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February 15, 2010

Kathi writes:

Hi Scott


Happy New Year!


Thanks for the photo, I love it (you spelled my name wrong, but I forgive you).


I was wondering if you have ever been approached to guest star on Grey’s Anatomy?  I think you would make a wonderful doctor, or an interesting patient.  I know that Peter Paige and Gale Harold have each guest starred as patients?  If not, let’s start a campaign to get you on it!


Thank you,


Kathi Brown

Oooops.  Sorry, Catheey.  I’ll blame it on too much eggnog.  The wonderful Linda Lowy and John Brace (who cast QAF) are the casting directors for “Grey’s” and have been nice enough to call me in a few times for it.  No role has been the right fit yet but you’re welcome to start a campaign and we’ll see what happens. So long as they don’t put any “Mc” before my name.

Milan from Serbia writes:


Scott, I'm a huge fan!!! I'm writing from Serbia (a small country in the south-east of Europe). I watched QAF on the Internet because it was never shown in my country. I wonder if you saw a film by some famous Serbian actors (at least famous in Serbia) living and working in Hollywood, like Rade Serbedzija or Branka Katic. Have you heard of Emir Kusturica, a film director who won Cannes film festival several times. He even made a film in the US in 1993 (Arizona Dream) starring Johnny Depp, Jerry Lewis and Faye Dunaway.


Milan from Serbia

Hello, Milan.  I do indeed know where Serbia is and in fact have a few very dear friends who are of Serbian descent.  You are very resourceful to find QAF online to watch.  I am familiar with Rade Serbedzija because he was in a film called “Fugitive Pieces” that was directed by one of my favorite directors of QAF, Jeremy Podeswa.  Rade was terrific in it.  Branka I saw this past summer in “Public Enemies” and she was quite good and I have also seen a couple of Mr. Kusturica’s films.  So see?  You’re not such a small country after all.

Kristi from PA  writes:

Hello. I hope you are not tired of getting comments on QAF now that it has been over for 5 years. I just watched it for the first time & finished all 5 seasons in under a weeks time. I just finished Series Finale & I lost so much sleep over it. I can't accept the fact that it is over!


I have read enough interviews to know that there will never be a movie or a reunion episode, though I hope that will change. If not, do you think there will ever be a new QAF with a younger crowd, updated issues, new town etc? If so, I encourage there to be guest spots for you guys to go on for all of us left hanging wondering what everyone else moved on to do. There is closure with the girls moving to CA, Justin moved to NY but what about everyone else? You have to understand for the audience to wait all that time for him to finally tell Justin he loves him & for them to break up 2 episodes later is hard to digest. Had there been an extra 5 minutes on the show jumping ahead in time would help a lot of people to move on. For instance, 6 ft under left you with nothing to wonder about you know?


I would've loved to see the show end with Brian & Justin dancing around the loft to "Save the last Dance for me" with flashbacks of the prom because that was the change of events when we knew that Brian was in love. With us knowing they were BOTH moving to NY. To see if you & Blake stayed together or if you ever got back with Emmett later down the road. Are Ben & Hunter still living? The show led up to Brian realizing he was too old for the constant club scene & it was time to stop the casual hook ups, countless age jokes from you all but then it ends in the club leading us to believe he is back to his old ways?


Anyway, could you please tell me YOUR ending of where you all would be now? I guess that will put my mind at ease if nothing else will ever come out of QAF. I feel that Showtime should be banging on your doors now that L Word is over leaving viewers with no "same sex fix!"


I really hope that it is you personally responding to this letters & I hope to hear back from you. Remember, if you have any "in" with the writers please pass a long my suggestions!


Thank You,

Kristi from PA.

Well, Kristi sounds like you’ve got it all figured out.  I’d say march on over to Showtime and pitch it to them!

As far as my ideas of where we would the QAF characters would be now,  I can’t get mixed up in all that speculation stuff.  It’s too close to me.  I leave that up to you professionals out there.  As long as “Ted” ends up a journalist working for a travel magazine traveling all over the world battling homophobia and his waistline wherever he goes I’ll be happy.

