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April 6, 2007

1. As a fan, obviously we can get obsessive about you... so to turn the tables, what have you been obsessive about or with whom/what have you been addicted to?

I get addicted to true creative originality that I can then spread among my friends. I've mentioned some of these things and people in the past (Ricky Gervais, Sasha Baron Cohen, Arcade Fire, Elvis Costello) and I tend to fall off the wagon when these original things get co-opted or too accepted by the public at large. Hence my enjoying but not being obsessed with "Borat" or the US version of "The Office".

2. What's the last dream you've had that was so vivid that you didn't want to wake from that dream?

That's between me and Audrey Tautou... who speaks fluent English and looks coquettishly only at ME in Dreamland, by the way.

3. I read online about a QAF fan who talked with you and she was glowing about how kind, intelligent and gracious you seemed to be. Do you find that most fans treat you respectfully?

Well, she must have been drunk, bless her. The majority of fans are quite kind to me now that the show is over. During the run, depending on whether "Ted" was being a good boy or a bad boy I would be either warmly welcomed or smacked and berated. Seriously.

4. If you're at all familiar with Grey's Anatomy you know that the show's creator nicknamed one of the characters 'McDreamy' then later named two other characters 'McSteamy' and 'McVet'. Now the whole 'Mc---' thing has become a bit of a phenomenon. So my question is, what's your 'Mc---' name?

Mayor McCheese.

5. Are there any roles in movies, the theatre, or on televsion that you'd like to play?

ALL the ones that lay ahead of me... I just wish they'd hurry the hell up and show themselves to me. I'm getting BORED!!!

6. What have you been up to in the last few months and can we expect to see more of you soon?

Well, I've taped another episode of "American Dad" and am currently shooting a small indie film called (at the moment) "Ping Pong Playa" where I play Peter Paige's henchman (he's the villain of the film). It's essentially a glorified cameo that Peter asked me to do and I liked the script so much that I was happy to say "Yes." Other than that, I've been auditioning for pilots (tested for a wonderful show only to have the network decide they wanted the character to be African-American), writing, and walking my dog.

7. Cheese doodles or cheesy poofs?

Cheesy Poofs, absolutely!

8. Who is the best bowler among your friends?

I'd say that's a tie between Gus Buktenica and Gale.

9. Greatly enjoyed meeting you in Stockbridge, MA last year when you did The Heidi Chronicles . Any plans to possibly return to the Berkshire Theater Festival during the upcoming season?

Unfortunately there was nothing for me in the upcoming season but I sure hope to get back there. It's a wonderful place and I had an extraordinary time there.

Scott Lowell