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February 17, 2009

Katrin from Germany writes:

Hey Scott,


I just read your new q&a. I love that you take the time to do this.


Maybe you can remember me... I'm the one who did already read your autobiography “My Lingering Malingering: The Scott Lowell Story” ;-)

What a great title. I'm sure this book is going to be a topseller...stories about good looking man who get nude in front of a camera, friendship, poker parties, loving fans, puppies and and and. what else do you need?


Someone from Germany was telling you about Ted's Spongebob voice. Maybe you think it's funny. We don't. And you wouldn't if you would know the German Sponge Bob. Try ;-)

But wouldn't it be fun to meet your German alter ego live one day? Peter Paige did that a few months ago.... maybe he told you about his trip to Berlin.

Why didn't someone invite you to come over here? It's so not fair that we usually don't have the chance to see actors from successful American shows live. Why don't they offer you to do interviews or dvd signings outside the USA. I really don't get that. Only the big movie stars come here for promotion.

But there are so many shows with a lot of fans all over the world. And I'm sure they all would really appreciate it to see people they spend years of their life with, they cry and laugh with and share good and bad moments with in real live. Sure not everyone can meet celebrities personally but it would be so great to see you on the couch of a German television show.

So if no one is inviting you, I do. You know, we will find a good ladies room door where we can meet with a bottle of wine. It would really be a pleasure. Just let me know.....


Hugs and kisses from Germany.


Nice to hear from you again, Katrin:

Peter did tell me of his wonderful adventure in Berlin and I was a little jealous to say the least.  I can’t really speak to why I wasn’t invited but I think it may have something to do with my sexual orientation.  Reverse discrimination is a b!tch.  ;o)  When GLBT groups decide to arrange a gathering for QAF fans, they seem to prefer to have our wonderfully “Out” and proud cast members and I fully understand that ... I’m disappointed by it (as I would love to travel and meet our fans all over the globe) ... but I understand it.  Other than that it is probably up to Warner Brothers Studios (who handle our international distribution) or the local networks that carry us in each country to send us places to do publicity for the show.  But I have a feeling that the show is seen as a niche/smaller audience show and they may not think it’s worth the cost to fly us over and put us up.  So, basically it seems it’s up to the local fans in the many countries where QAF is popular to either contact their local networks or Warner Brothers and let them know you want to meet us ... or form a fan group that can raise the funds to hold a convention like those that have been done in France and Canada.  I think most of the cast would be thrilled to come say hello ... just invite us with a plane ticket and cushy hotel room and we’ll be there.

Monica writes:

Hi Scott *waves*  Monica from the Lake George area of NY here.  I hope you're staying warm!  I'm listening to the ring-ting-tinglin' of, not sleigh bells, but sleet, hitting my windows :(   

I saw in a previous Q & A that you have an iPhone--do you love it as much as I love mine?  I feel some days like I could take over the world with it!  (We should unite and try!)

Stay warm and have a great holiday (and very early birthday--2 weeks before mine [: )

Hey, Monica:  I hope the sleet has ceased sleeting and that you’re sipping some warm cocoa to get you through the winter blahs.  I do indeed have an iPhone and we are much in love.  For so many reasons.  Chief among them is the fact that I went on a crazy OCD jag this summer and scanned every single photo in my house (loose in a box or in an album) into iPhoto and then onto my iPhone.  So now whenever I tell a tory about someone or some place chances are I have a picture on my phone that I can use to illustrate my tale.  It’s turning my life into a Powerpoint presentation.

Happy Birthday, fellow Pisces!

Gina writes:

Hi Scott,


When are we going to see you again on TV?  I loved you in QAF, and PPP, but I've never seen you look hotter than in the qaf music video I found on YouTube.


Seriously though, I thought you were one of the best actors on QAF. If not the best.  The whole addiction storyline must have been very difficult for you capture so well.


I lived with two addicts. One fought it and beat it, the other lost the battle and died.  I was just a child when my father and one of my uncles literally locked another one of my uncles in his room for weeks while he detoxed. At one point they tied him to the bed because he was getting his smack from out the bedroom window. (we lived in the projects in Manhattan and he would tie his shoe laces together and lower a small box out the window for his dealer to fill up for him.  My father caught him and that's when they tied him to the bed. Three days . I was just 8 years old.  I remember the screaming....