Denise from New South Wales writes:

Hi Scott

Just wanted to write to say how much I enjoyed watching Queer as Folk, and thank God for DVDs.  I can rewatch any time I like.

Your performance and those of the rest of the cast were wonderful.  I especially like the many scenes you had with Peter Paige, and the timing between the two of you was fantastic.  The story lines you were given later in the series were very moving, sometimes to the point of actually being hard to watch.  (The drug addiction storyline)


Being a fan in Australia sometimes news comes through rather slowly, and the news of Gale Harold's accident in October 2008 was shocking to hear about.  There was very little information about his condition, and it was nice that you kept your fans informed.


I have recently read of Gale's starring in Orpheus Descending starting of January 15 in Los Angeles.  I've read how you keep in touch with him and Randy Harrison, and Peter and the others.  I think it's great how well you all connected through the show and have stayed in touch since it finished.


If, by chance, you get to see Gale during the run of the play, would you wish him well from one of his many fans.  It's great to see him getting back to the stage.  He looks so good now his hair has returned to normal length.   I did send a get well card after his accident, but I doubt whether he received it.  It was addressed via his publicist or agent, and I'm sure he received many.


It's always great to see any of the QAF cast popping up in other programs.  Loved seeing Sharon Gless in Burn Notice just lately. 


Thank you for reading my email.  I hope you appear in many more programs that reach us here in Australia.  I'll keep watching out!


Kindest regards



Campbelltown, New South Wales, Australia

Thanks, Denise ... there’s not really a question in there so I’ll just continue to say that maybe “Ted” could run a B&B in Hawai’i with “Emmett” as the madam of the house and “Blake” as the handyman.

Wen from China writes:

 Dear Scott:

                  Er.... I hope you know how nervous excitement i am , and I'm a Chinese people , so ,my English is not very well ,I hope you can understand what I say and forgive my so many syntax error.

                  I am really excited and happy to find out your E-mail address , you know, it's not easy to me ,a foreigner. I will glad if you can see it. 

                  I find and watch QAF two weeks ago, I falling it ,I love it so much ,I can not use English to say how I love it , I am a girl and during it I know more about queer and more understand them. Yes, queer as folk ,we are all humen ! But when I know the result I am so sad and can't continue.So, I only see until the Season 4 . I afraid to see the result , you know ,J and B not together at the end, I'm very sad .

                  After QAF is already 6 years , I hope  all the actors have contact, you know ,during 5 years , like a family, the friendship is precious.

                  By the way, can I ask you what the E-mail address about Randy? I also like him and want to send a e-mail to him. Thank you very much!

                  In fact, I have many things and feelings want to say. But , use English I can't do it well .Now, I already know why dumb's face turn red.



Wen, your English is 1,268 times better than my Chinese so I applaud you.  Plus, you’ve figured out why dumb’s face turns red ... I’m not even CLOSE to understanding that.  So there’s nothing to forgive.  I’m so glad the show continues to affect people all over the world.  I’m sorry that I can not give you Randy’s email (or anyone’s).  I hope you can understand I need to respect and protect all of my friends’ privacy.

김예슬  from Korea writes:

Glad to meet you.I'm your korean fan.

I always hope that everything you do will be alright:-)

Ohhhh, so YOU’RE my Korean fan.  I was wondering where you’ve been.  I hope everything I do will be alright too.  Trust me.  But hey, could you maybe see if you could get me a few more Korean fans.  I mean I’m glad to have just you ... but ... you know, it’s a big country and ... you know, maybe just one or two more ... that would be cool.  Thanks.

Steve writes:

I have a bunch!


I just watched the British Edition of QAF & they killed Phil (Ted/You) off in the 4th episode from the overdose. Everything else sticks pretty true to the original version besides that-what made the writers choose to keep you as a permanent part of the show?


Do you like Opera in real life? Was that you singing on QAF as a waiter?


