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May 20, 2009

Murat from Turkey writes:

Hi Scott,

I am a fan from Turkey. I used to watch QAF on TV here in Turkey and then on DVD. I was wondering if you are facing any problems as an actor who has played a widely known gay character while you are auditioning for new roles?

Also, is it possible for me to send you an online interview for Turkey's leading gay magazine KaosGL. It is published by an internationally acclaimed LGBT organization Kaos based in Ankara, Turkey. (

Warm regards from snowing Ankara


Thanks for writing, Murat.  I’m hoping the snow has melted by now.  I think I remember what snow is like.  I am more than happy to do an interview for your site.  Send it on to the WebGuru here at the site and I’ll do my best to get it back to you in a timely fashion.

As far as casting difficulties I will say that there is always a bit of “reinvention” an actor has to go through after being on a television series for 5 years and that the nature of QAF has only added to the difficulty of that reinvention.  For some of those people in casting who were fans of the show it’s hard for them to see me as anything but “Ted” and for those who didn’t watch it but know what the subject matter was, well, let’s just say they tend to make their own assumptions.  So it’s up to the fine folks who represent me to convince them that I am not “Ted” so that I can actually get in the room to audition and then it’s up to me to prove it.   But I think things are starting to get a little easier and I’m hopeful that work opportunities will be more plentiful.

Christina writes:

Hello again Scott


And thank you so much for answering my last question. So here's another one. 

Just out of curiosity... How do you like to be wooed by a woman? Or are you normally the one doing the wooing?


You know.. just in case I meet you someday...You see I kind of have a crush on you. But don't tell my boyfriend.



Wow.  Ummm ... well before I answer this ... how big is your boyfriend?

Kathi writes:



You just posted an answer to my question regarding the use of my city/area in QAF.  You said you don’t remember it being mentioned, well 1st, “dumpster” boy was found to have come from Tampa, and 2nd I remember Debbie and her cop boyfriend talking about their friends from St. Pete.  Does that help?



Hey, Kathi.  Well I vaguely remember that now (it all seems so long ago!) but after checking with my old bosses from QAF I don’t think there was any personal connection to Tampa/St. Pete in our writing staff.  My guess is they picked them because they’re just fun name’s to say.  Try it.  Tampa/St. Pete.  See?  Don’t you feel better now?

Nora writes:

hey scott,

this reply to a question really intrigued me... “I lived up in Toronto while filming the show (and almost stayed!) but I live back down in Los Angeles now where the sunshine keeps me warm and happy.”


So what made you almost stay? and since we're on the topic of Toronto what were your fave places to shop/eat/get drunk?

miss you!

love nora

Well, Nora you’re very observant of the little details of my responses aren’t you?  I’ll have to be far more subtle in my responses in the future to challenge you. Without going in to too much detail the major reason I almost stayed was for a girl (ain’t it ALWAYS the case).  But another factor was to get to work some more with all the amazing Canadian directors I was lucky enough to get to work with on the show as well as be a part of the terrific Toronto theatre scene.

As far as favorite places in TO for me, well most of them were around where I lived in the Queen Street West area and College Street.  Fortunately for me one of my absolutely favorite places to eat (when I was straying from my QAF diet) was Terroni on Queen St ... and they recently opened a branch down here in Hollywood!  So now I can pretend I’m in Toronto whenever I want.

Elise writes:

Hi Scott,

I think the work you are doing for C.A.R.E. is tremendous! That PSA was AMAZING! I think that educating the public about what it feels like to be adopted, what we as adoptees are missing when denied our records & especially that birthmothers/fathers want to know their children is crucial to changing attitudes and the horrid laws that inhibit access. I applaud all of your efforts and send you all my best! You are fabulous! Have you considered the American Adoption Congress' conference and the work that they are doing?

Elise Lewis

Hey, Elise:

Thanks so much for saying that.  I’m VERY proud of the work CARE is doing and am happy that we are actually making progress in the California Legislature even as I type this.  We are lucky to have a number of the American Adoption Congress’s brightest folks amongst our ranks in C.A.R.E. and I’ve certainly enjoyed working with them.

Chitarra from B.C. writes:

Hi Scott,


I've recently started watching QAF again and WOW is all i can say! I should mention that when the show first came out I was quite young and had to hide the tv from my mother when she came into the room. She watched too but she thought i was too young to see so i sneakily watched. Ohhh how i love the freedom of adulthood now haha! You did a phenomenal job! I think its unfair that you don't get picked for fan sessions as well. Whether you're gay straight, or whatever else you still broke boundaries with the show and helped to bring a better understanding of the GLBT community! I am wondering if and how that role still effects you today? A role like that must have taken it's toll in someway. And ummm how does an extremely attractive and intelligent man like you remain single? Im just playing you don't have to answer... It's too personal haha... I do seriously wonder though! The good ones are hard to find... for me anyways haha. All the best with your career and i hope you're doing well!



