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November 11, 2005

1. What upcoming movies are you looking forward to seeing?

Well, I have yet to get to "Wallace and Grommit" so that's #1 right now. I just knocked off a whack of must-see's: "Capote" (Performance of the year by P.S.H.), "Good Night and Good Luck" and "The Squid and the Whale." All excellent. Of COURSE I'm looking forward to Harry Potter as well.

2. Did you feel a little sad to not go back to Toronto this fall or are you just happy that you don't have to suffer through another Canadian winter?

It's a definite mix. I was actually in Toronto at the end of September on my usual "return weekend" and it felt very odd to only have a weekend bag instead of a 6-month steamer trunk for luggage. I miss the city, the crew and especially the work. That being said ... It's Nov. 3 and I'm wearing shorts and a T-shirt and the sun is beaming bright and it will be this way for many months. Quite the opposite from my Toronto experiences of the past five years.

3. Since Halloween is approaching, I'd love to know what your favorite scary story or legend is.

I'm a sucker for Bigfoot!

4. What is your favorite book? Or your favorite book to recommend to someone and why?

How about some Joseph Campbell for you? Try a nice slice of "Myths to Live By" or "Hero with a Thousand Faces" over Thanksgiving.

5. Just wondering what you've been up to in your non-working life since filming ended. Any home renovating, trips abroad, famiy reunions, etc.? Going back to Hawaii this year?

Well, there has been a lot of traveling for events and speaking engagements as well as personal (I am in the midst of a long-distance relationship). There has been some work around the house and I'm starting to get back into the audition game out here. Peter and I try to play a weekly game of tennis and my buddy Eddie and I are back at work on our screenplay "Weeping Willow" and that's going GREAT!

6. Ted and Brian's friendship was a highlight of seasons 4 & 5 (loved that Brian told Ted that he got the all clear on cancer and Ted impulsively hugged him). What's it like as an actor for your character to take an unexpected turn like that deepening friendship?

Especially on a long-running series like QAF, character growth is crucial to staving off boredom. I loved that "Ted" and "Brian" went from seeming to despise each other at the start of the series to having a begrudging respect for one another to genuine friendship. It was a lot of fun to play. Plus it gave Gale and I a chance to work together much more in the later seasons than we were able to earlier.

7. What do you think is the scariest horror movie of all time?

"Election Results 2004"

8. Which do you prefer: caramel apples or candy apples?

Caramel. Definitely.

9. A motor boat leaves a ship and travels due north at 80 km/h. The ship proceeds 30 degrees south of east at 32 km/h. If the motorboat has enough fuel for 4 hours what is the maximum distance north that it can travel so that it can safely return to the ship?

Hey, listen smarty pants Canadian person (no American would use the km/h) I'm not doing your homework for you. Now get your butt upstairs and finish your math problems NOW!

10. What is a typical day for you right now?

My cat Chalupa cries me awake. I have breakfast and read email. I visit the YMCA. I shower. I have lunch and read the NY Times. I meet up with Eddie and we write and kibbitz for the rest of the day (unless an audition pops up). I either cook dinner or meet friends out. I either read a script that's been given me or catch up on Tivo or go see a movie or a play. Chalupa cries me to sleep.

11. Most of your Sco-Lo's have become addicted to 'Prison Break'. Well, what do you expect? No QAF anymore and we need hot men to ogle. Tell me, do you watch it? Do you like it and why don't you try for a part?

Truthfully I haven't watched it and I should. They're shooting it in Chicago and I know some folks on it. For some reason seeing guys all locked up together in prison with their shirts off just doesn't seem NEW to me. Can't think why?

12. What superhero did you worship as a child?

Well, I don't know if he's considered a superhero but Steve Austin, the Six Million Dollar Man!

13. Do you wear cologne and, if so, what kind? What is your favorite scent group in a cologne or a women's perfume (i.e. floral, musk, spice, etc.)?

Haven't found my signature scent yet, I just keep trying whatever free samples are given to me along the way (currently a bottle from my pals at Hugo Boss) until I suddenly have to beat the ladies off with a stick. Then I guess I'll consider that my signature ... I think. For the ladies I guess I like the floral ... I think.

14. What is your favorite Halloween costume of all time?

I always like the stoner dude who shows up at a Halloween party dressed in his everyday clothes who when asked who he is says "I'm the Messiah, Man." Hoo! Gets me every time. A classic, but always a winner in my books.

15. Is sushi still your favorite food? What is your favorite type of sushi?

The kind made from fish.

16. Do you have a personal assistant? If not, do you think you may hire one someday? What exactly does a personal assistant do?

No, I don't have one and not sure if I ever will. I'm a fairly private person and not really comfortable with someone else knowing my b'iness. Truthfully I'm not 100% sure what one does. I guess do all the little things you don't have time for if you're a big ol' star.

17. We know your web wench has an unhealthy obsession with monkeys (Hey! I wouldn't say I'm obsessed with monkeys. I would say I'm just really, really into them. --Annie). Do you have a favorite animal?

Well, actually I've ALWAYS wanted a pet monkey myself. I was obsessed with raccoons as a kid as well.

18. Since you're an Amazing Race fan, will you do everything in your power to go on it with Peter Paige? I'd love to see that! Also, what do you think of the Family Edition?

Alas, Peter's boyfriend works on the Race so I don't think he'd be allowed to go on. So far I'm enjoying the Family Edition MUCH more than I thought I would. I'm just so glad they finally got out of the USA. I like to see the world vicariously ... now if only they could get rid of the family from Florida (The Weavers)!

19. Red or white wine?

Red. Definitely. White... not so much.

Scott Lowell