If you still do poker nights with the old cast, can you take some pictures & upload them to your site?


Would you do a Reunion show or a Guest Appearance if the rest of the cast agreed?


Do you ever watch the show and forget that Brian & Justin aren't really in love? Cause DAMN I have never seen love scenes like that! (I am sorry I have to ask since they don't have their own Q&A site but do they keep in touch in real life?)


Are any of the Cast going to your Chicago 8 premiere?



My friend put together her ideas for a Reunion or a new QAF starring Hunter on his last year of College, would you be interested in reading it? If so, should I send it to this same email? (its only like 1-2 pages won't take up much of your time)


You know you were involved with something groundbreaking if 5 years later people still can't let go and are still hopeful to see you all together again even just once.




Wow, Steve you DO have a bunch.  Well, while I would like to say that as soon as they met me the writers decided they just COULDN’T kill off such a sparkling, hunk of man like me the truth is I think it had more to do with the our creators wanting to keep the team of “Ted” and “Emmett” around as a comic relief duo and “Every gay man” observers.

I do like opera but don’t love it.  I saw quite a few growing up as my parents were big opera fans.  But I don’t attend regularly.  That was not me singing as the waiter and honestly the decision to use someone else’s voice was one I was VERY unhappy about at the time.

I hope you’ll understand that the poker games I have with the cast are  personal and private occasions so I just can’t share photos of those with you all.  

If the whole cast agreed to do one, of course I would do a reunion show.

Honestly I haven’t really watched the show for almost 5 years now but when I did used to watch our episodes I would absolutely lose myself in Gale and Randy’s (and the whole cast’s) performances so I understand your feelings.

Well, there’s no actual scheduled premiere for “Chicago 8” as of yet but when there is one I will invite the old gang and I’m sure whoever is available will be there.  We tend to do that for each other.

That sounds like a fun idea to follow ol’ Hunter in college.  You’re more than welcome to send it here to the site.  There won’t be a whole lot I can do with it (I’m just a lowly actor) but I’m happy to read it for your friend.  I’m touched by all the continued interest in the show and the fact that 5 years after we finished filming it STILL draws in new fans all over the world every day.

Colleen writes:

CONGRATS to you, all your partners in crime @ Furious Theatre Co. &

Theatre@Boston Court and author Bruce Norris on your LA Drama Critics

Circle nominations for "The Pain and the Itch!" Very happy for all of

you! *breaks out the Silly String* Wish I could have seen it; heard it

was great. And the Circle gives out a Ted Schmitt Award (yes, spelled

differently, I KNOW, still - giggle-inducing; reminds me of another

awards ceremony, lol).

Looking forward to "Chicago 8;" will it premiere in Chi-town?


Thanks so much Colleen.  I’m so proud of our show getting these nominations.  I really loved that production and easily could have run it for a year without ever getting bored.  I did not know about the “Schmitt” award.  Maybe they should let me present it.  As long as no “crystal d!ck” is involved.  Not sure where the premiere for “Chicago 8” will be but I’ll post it here when I do.

Adam from the U.K. writes:

 Hi i have just discovered the American version of OAF. I think the series was fantastic and all the characters were amazing. I come from Manchester in the UK which is where the original QAF was set. I was just wondering if you are still in contact with the rest of the QAF cast? i just watched the reunion video on Youtube and noticed Gale and Randy weren't there, do you still see and speak to them?


Adam, UK..

Hey, Adam!  Well, I’m glad you were able to appreciate our version after having seen (and living in the setting of) the incredible original.  Gale and Randy were not able to be with us for that taping but I am in touch with them both quite often and they are both doing very well.

Judy from Australia writes:

 Hi there


Could you just pass a message onto Scott for me? I'm not sure if I have the right addy or if it will reach Scott.


It was a pleasure to meet Scott and Michelle at Gale's play last Saturday night in LA. It was such a surprise to see them both there and I didn't realize it was Michelle until she was standing right next to me. Scott was very sweet and very chatty and they both autographed a postcard for me.  I was the short Australian woman he talked to about Boston, visiting Sharon etc. It was wonderful that they both supported Gale who was obviously pleased to see them both.


