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February 10, 2006

1. When I began watching QAF I was struck by how familiar you looked. When I found your website, you mentioned being at the O'Neill in the 80s and I realized that the NTI might be the connection as I was part of the critic's program in '87. Were you there that year? If not...did you ever work for Body Politic Theatre in Chicago? Regardless, I'd love to hear how the intensity of the O'Neill's program affected how you approach your craft.

I went to the National Theatre Institute (NTI) at the O'Neill in the Fall of 1985 a couple of years before you were there, I'm afraid. I did work in the Body Politic space on a musical called "Wild Men!" in Chicago but it was not an official Body Politic production. So the mystery may continue as to my familiarity I'm afraid. Now as far as NTI goes I consider it the best educational experience I had. So many wonderful teachers and points of views and a schedule that pushed you beyond what you thought you could ever accomplish. Most of what I know as an actor came from my time there. It taught me how to stay calm under intense pressure and to focus on what is essential in your performance and to protect that.

2. Do you drink red wine, beer or sake with your sushi?


3. Were/are you a Buffy: the Vampire Slayer fan?

I'm afraid I never really jumped on the Buffy train despite an old friend being on it. It was around pre-Tivo for me and I just never kept up with it. When I did see it I enjoyed it quite a bit and found it to be very smart and bitingly funny.

4. How much of your acting comes from your imagination and how much from the director's instructions?

Hopefully it's an equal collaboration but it all depends on the director. Some are more technical or photographically bent and leave the actor to fend for themselves so you it's all on you. I prefer to have someone watch what I'm doing and come to me with thoughts and adjustments.

5. I am a recent college graduate who studied theater, and for financial reasons had to move home for a year before venturing out. I am living again in the dreaded bible belt where the only theater here is community theater and dinner theater. I don't want to go for very long being inactive performance-wise, but would the professional/academic world place any value on participating in one of these venues?

Even if THEY don't place any value on it, the experience for YOU of just getting out and DOING will be invaluable. Hopefully every project you work on for the rest of your career will teach you new things. So dinner theatre in the Bible Belt is as good a place to experience things as any. Enjoy the veal!

6. Pop quiz from an Australian fan: What's the capitol city of Australia?

Ummm ... Shrimp-on-the-Barbie?

7. Would you ever do a "Return to QAF" show? Say a reunion show to just satisfy the curiosity of fans to see how all the characters are doing?

If it was a really great script and the whole gang was back and we could get most of our old crew so it was TRULY a reunion for us then I'd say "yes." Short of all that I think I'd rather just enjoy my memories.

8. If you could sum up your total life in three words, what would they be?

More to come.

9. How many more QAF-related questions will you have to get before you finally have a psychotic break and scream "IT'S OVER! LET IT GO!" at everyone?

Listen, I'm quite proud of my involvement with QAF and happy that it affected so many people. My only hope is that there'll be things of equal interest in my career for people to ask me about in addition to any QAF related things.

10. Do you believe in premonitions and/or spirit communications?

Yes. Absolutely.

11. How did you feel about the ending of Queer as Folk? Not just for your character, but for all of the characters. As a viewer would you have been pleased with the outcome?

I was pretty pleased with how things turned out for everyone. I mean, I would have loved something on the line of how "Newhart" ended or "St. Elsewhere" with some memorable existential twist. But the rebuilding of "Babylon" seemed to sum up a real "I Will Survive" kind of spirit that seemed quite important and right for where the gay community was in 2005 (and remains). As far as relationships go I only wish "Emmett" had been given a more satisfying ending.

12. Can you share a fond memory of a QAF blooper moment (either elaborate on one from the DVDs or share a story about one we havent)?

Well, the one that never fails to make me laugh is the giggling fit I went through in the Season 2 Bloopers where Bruce McDonald made me do jumping jacks and catch the medicine ball. For some reason I just couldn't stop laughing and as someone who likes to maintain "control" I truly enjoy the moments in life where I completely lose it. I have no idea why jumping jacks were so funny to me to this day. They just were.

Scott Lowell