Revelstoke B.C Canada


PS if you like Skiing, snowboarding, or snowmobiling then Revelstoke is the place to be! Snow capitol of BC.

Well, Chitarra I must admit I’ve never really had any use for snow related sports ... ohhhhh, maybe THAT’S why I’ve remained single for so long.  Better get on that.

Nerminn from Serbia writes:


I’m Nerminn, school teacher, master degree in esthetics of literature.

I am from Serbia (Southeastern Europe).


I discovered Queer as folk two months ago, and I watched all episodes in the very committed aesthetic reception (4 episodes every day), and it was for two big reasons:

1. the fictional character of Ted Schmidt in the great performance of Scott Lowell,

2. the highly esthetic framed narrative Ted & Blake story which is based on the very good written dialogues and magically performed characters by Scott Lowell and Dean Armstrong.


I am still crying every time watching the episodes 119 and 407. I can’t help it! That is in my nature of beholder in the aesthetics reception. Fortunately, my tears are rewarded seeing the great couple together in final episode 513.


I like very much Scott Lowell official website presentation and I will be here often in order to be informed about the actor's professional activities.

Thanks so much for your VERY kind words, Nerminn.  I’ve always hoped to be esthetically pleasing and you’ve granted my that wish!

Christoph from Cologne writes:



My name is Christoph from Cologne, Germany and I wonder whether my feeling is right in guessing that you are heterosexual??

If so I think, your acting in Queer as folk is brilliant!!


Take care


Christoph, I guess we’re both brilliant then.  You for your feelings.  Me for my acting!  Hurray!!

Michelle writes:

Hey Scott. 

My names Michelle and I live in so cal.  You are my favorite on QAF.  I was wondering if you ever play any video games? I have a Wii and its a lot of fun. Do you have any favorite games?


Hey, Michelle thanks for making me your favorite.  Maybe you can make an avatar that looks like me on your Wii and let me kick a little butt.  I tried the Wii when I was visiting some friend in San Francisco last and got trounced in the boxing and demolished in the car race.  I need some special Spazziness Training before I can ever Wii again.  It DOES look like fun though.

Alisa from Israel writes:

Hey there Scott!

just found out about this site, i think that's great, you deserve it so much!

never mind the fact you're one of (mine at least) greatest actors i got to see on screen!

hope you're doing awesome!


anyways, my question:

lets say there's a perfect chance i an somewhere around the US (yeah right), would you stop

and give your attention to an excited fan such as i?

always wondered if fans bother you or not (guess not, you look like a pretty easy going guy) haha


Alisa, Israel (yeah, i know, middle east dump O_O) xoxo

Hey, Alisa.  Of course I would give my attention to an excited fan or even a mildly lethargic fan.  It’s always wonderful to hear that people liked the show and ... wait ... what do you mean I look “easy going?”  I was going for dark and edgy.  Damn!   Ummm ... “F” you, you middle east dump living ... uhh, person, you.  My attention is far too busy to acknowledge you.  (how was that?) (no seriously, I’d be happy to say hi)(Doh!  Did I just ruin the dark edgy thing again?  Arrrgh!)

Dave from Florida writes:

Hey Scott,  New fan here!!!!!!!!  A friend gave me the 4 season dvd set on my 50th Birthday on Feb 24th and it has been a wonderful addiction for me.  I lived that like 29 years ago in Chicago.  I would have been the Justin in that day and my partner is 12 years older my age like Brian.  We had a click like folks!!!!!!!!  Hey be it Gay or straight I think 29 years together is pretty damn good!!!!!!!!!!!  I also have to say that your role WAS THE BEST on the show.  Your speech in the  straight conversion Church with Peter was a real inspiration!!!!!!!   I plan on writing the networks about your talent!!!!!!You Need to be on TV.  I also agree if you have not lived in Chicago, You can't imagine how cold it is there.  I go back every five years , I  to have moved to Florida!  in 95.  I do miss the Pizza, ethnic food and White castle after the bar seen LOL.  Best to you, Will check out your other movies!!!! Dave from Panama city Beach, Florida

Truly inspirational, Dave.  Maybe you could come to California and teach some of the idiotic, multi-divorced homophobes who voted o ban Gay Marriage here a thing or two!