The scene where you confronted Emmett the morning after a party you a made him throw for you and your drug buddies, gave me chills. The way you looked, the twitches, the sweating, the wide, bulging eyes, the scratching, and the irrational behavior was so typical of how my uncle use to act.  Especially the way you clipped your words a bit, and sniffed a lot.  The way your lips tightened around your teeth.  Anyway... 


That scene blew me away. I sincerely hope you get back on TV, preferably in a drama role, though your comedic talent is also wonderful. You truly have great timing! 


What the heck! I'd love to see you again in anything!  Get your agents on it! There's so much crap on TV these days, they need good actors like you to get audiences interested again!




PS if you're ever upstate NY, stop by my shop.  Ice creams on me!

Gina:  Thanks so much for your kind words and for sharing your harrowing story.  It always interests me that some people thought I looked my hottest when I was shooting all the crystal meth story line (that’s when the music video was shot) as I was doing my best (by going through a hellish diet and keeping as pale as I could) to look my worst.

I’m doing my best to get back on TV (hopefully you got a little dose to tie you over with “Leverage” back in December) but I could always use a little help.  Rise up ScoLos and demand that your favorite network put me back on air!  Rise up, I tell you!  If that doesn’t work then start your own network and put me on it, okay?

Colleen writes:

Now, for the big Qs:

1) Any chance of a QAF cast reunion at Obamafest '09 (AKA Best Inaugural Evah)? Loved the snap of you & Michelle at the Vegas rally.

I got to do 4 hours of GOTV on Election Day, and it was THRILLING. First: calling Williamsport, PA. Then, door-to-door in the Maryland First District, where every vote really did count: that election wasn't decided until a week later (but our guy won). My volunteer buddy Jen was a college student who'd just voted for the first time. She was so excited.

2) When and where do I get to see "Assassins"?

You're right; Booth is fascinating but under-appreciated. Even growing up in the Land of Lincoln, we didn't learn much about him. It would be great if Ford's Theater would do the play early in the first Obama administration. (Of course there'll be 2!)

I've marked my calendar for 12/23.

Go Scott!


Thanks Colleen. Nice to hear from you again.  Sorry not to get back to you before the big inauguration.  Man, what a day.  As much as I wanted to be there in D.C. the love and power still moved me beyond words even through my TV ... and I was probably a bit warmer.  Thank you for all the work you (and the many ScoLo’s who joined you) in helping this extraordinary man get elected.  As far as “Assassins” goes I’m sorry to tell you that you’re about 15 years too late to see me in it.  I played Booth in the Chicago premiere of this amazing musical back in 1993 (here’s a backstage photo):

Not sure if any decent video or recording exists.  Among the incredible cast of that show Will Chase has gone on to become a B’way superstar and Jeff Richmond writes all the music, plays the “music guy”, produces and sleeps with the creator/star of “30 Rock”.

I’d love to do my play “Wilkes” at Ford’s theatre (it’s actually set there) so Rise Up, ScoLo’s and petition them!  Rise up, I tell you!  RISE!!!

Sandy writes:

Hello Scott,

No QAF questions here, but I hope you’ll accept a delayed thank you for pumping life into a character that quickly became a part of my weekly refuge from the, “Southern-Belle Hell,” I was having to endure at the time – Southern Californian relocates to a Southern Living neighborhood in Georgia…yikes.

Well, I’ve since moved back....and I keep waiting to see you on a series again…I miss your talent. J

Are you open to starring in another series in the future?

Happy Holidays,

Hey, Sandy:

I’m glad I could be of some comfort to you.  ;o)  Of course I’m open to starring in another series.  See the answer to Gina above and RISE UP!!

Andy writes:

Hi Scott I am a fan of yours. Question are you gay since you played one on QUEER AS FOLK.  Also how did you feel about acting nude?

Well, Andy, while I am not an official member of the “Homosexual Organization Which Likes A Really Good Espresso” (H.O.W.L.A.R.G.E.) I have been taught all the secret handshakes as an honorary member.  Acting nude was always a little unnerving for me because people were so  intimidated by my physique on set that they would always avert their eyes and pretend that they were giggling when I really knew they were crying.  I hate making people feel bad about themselves. 