So please pass on a big thank you to Scott and Michelle. This was just one of the many highlights of my trip. The biggest one was meeting and talking to Gale, getting pics taken and autographs signed and seeing his amazing performance 4 times. 


Thanks again


Hey, Judy.  You weren’t that short.

Connie writes:

 It was rumored, to the press, no less, that I was a Playboy bunny in CA. Couldn't be further from the truth, but this DID get your attention, didn't it? (Yup, this and about 199 other rumors). Like celebs, I finally divided them into categories.I have a zillion questions, but walk around incognito with a mustache, so don't tell anyone...What does Twittering do to you highly advanced concentration skills? I can't imagine. I'd say it's obviously not hindered your sex life, but that would be mean...When the creators (of Q as F, I mean) said that Ted would be quite a catch, and you were cornered at the wedding, did this mean you were getting the most mail?When that guy in SF criticized you all (don't feel bad, I had 500,000 critics there, a new record), and compared you to what's his name (Ben), how did that feel? They seem so spoiled there. Well, Scott, one would have to have macular degeneration to say I was once a Playboy bunny in CA, but I read your answers and I only meet one of your criteria, so sorry (YOU are, meaning, I am). I can't write you anymore (hey, it lasts longer than when I twitter), as it's not nice to fool mother nature, but it was nice conversing with you. BYE!! Did you hear me? I said BYE! BYE!

Ummmmmm ... yes?

Angie from Spain writes:

Hello I'm Angie from Spain


Congratulations on Valentin's  Day


I have a question about Queer as Folk, where is  Brian's bracelet?

I mean if you know who's got it. Maybe the producers?

It's a strange question I know, but if you have any information about it... please, tell me


Thank you


(sorry my english is not good)

Thank you for the Valentine wish, Angie.  Not sure who has that crazy shell bracelet ... but it’s not me ... I don’t know WHAT you’ve heard but there is absolutely NO truth to the rumor that I’ve been using it’s magical powers to seduce women at Louis’ Grill during happy hour every Wednesday night.  I don’t know WHERE that rumor started.

Anna from Moscow writes:

Hi, Scott!


I’m a big “QAF” fan and I’d like to express my endless admiration of the effort and talent that you and everyone else contributed to the show. My strong belief is that there will be no other show like “QAF”…From year to year the fan-base grows, people still argue about the way it ended and wait for the 6th season or the movie to be aired – the impact is unbelievable! (I think that it’s such a waste that “Sex in the City” is airing the 2nd movie, when there’s nothing else to add, and “QAF” is not and there’re still so many probable plots and arc’s…)


You already did mention in Q&A’s why the show ended after season 5 and so on, but I’m still wondering whether it has been planned from the very beginning to end it this way? I do not mean B&J story solely (but probably, it’s the most burning topic to me) but T&B romance  as well. I was kind of surprised when Blake reappeared in the show. And frankly I LOVED T&E arc – I was always hoping that they’ll be a couple again…


Again I’d like to thank you for your depiction of Ted – I was so happy to see him confident and popular in season 5! I mean, it’s so natural that all it takes is CONFIDENCE! It’s a great reminder to all people… Be yourself but be more confident)))


So that’s it, I guess….


All the best to you! And Happy St. Valentine’s (sorry, I’m late a little bit late with that…) as well <3


Kindest regards,

Anna from Moscow.

Hey, Anna.  Thank you so much for all those kind words.  You know our writers and creators Dan & Ron really let the show develop as it went along.  For example, the “Ted” and “Blake” relationship became a reoccurring one had a lot to do with the chemistry they saw between me and Dean onscreen and that inspired them to bring his character back.  So I don’t think things were planned from the very beginning but once they knew our 5th season was going to be the last they were able to formulate where they wanted it to go given everything that had happened to these characters (and what the actors brought to them) during the previous 4 years.

Scott Lowell