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March 1, 2002

1. Boxers or briefs?


2. If you could throw a flaming bag of poo on anybody's door, whose would it be?

Charlton Heston

3. Which is worse: running naked or bicycling naked?

Depends if the bicycle has a seat or not.

4. How long do you have to be dating a woman before she's allowed to fart in your presence?

A noisy one that makes me laugh: 2nd date. S.B.D.'s - 6 months

5. Which is the coolest event in March and why: baseball spring training, March Madness, or St. Patrick's Day?

April Fool's Day

6. Brian's "Roll over" is just the height of romance and class. Share some of your own special pillow-talk with the class.

Stand on that chair. Put this on. Now twirl.

7. When you're sick, do you become a big whiny baby demanding juice and chicken soup from anyone who will listen or do you suck it up and deal like a martyr?

Big martyr when alone ... BIG baby if someone's there.

8. What is the Matrix?

A special edition of fruity Trix cereal put out in May featuring fuscia marshmallow flowers.

9. You've been cast on "The Real World" - which stereotype are you: the sassy lesbian, the naive virgin, the hick ignoramus, the drunken slut, the pretty boy jock, the semi-closeted gay man, or the domineering bitch?

Sassy lesbian ALL THE WAY!

10. What's your computer wallpaper?

A photo I took of the moment I first discovered my secret beach in Kuau'i.

11. Come on, admit it. "I've been naked on TV" is your favorite pick-up line, isn't it?

Yeah. Unfortunately the response usually is: "Yeah, I know. I've seen it. Bye."

12. Britney Spears: dirty, dirty whore or guilty pleasure?

You kidding? Both! And I'll ask you not to speak of the 3rd Mrs. Lowell in those terms anymore.

13. You're drunk and somehow get talked into singing karaoke. What song do you sing?

Rhinestone Cowboy

14. What is your favorite color?

Whatever I'm wearing and someone says "That looks good on you."

15. Do you sleep snuggled under lots of blankets, curled in a ball or do you sprawl all out and kick the covers off in the middle of the night?

1 leg sticking out of the covers sometimes, otherwise curled, spooning myself ... unless ...

16. You're locked in a room with Dr. Laura, one of the NSYNC boys, and Dubya, and you only have two gags. Who gets to yammer on until you're rescued?

(this answer is rated MA) Fortunately Dubya would be "gagging" Dr. Laura on his own (they're SUCH a cute couple) so I'd use my 2 fabric gags on the remaining unoccupied mouths.

17. If QAF's writers ever pass along a script that has Ted and Emmett getting it on, promise you'll quit. Please?

Ummmmm ...

18. Which would you rather smooch: someone with beer breath, someone with cigarette breath, or someone with garlic and onion breath?

Beer breath actually turns me on a little.

19. If you're looking at your clock when it hits 11:11, do you make a wish?

No, but I do say "Rabbit. Rabbit" at midnight or first thing in the morning on the 1st of every month. Like today.

20. Does size matter?

Not to me.

Scott Lowell