Vicky from Sydney writes:

Hi Scott,

My name is Vicky I live in Australia Sydney, I just wanted to thank you for letting us all know how Gale is very nice of you, I met Gale when my daughter & I was in NY at the Laura Pels we missed you & Randy by 2 days it would have been nice to meet you too but we heard the girls got you cornered in the foyer & Malik had to rescue you both LOL crazy isn’t it, we loved NY went to see the play 5 times & we had 5 days of summer weather hottest winter for 300 years so we did bring a bit of sunshine from Sydney, I watched QAF since the beginning & still do my daughter & I have 2 complete series best series I have ever watched on TV & believe me I have watched many I loved all the characters you played Ted wonderful I always felt sorry for him but you & Peter were hilarious at times, me & my two daughters are going to NY again next July we just love the place my Jacky is going a week before us as she is meeting up with all the QAF fans from all over the world they are meeting in Central Park for a picnic, should be a great day for them all, can you tell me what you have planned for the future in your acting career would you like to be in another TV series, would you tell Gale we love him as Jackson so different from BK & its nice to see him each week in another series, so nice to contact you hope this email gets to you so thank you for 5 years in QAF gave a lot of people pleasure & still does please tell Gale we all wish him well hope he is feeling better & gets back to work soon,

Bye for now Hugs Vicky

Vicky do you speak the same way you type?  If so, when was the last time you inhaled?  I’m exhausted and lightheaded just from reading that. ;o)  

I’ll try and make some of my special home-made lemonade for the picnic.

Kathi writes:

Hi Mr. Lowell (Can I call you Scott?)


I was just looking over your website and think the photo of you with the blue shirt and blue jeans on is wonderful – beautiful!  I have always thought you were handsome, but WOW are you gorgeous!


Now my question, it’s 2 fold.  1st, there were several reference to my city/area during the course of QAF (Tampa/St. Petersburg, FL).  Was someone involved with the show from here or have relatives here?  And 2nd do you ever make personal appearance in the Tampa/St. Petersburg area?  If so, I would love to see you and hopefully meet you.


Your big fan in Florida,


Kathi Brown

Well, of course you can call me Scott ... especially after you write such a flattering opening sentence. {note to all of you writing to me in the future}.

Now as to the Tampa/St. Pete references in the show I couldn’t remember any instances of it being mentioned s I asked Dan Lipman (half of CowLip Prod.) and he said neither he or Ron can remember any either and wonders if maybe you’re thinking of “The Golden Girls.”

Dolores writes:

Hello Scott:


This is the first time I've ever written to a celebrity for chit-chat, but you just seem so warm and friendly. Or else you're just a really good actor in real life as well!


I am Dolores, from the California desert northeast of L.A. Of course I know you from your fine work on QAF. But I remember your rent-a-car commercial with the scented candles as well! I started watching the show back when it debuted in 2000, and, after a couple of "WTF?" looks from my metrosexual husband, he started watching it with me and got totally into the characters and story-line. He also watches 'Dancing with the Stars' with me and watches the Oscars with me and he's a snappy dresser, metro-metro-sexual, gogogo.


Anyway, I have always wanted to say that I felt Ted was not really given a fair shake in the show, he always ended up such a sad sack loser and, you are a fine actor, and you gave Teddy so many layers. I just wanted him to have some happiness! Another thing I've always wanted to say is the endless speculation and questions, "How can a straight guy play gay?" Which always leads me to, well, they never confuse Tobey McGuire with Spiderman or wonder if it was difficult for Owen Wilson to kiss Jennifer Aniston, or whatever. It always seems to be "Oh! Was that difficult? How did you do that?" It is called acting, people. Whoops, I just slipped off my soap box.


Anyway, there are no real questions in here! I have been thinking, since the 'Sex and the City' movie that a QAF movie, at least made for Showtime, would be a good thing. I read your answer to another query saying that some of the actors have completely moved on and would need a Manny Ramirez-size paycheck to do the flick. However, we all know Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Cattral like each other not at all but still managed to make a film. And, you folks all got along so well! And, it's been three years and it would be a nice wrap up. So, yeah, never say never!


By the way, my husband and I both voted a big NO on Prop 8. Even my dad voted no. It just seems that people spend way too much time and energy trying to tell other people how to live their lives. All that money spent by the LDS, et al, could have been put to a much more charitable use than destroying the hopes of many gay couples. Life kind of imitated art (or the last half of season 5) there, didn't it?


