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June 1, 2010

Tanja from Germany writes:

Dear Scott:


Just finished watching Ping Pong Playa. It was great fun. Loved you and Peter Paige in these funny and totally different roles than Ted and Emmet. But I prefer Ted's wardrobe and most of his hair-dos. And you? Thanks to you mentioning Orpheus Descending on your web site, I came to LA to see another cast member of QAF, Gale Harold, who was great (what else can I say not to repeat this word the whole time?), too. You all are such amazing actors and it's nice to see you in something different than QAF, which of course I still like to watch again and again on DVD. But back to PPP. Was the movie successful? It neither has been in cinemas nor available in shops here in Germany and as I was in L. A. last month, I hoped to get it. But no shop, even Amoe-something on Sunset Blvd., had it on stock, which is a shame. It's such a great movie. Another thing. I was at the Getty museum at the 11th of Feb and saw somebody, who looked like Peter Paige. Do you recognize him on the picture I send with this email? So, where is a good place in LA to run into you? As you are not on the GPS map at millions of milkshakes, you have to tell me. Maybe there is a chance to see you in a theatre next year? Of course I mean on stage and not in the audience.


Good luck with the nomination for the LA Drama Critic Awards, Love


Well, I’m glad you enjoyed PPP however you got to see it.  We had a lot of fun making it.  It was not a HUGE success here but has done pretty well in DVD rentals I believe.  It’s a fun family film, I think.

Well, as cool looking as the woman in the blue outfit looks (I’m assuming that’s who you think is Peter) I’m afraid that’s not him.  ;o)

Kathi writes:

Hi Scott


I was watching Hal Sparks today on his live streaming show from the Stephanie Miller Radio Show in NYC and he gave a great shout out to you and your twitter site.  I am a twitter “virgin” and I know that Hal is a mega twitter-er (is that a word?).   He had a lot of great things to say about you.


Where do you fall in the twitter spectrum?  Do you twitter a lot?


Also, I am sorry that “The Pain and The Itch” did not win at the LA Drama Critics Awards, guess I can uncross my fingers now – darn it!


Thank you,



Hey, Kathi:  yes, please uncross your fingers.  You may need them for other things ... like Twittering!  It’s all pretty new to me this Social Media stuff so I’m a Twitter Putterer I think ... A Twutterer?  I try not to write unless inspiration or some need to whore myself out strikes me. But I must admit that all the adjusting to my Facebook page and Twitter account has made me a VERY bad web site guy and I have neglected things here for far too long.  I will try to remedy that.  VERY kind of Hal to send a shout out.  He is fast becoming The King Of All Social Media.  Take THAT Howard Stern!

Jan writes:

Hey ScoTT

 i only just watched queer as folk few months ago and since then ive watched it over and over its the best show i ever seen you guys were awesome no other actors would of played those parts like you did it sucks that it finished can we have a follow up what Brian did next that guy is so hawt it is rude for me ask you get pic of him for me

Okay, Jan - - 1.) yes, it’s rude to ask me to get you a picture of someone else.  2.) I think the punctuation keys on your keyboard may be broken. 3.) You are forgiven for 1.) & 2.) just for spelling “hot” “hawt” and the other nice things you said.  That’s how easy I am.

Giovanna from Italy writes:

Hello Scott,

I write from Italy, do not speak English ... in fact I am using a translator, I hope you could understand what I'm writing ...

It 's true that you and Gale Harold are good friends?

I love the show Queer as Folk ... I learned so much from this show

is a great lesson in life ... I assure you.

I'll give you my compliments ...

Giovanna, Italy

Grazie, Giovanna.  Sto usando un programma traduttore pure. Vediamo chi è meglio! Io sono buono amici con quasi l'intero cast di QAF compresi Gale. Siamo molto fortunati di avere tra di loro e davvero è diventato una famiglia durante le riprese.

Aubrey writes:



I was wondering if anyone in the cast or crew ever kept track how many intimate scenes each of you had? I would guess you were all under or around 10 but it would save me a lot of time (and paper) if you knew how many scenes "Brian" had with different people vs. scenes with "Justin". I am curious to know this, I am sure some of you (straight actors) have been with more "men" than "women" HAHA.


My second & more normal question is when you get together just to hang out is it at the point you no longer talk about QAF or do you still share memories or tell them about funny mail we all send you etc?



Last, do you think there was any jealousy between other cast members (ahem Hal/Michael) that the Brian & Justin story got the most hype on the show? I see a lot of people ask you questions on their storyline & that is one of the most talked about "relationships" in TV History, I wonder if it is ever bothersome for the others. I don't expect you to comment about Hal in general, I only assume from an interview that he did that he does not care too much for Gale & Randy which is a shame.


Thank you in Advance!


Wow.  Never got that one before.  Are you an accountant or something?  No I don’t think any of us ever kept count ... I leave that up to all the Folkers out there who seem to know (and CERTAINLY remember) more about the particulars of the show than I do after multiple multiple viewings.  There were 88 episodes, though so ... hmmm ... not sure where I stand on the women vs. men scale (or at least not that I’m willing to testify to in public).

When we all get together we definitely reminisce about our five years in Toronto filming QAF.  SO many stories and memories.  They will last us a lifetime of conversations.

In any large ensemble show there are going to be moments when you feel your character is getting shortchanged.  After so much time you become very protective of the character so I think we all had moments of “jealousy” but we also knew that the love triangle between “Brian”, “Justin” and “Michael” was central to the show and you make your peace with it. We all TRULY just wanted the show to be the best thing we could make it.

Kelly from the UK writes:


I’m so sorry if i reached the wrong email address. [i'm new to computers..i'm 39 and my 13yr old is patiently trying to teach me basics!]

i just want to say hi to scott as i miss qaf so much. A lot of us here in the u.k are just catching up on the whole qaf series. 

it's still reaching out to loads of people..even after all these years.

it's shown me not to be afraid of who i am [even though coming 'out' now has lost me my family and all my friends] 

my 13yr old son accepts me so thats all that matters [although i'm few years single..and his friends don’t know incase of backlash for him at school]

i just wanted to say hi and thanks. i've loved every moment of qaf..and even if it seems ancient to you's still fresh for us. A lot of us still relate and will continue to.

you have to remember that what you did on qaf stays with us..because we can identify with it and know we're not alone. 

if you could pass this onto scott i'd be most grateful.

we try to follow all of you but it's so hard. especially when we don’t live in america and go fight for a ticket to see randy or gale in a play [oh god i wish! don’t have a passport for one! never have] 

or follow you scott [as simple as on son trying to explain but it's like the off-side rule1]

i still don’t know how it works. call me old fashioned i just love writing with a pen in my hand or if i have to i'll email.

i loved ted..[i know you got sick of him] but wow. what a journey hey. 

the heart of qaf was brian and justin 

but the soul was ted, emm, debs,mel,linds and mike.

you don’t have to reply..just let me know you got this and we're thinking of you all. 

have a great summer.

love kelly xx.

Thanks so much for saying all that Kelly.  I was always worried that the UK wouldn’t take to our version of QAF since the original British version was so spectacular.  So I’m always happy to hear we’ve got a following there as well.  You’re doing JUST fine on the computer machine, Kelly so stick with it and you’ll never lose touch with what we’re all up to.

Scott Lowell