in society as a whole and their acceptance of the "gay" culture?

First off, I really didnt know just how ground breaking QAF would be. That has been a wonderful gift on top of just having the good fortune to play a character like Ted. After two seasons I have definitely noticed a change. Beyond the simple fact that its one of the few projects I have been lucky enough to work on that people actually thank you for doing, I have noticed a definite increase in the number of straight guys who watch the show (often with wives or girlfriends but not always). They almost always start by telling me that the show made them a little uncomfortable at first but once they got past he shock and got involved with these characters they got as addicted to it as everyone else. That tells me were making some headway in eliminating some ignorance and hopefully the phobias that go along with it. Were not going to be able to completely change society, but if we can enlighten even a few minds then weve accomplished more than just being a fun piece of entertainment which is a pretty good accomplishment in itself.

3. Can you tell me what restaurant is being used for the exterior of the Liberty Diner (since the xxx Diner has moved)?

Well, our fabulous art department has turned a plain old street corner on the east side of Toronto with an empty storefront into an almost exact duplication of the corner of Queen & Crawford where the old XXX Diner was. Im afraid Im not at liberty (no pun intended) to reveal the exact location.

4. As far as you know, will you be doing a promotional DVD signing again for season 2? I met you in Chicago and would love to see you again!

They have not given us any exact info. on the Season 2 DVD/launch of Season 3 tour. I would love to come back to Chicago again, but I have a feeling they may try to send us to cities that didnt have the pleasure of our company last year. Hopefully the exact locations and schedule will be released soon. Im hoping to get to Chicago in a non-professional capacity sometime soon though as my dear friend Jill just got engaged to a guy I havent even met yet! That situation MUST be remedied.

5. Which particular recording of Verdi's La Traviata does Ted listen to in the episodes with Blake?

Ummm  the one with the  ummm  guy and the  lady who sings real loud like. Im sorry I really dont know. Man are you guys turning all Trekkie on me? Am I going to show up at some convention in a few years and see all these Queeries dressed up in sweater vests asking me what is the exact address of Teds condominium?

6. As someone whose memory is pretty bad, I'm always in awe of folks in your profession who memorize (and act, of course) for a living. About how long does it take you to memorize one show's script, and do you have someone read the lines just ahead of you while you're memorizing yours?

Ah, the age old how do you memorize all those lines question. A favorite post-show discussions in theaters across the globe. Its different for everyone in terms of how much time and effort it takes them. For me it becomes easier once the words have lived in my mouth for a while. In theater I usually dont start memorizing until after weve blocked through an entire scene so I can connect some movement with the words and weve run through the lines enough that they become second nature. For television I dont have that luxury. I generally memorize only the scenes Im doing the next day sometime during the day or night before. Depending on the wordiness of the scene it can take me up to an hour per scene to work on it, make the choices I need to make the scene work and then memorize. I find it helpful to do this right before I go to sleep because in that period right before you doze off (an intense period of creativity in the brain) Im able to visualize the scene along with running the words and come up with those little extras that can make a scene more alive.

7. Hi Scott! Just a silly question I couldn't resist: Everytime I watch you locker room scene with "Em," where he's considering "seeing the light," I laugh at you sniffing your gym clothes while sitting on a bench talking with him. My hubby does the same thing and tells me it's a "man" thing. Which I assume is why you put it in. Am I correct?

Yeah, you are exactly right. Im glad you noticed that. I like to look for those little touches. Its also my tribute to Alan Alda. He was always sniffing his food and stuff in M*A*S*H. I thought it was such a great character touch and one I felt particularly appropriate for Teds anal side (pun, again, not intended). Every now and then youll see me doing the same thing with food at parties, the Diner, etc.

8. When should we start looking for season three promos on Showtime and in advertising venues? Did the cast do promotional photo shoots for season three and if so, are they all group shots or were single character and couple photos also taken?

Since the Season 2 DVD comes out at the end of Feb. and Season 3 begins first Sunday in March I would expect the advertising blitz to begin sometime in early February. Not 100% sure as were not always in the loop on this stuff. We shot some terrific stuff for the campaign this year, single, couples and group shots. From what I understand the main piece of ad artwork (that features all of us) looks spectacular.

Scott Lowell