One more thing, Lt. Columbo. On your home page, the picture of you in the lower right corner, with the glasses and mustache? I totally thought it was George Clooney! You hunk of man, you.


Thanks for the great performances and I hope a long gig comes up for you again, soon!


Hugs to you!


Doe (my nick)

Well, Doe you are a dear ... and an eloquent one at that.  Thank you for your wonderfully supportive words and to your husband for being comfortable enough to join you in your appreciation for our show.  SOme day he too may be made an honorary member of H.O.W.L.A.R.G.E!

Simona from Itay writes:

Dear Scott,

I am Simona from Italy.

First I would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas full of joy and a Happy Coming Year 2009!

I also have a question for you (sorry if it’s not new): I know you like painting so I was wondering....which kind of painting do you like the most? Are you planning to do an exhibition? I would be glad to visit it, when I’ll come to California J

Please, bring my Holiday Wishes to Peter, Gale, Randy….and all the people from QAF connected with you.

It’s a pleasure to see how strong is your friendship with them.

Thanks again for the news about Gale, you are so kind to keep us updated about him.

Again, I send him all my positive energy and thoughts for his complete recovery.

Peace and Love to you all and to your families and friends!


Thanks for all the holiday wishes, Simona. I’m sorry to be so delayed in getting to these questions. Yikes.  February is almost up and 2009 is swinging along.  I’ve only worked in acrylic in my painting to date but I hope someday to work up to oils.  the only exhibits for my work are my guest bathroom, friend’s houses and in the home of lucky bidders at charity auctions that I’ve donated my paintings to.  So don’t make a special trip to the U.S. just to see my paintings ... unless you also find yourself in my neighborhood and need to use my bathroom you probably won’t see any of them.

Tanja writes:

Hi Scott,


Happy 2009!

Do you have any plans to travel to Australia (love it) or Italy (dont know it) this year? (I've read old Q&As. And before you ask, no, I had nothing else to do at work.) Or maybe to Germany to promote Ping Pong Playa? Is there any chance to see it over here? It would be nice to see some other things then QAF. Don't get me wrong, I love it. You and the whole team did a great job. Just started to watch Season 2 again. Must be history, or do you still know what’s going on?



Hello, Tanja!  Well, as much as I dream of visiting Australia for the first time and Italy for the second I have no immediate plans of doing either ... unless the QAF fans of the world unite and send me on a round the world trip to visit them!  RISE UP!!

P.S. “Ping Pong Playa” is now out on DVD so you can catch it that way.

P.P.S. I have NO idea what’s going on.

Nicole writes:

Hello, good day!!!

How are you?

Today I have birthday!! Today is 6th january 2009.

Do u have a way to germany in next months? Do u like germany and european countries or do u prefer the USA and Kanada?

You live in Toronto or Los Angeles?? I am not sure, I would like to hear and know..

do you play in criminal minds as actor? When is that to see in german televisions?

Best regards

Nicole Wetehof

Guten Tag, Nicole.  Happy belated birthday!  I do have a way to Germany in the next few months but it involves all the thing I mentioned in my answer to Katrin above.  ;o)  I have never been to Germany but would love to visit as I am entranced by Europe.  I lived up in Toronto while filming the show (and almost stayed!) but I live back down in Los Angeles now where the sunshine keeps me warm and happy.  I did do an episode of “Criminal Minds” last year.  I’m not sure if the show airs in Germany or not but you might be able to find the episode online somewhere for your creepy pleasure. 

Márcio writes:

Hey Scott,

Just watched again few episodes of Queer as Folk and wondering if there is any updated news about the possibility of a reunion?

I miss the show a lot even i just got to watch it a couple of years ago, when it had gone already.

Cheers from London

Márcio Rodrigo Delgado

Márcio I’ve got no news to report as far as a reunion goes.  I mean, I DID go to my high school reunion last year but I’m guessing that’s not what you’re talking about.  I miss it too but thanks to the wonders of digital recordings we can relive the happy times over and over again to out heart’s contentment!  Ain’t life grand?

Jasmin from Vienna writes:


I am Jasmin from Vienna in Austria and I love QAF!!

My Answer is....does it comes a second movie after the five series??

Please tell me if you know something over this!!

