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October 6, 2006

1. How has it been, more than a year after wrapping QAF, to feel the continued impact of the momentous work you were involved in?

It's really been a wonderful gift. The life of an actor is tough, you know. And as I've struggled with the challenging sides of this business and to find interesting work post-QAF it's nice to have people come up to me and tell me that my work on the show made an impact on them. It helps buoy me and remind me what I love about this line of work.

2. You said in the last Q&A that you might be coming to NYC in the fall. Is that still in your plans? Do you think you'll do any theater?

I am indeed currently in NYC and would love to do some theatre here. My old cast-mate and buddy Gale has found his way into a terrific show with the Roundabout Theatre Company. He'll be doing "Suddenly Last Summer" with Blythe Danner and Carla Gugino. Very happy for him. Hopefully I'll be as fortunate!

3. What is the most embarrassing situation you've ever been in?

Long story but here's the highlights: Sixth grade, emceeing a talent show dressed up as Groucho Marx, over-full bladder, peeing in my gray flannel pants.

4. If the end of the world was near what would you do in the remaining days?

Either find ways to get to another planet, or get in touch with as many close friends and family as I could to tell them I loved them, cook a magnificent meal and enjoy it with my closest friends and a "special little lady". After the meal she and I will then have marathon sex 'til we're both so exhausted we sleep through the end.

5. How did your involvement in the Berkshire Theatre Festival come about? Did you enjoy performing in "The Heidi Chronicles"? Would you consider returning next season?

My manager submitted me to the wonderful casting director, Alan Filderman, when he put out word that they were having trouble casting the part. He knew my work from QAF and championed me to the director, Maria Mileaf. Now, Randy Harrison coincidentally was working on "Amadeus" at BTF at this time so the Artistic Director of the theatre, Kate McGuire, asked Randy if I was an okay guy. He said "kinda" and that was that. I had an AMAZING time working on the show and was very proud of it. I would head back to BTF in a heartbeat if the role and show were interesting enough. I loved my time in the woods.

6. I know we can see what you're currently reading on the new "Scott recommends" section but do you have a list of all-time favorite books?

I'm really loathe to list "favorites" as they change all the time ... but I loves me some Dickens and John Irving and Philip Roth as a general rule.

7. What do you think/feel about gaining new fans in Germany and other countries that just started airing QAF, even though the show is over in America? How does it feel, to be something like a star in Europe/ Germany?

It's kind of hard to fathom. It's been great to get letters from all over the world and I wish I could respond in the writers' native tongues. I think if I were able to visit the various countries where the show was so successful then the impact it's having would be more concrete. So tell your local broadcasters to invite us over! Free wiener-schnitzel for EVERYONE!!!

8. Are you planning on getting a MySpace, since it's the trendy new thing for celebrities?

I would feel like I'm cheating on Annie ... and I would NEVER cheat on Annie!

9. Percentage-wise, what would you like to do more of: theatre, television, movies, other?

35% theatre, 30% film, 25% TV, 10% puppet show.

10. What food do you miss most from your time in Toronto that you can't get in the states?

Well, of course, the only food indigenous to Canada ... the Bloody Caesar!

Scott Lowell