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March 4, 2005

1. Did you go to your high school proms? If so any interesting stories to tell?

I went to my Senior year prom only as I was too thick to know that a girl I was crazy about wanted me to ask her to prom during my Junior year. My strongest memory of my Senior Prom was being out in the parking lot with Libby, the hot English teacher that every guy had a crush on, drinking screwdrivers and having a great conversation - - suddenly the doors to the hall where the prom was going on opened up and everyone came pouring out. My lovely prom date, Lisa (who lives in France now) smacked me with her purse because I had missed "last dance." Oooops.

2. I like Elvis Costello a lot, but I don't have any of his albums. Instead of randomly them up willy-nilly , I thought I'd ask the expert. Which three albums should I buy?

Wow, that's a tough one 'cause they're all so good. But I'll give you three that will give you a taste of different periods in his career and then you can go and fill in the blanks later. Chronologically you should get MY AIM IS TRUE (his first album), BLOOD AND CHOCOLATE (last album with The Attractions before they broke up ... and then reunited years later) and SPIKE (his first solo record). Enjoy.

3. Was just wondering how you Hollywood folks happen to attend events such as premieres, parties, etc. What determines at which event you'll appear(other than availability, that is)? How many of these invitations do you receive in an average week/month?

I don't receive all that many except during the time of our premieres, DVD signings and then in "Pride Month." I don't employ a publicist at the moment, but that's generally where the invites to premieres and parties come from. I'm always happy to appear for political organizations that I believe in and lend my voice to any cause that I support and needs my help.

4. Scott, thank you for sharing pictures from your trip to Venice. They're beautiful, particularly the one of an "entrance" to the canal, the knocker, and the ones of you and Peter. Can you tell us anything about your trip? Was Peter with you the whole time? Favorite spots or anecdotes?

Well, I was happy to share a few of the pictures with you all. Venice is an extraordinary city and I had the time of my life there surrounded by a wonderful group of friends (11 in all). Some were fellow cast mates and their partners, others were new friends (to respect their privacy I will not name them here although you obviously know Peter was among them). We ate ourselves silly and walked off all the calories by getting lost in that magical city. Every corner you turned offered the most extraordinary view. It was like living a dream every day. My favorite restaurant was a teeny little place called "Arturo's" recommended to us by a world-famous jeweler Joel Rosenthal. We are all indebted to him for that!

5. Since you're a Cubs fan (sigh), what is their allure over people who are from Chicago or not from Chicago? I don't get it! Is it because the Sox are in the bad side of the city?

Everyone loves a loser with heart. That's what the Cubs are. They represent the phrase "hope springs eternal." Plus, they play in one of the most beautiful ballparks in the world. They still seem to have that working class, blue-collar feel that IS Chicago. The Sox seem a little more corporate playing in their new plastic ballpark and wearing their tough guy black uniforms ... plus they threw a world series. That's some serious bad karma to recover from.

6. When being interviewed, do you ever get sick of the same questions? For you, Hal, and Gale, especially, because of that one question "so what is it like to kiss a man?" just because you guys are straight and playing gay men. It's all very titillating in the beginning, but after five years, does it get annoying?


7. I finally got the chance to see Avenue Q and absolutely loved it. I was wondering what your thoughts were on the show?

I thought it was a cute, fun, clever show but not a real musical. I think it's very appropriate that they're taking it to Vegas.

8. For season 5, I am really hoping that Dean returns so that Ted and Blake can get back together and end up together. What are your thoughts on this? Do you wish this for Ted?

As we are in the midst of shooting the last two episodes I'm afraid I cannot answer this question at this time.

9. Why are the actors driven to and from the set each day? I know it's a perk, but is there a reason behind it?

Mostly it's a control issue, I think. This way they KNOW we'll get there when we're supposed to. Actors are notoriously late when left to their own devices. You know, we're all dreamy and such-like. It's also a bit of kindness as it gives you a little extra time to look over lines, etc. during the commute.

10. This is the question everyone wants to know: What are your career plans following QAF? Do you already have something lined up? And might I put in a request for you to do more theatre work? We're all going to be in Scott withdrawal after that final episode airs!

Well, I'll be in withdrawal as well, believe me. No plans at the moment. I'll be heading back to the life of a simple actor trying to find a job much like I was before QAF came along. I'm sure theatre will continue to be an important aspect of my career and I am truly looking forward to the new opportunities that being completely free schedule-wise will give me.

Scott Lowell