Your are a great Actor.

Nice Wishes from Vienna


Hello, Jasmin.  I’m so happy to have a fan in such a beautiful city as Austria.  Makes me feel classy.  Unfortunately there does not come a second movie after the five series at this point but I’m glad you enjoy the show so much that you want more.  Thank you for your very flattering comments as well.

Mario from Portugal writes:

Hi Scott!


Am now finished season 3 of QAF. I just need to slow down, bcse when it's finished I will miss it. Just need to get a life I think...


Watched QAF british version many years ago and I didn't think it would be worth to watch the american version, but I was being narrow minded. Always learning and prejudice it is a pretty fundamentalist behaviour...


All in all your character is my favourite because I tend to think it could be me in many ways, obviously without the green eyes and the witty lines and the general beauty. Have always had a soft spot for special guys like you, character and non character.


Well if I was younger (not complaining) you would have to get a restraining order on me or get me deported. Rzrzrz. Jokin'. Never been to USA and keep telling never won't, but if I had the guts would do it for you. Oooops gettin out of hand...


First time I write to anyone as I fan.


Without too much obsession will digg a few of the things you digg, at least the ones that I didn't yet.


If you haven't yet read try to have a go at Memoirs of Hadrian, by Marguerite Yourcenar. One of my favourites. Just about any of her books are brilliant.


Am crazy about Damages and N.E.R.D. Of course seen you in Leverage. Congrats.


Promised won't haunt you. All the very best success both professional and personally.



Mário F, Porto Portugal.


PS. If you ever come by let me know and I'll show you around just for an autograph.

Ummmm ... SECURITY!!!!  Kidding, kidding.  Thanks, Mário for your kind words.  You did very well for your first fan letter.  My first one was to the guy who played “Doc” on “The Love Boat” (Bernie Kopell) asking him if he was my real dad (true story) so you’re doing MUCH better than I did.  I’m not familiar with Marguerite Yourcenar so I will look her up.  Thanks for the tip.  If I ever DO make it down to Portugal and you show me around I’ll throw in an old pair of pants wit the autograph for free!

Christina writes:

First of all I want to let you know how much I adore you:-)

You are my all time favorite actor. You deserve an award for your portrayal of Ted Schmidt. He was in my opinion the most interesting, complex and beautiful character in the history of american television. Why can't Ted get his own spin off? LOL

So I have two questions:


Could there ever be a QAF movie? Hal Sparks said in an interview that it would never happen because there were two certain people in the cast that he never wanted to work with again... But could it ever happen? (with or without michael) There are so many QAF fans around the world, and we would love it so much if you made a movie. Do you think Ted ended up with Blake? I sure hope so. I just feel like it all ended so abruptly. We didn't get the happy ending that we all craved. And that's why it would be so interesting to see where those characters would have been today. And with whom.


And then I was alos wondering....Do you keep in touch with the crew members? Cause I know that you got really close with the whole crew. Were they mostly canadian?


What's your favorite Arcade Fire song? I love them so much...



Hey, Christina.  Thanks for saying all that.  But I have to correct you on one point: I DID get an award for playing “Ted” - - the award of having people from all over the world thank me for bringing him to life.  Awwwwww.

Now to your questions.  Well, I’ve answered the movie one avery way I can think of.  But in keeping with my theme this Q&A I’ll just say this. If you guys REALLY want a QAF movie then gather your forces, RISE UP and flood Showtime® with your demands.  Maybe they’ll be able to find the funds that will lure reluctant cast members into doing it.  I doubt it but I have learned never to say never to anything ... but it better be soon as we’re all starting to sag a bit and don’t NO ONE wanna see us taking off our clothes when the sagging starts! ;o)  I mean I scared enough people as it was even when I thought I was looking good.

I do think “Ted” ended up with “Blake” and you at least got to see them happily dancing together in the last scene of the series.  I do stay in touch with as many of our wonderful Canadian crew as is possible and make a point of seeing them whenever I get back to Toronto.  I truly could not have survived those five years without ALL of them.  Distance makes it tough but we all do our best.

Now I usually am terrible at giving favorites but my favorite Arcade Fire song is a no-brainer as it’s one of my all time favorite songs period (was even my ring-tone for a long time): “Wake Up” off of their perfect album “Funeral.”



Scott Lowell