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February 11, 2005

1. With a little touch of magic I am animating you and hooking you up with your cartoon fantasy woman. Who is she and why?

Betty from Archie Comics. She has always reminded me of one of my first "girl next door" crushes as a kid.

2. Let's just pretend the world suddenly has no communication. No phones, TVs, nothing. You have one homing pigeon. You can train him to go to one place to bring notes to and get notes in return. Where do you send him, and why?

Man, this is an easy one. I'd train him to go to the WWHPC (World-Wide Homing Pigeon Center) in Los Angeles. For just $9.95 a month you can send unlimited messages anywhere in the world from there via their genetically enhanced homing pigeons. Duh.

3. What would you think of a romantic relationship between Ted and Brian? Alot of my friends loved the humorous moments between them last season and are hoping for a Ted/Brian pairing. What are your thoughts on that?

No, I don't really see that happening. It might signal the Apocolypse. But I'm all for the healthy fantasy life you and your friends have.

4. In one of the Q&As where you were being quizzed about your Canadian knowledge, you mentioned listening to the CBC. I am a devoted CBC listener and I was just wondering if you really do listen to it, and if so, you wanted to comment on it at all (favourite show or personality, why you like it...)?

I loooooves me some Shelagh Rogers from "Sounds Like Canada". Not only for the insane way she spells her name but for her infectious enthusiasm for whatever subject she's speaking of or interviewing. Kind of a Canadian Terry Gross (my dream interviewer on NPR).

5. During Thanksgiving, I went in transit through Toronto airport, and it made me wonder if you and the cast get special treatment through US and Canadian customs and immigration, or do you stand in line like everyone else?

We wait in line just like normal human beings (we also pee and poop like regular people, too). The only special treatment we get is in having working visas for each season of shooting. They tend to get us through customs with fewer questions about the monkeys we smuggle in in our backpacks.

6. I am absolutely terrified of flying, but I've always wanted to go to Los Angeles, which means a six hour plane ride from Connecticut. I've decided to go, but I'm still worried that I'll freak out once I get on the plane. Do you have any tips on how to chill out on an airplane?

Valium and scotch. Happy flying.

7. What are your thoughts on the writing of Queer As Folk? If a storyline isn't working for the actor are you free to express this to the writing staff?

We can give limited notes on particular lines we might have problems with but as to actual storylines we don't have as much input as we did back during season 1. Dan and Ron are certainly open to hearing any concerns and helping us understand their choices but ultimately it is their show and our job is to bring to life their ideas as best we can.

8. I know you're a fan of "The Office" (great show) - do you like any of the other British comedies, like "Peep Show?"

Not familiar with "Peep Show." I also am a huge fan of Sasha Baron Cohen and "Da Ali G Show." A friend sent me an old show called "The Vicar of Dibley" as a gift and I enjoyed that. I am eagerly awaiting Ricky Gervais new show "Extras."

9. As an actor how difficult is it to do a personal budget? You have had a steady job for five years, but it must be scary to even purchase a car not knowing what the future will bring.

Very difficult. I'm in the best position an actor can hope for right now (and the past 5 years.) It's the only time you know for sure that you're going back to work at a set time each year. Other than that there is no sense of stability and you need to live a very conservative financial life because there are no guarantees where or when your next paycheck is coming from. You have to be insane to live your life this way. Trust me.

10. It's a Small World is closed until spring 2005 and QAF doesn't start until spring 2005. Is there some sort of conspiracy?

Well, you've got us. Showtime and Disney were hoping to make a big official announcement in March but I might as well give you the scoop. There will be a whole new "Li'l Queers" section of "It's A Small World" when it reopens with toddler versions of all your favorite QAF characters wankin' their li'l weenies and powdering each other's bottoms. Enjoy.

Scott Lowell