Starry writes:

Hi Scott,

I've meant to catch your appearance on Leverage. (It took me a while to find out the name of the show; for some reason I couldn't find the info at your website - I looked everywhere, and it then occurred to me that it would be at your IMDB entry). Hope to see more of you on TV soon.

Here is one question I don't expect you’ll answer. This poster (a 17 year old gay man) at IMDB ( asked it very sincerely and I thought I would pass along as an FYI.

He asked: 

How do you think circumcision was portrayed on "Queer as Folk?" I actually thought it was refreshing to see a show that didn't make it seem like uncircumcised men were freaks. Ted was uncut, no one in the group acted like an uncut dick was gross, and Brian saved little Gus from going under the knife in the third episode, with a great speech to boot! 

There was a good discussion and most agreed that circumcision isn't necessary. He then last asked "Is Scott Lowell really uncircumcised in real life or is it just Ted the character?" I don't think the question was meant to pry; he just wanted to know your take on circumcision, as a confirmation about his view and his appreciation of the series for showing this aspect.

BTW, I just wanted to say what others have said to you that you have beautiful eyes and you are a great guy. 



Wow.  Has my career come to this point so soon?  I wonder if people ever ask Harrison Ford if he’s circumcised or not?  ;o)  I think the topic and debate is an important one not only in the gay community but with parents all over the world and I know the writers of our show did their best to handle the topic with as much balance and sensitivity (pun somewhat intended) as they could.  I’ll try and do the same.  I am Jewish ... but I sometimes put on a sweater when it gets cold.

Kari writes:

Hello again Mr. Lowell

I have a question for you.

If you could chose any writer/playwright in the history of american literature/theatre.... Who would you chose?

And if you could chose any writer/playwright in the history of the world... Who would you chose?

I know it's kind of a difficult question to answer, but I would love to know what you think. I always enjoy your recs, and I think your taste in music, movies and literature is outstanding. I value your opinion. I've actually discovered quite a few artists, books and movies by reading your recs. For instance Emiliana Torrini. She is an amazing artist, and I heard about her thanks to you:-). I also discovered the movie «Once» through your website. And that movie is still up there in my top ten list of best movies ever made. But that's just me: I'm constantly on the look-out for new music, literature and movies to discover.

So what do you say? Do you have a favorite writer? American, latino, european, or perhaps even asian, african or australian? I'll tell you my favorites if you tell me yours...


Wow.  I’ve always been a sucker for the “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours” scenarios.  Here goes: Favorite American Playwright would be Arthur Miller.  No question.  Now as far as the history of the world ... that’s a little tougher.  Charles Dickens has always been a favorite novelist of mine but when it comes to playwrights there are just so many (Chekov, Ibsen, Brecht) but as overused a phrase as it may be, no one beats Shakespeare.

Alyssa writes:

Hey Scott,


Before I ask my question, I just want to say that I really enjoy perusing your website. I love the little funny aspects that have been added in, such as the picture of you with the 70s cop mustache and sunglasses. You could be the fourth Beastie Boy from the "Sabotage" video with that look. Now, though, to my query. Have you ever given thought to performing stand-up comedy? I know I would certainly enjoy seeing you perform.



Hey, Alyssa.  Yeah I love that shot from “...Dixie”.  I think a whole line of clothing could be made from it and it would kick that Audigier guy’s butt.  The closest I ever came to stand-up comedy was the season and 1/4 I spent doing audience warm-up for “The Jenny Jones Show” back in Chicago.  I did pretty well but I’m honestly terrible at telling prepared jokes.  Fine off the cuff, though and that’s what got me through that crazy experience.

Kathi writes (again!):

Hi Scott


I saw you on an episode of “Criminal Minds” last night and was blown away by how well you portrayed the stalker.  When you were acting in the van with the woman, you made me feel uncomfortable and uneasy (and I was just watching the show).  Wow, this was a whole new side of your acting ability I have never seen, I was impressed (but you were still as cute as can be). 


Do you remember this episode?   

Do you like playing the “bad guy”? 

Do you have more TV or movie appearances coming up that I can check out?

I sure do remember that episode, Kathi.  I just shot it about a year ago and I’m STILL picking the splinters out of my arm from when that Shemar guy tackled me on that dock down in San Pedro!  Having now played two “bad guys” in a row (although “Mike” on “CM” wasn’t bad ... he was just in love!) I must admit ... it’s a WHOLE lot of fun!  Nothing on the slate yet as far as TV or film stuff.  But keep checking back here for updates.


As I’ve been so tardy with getting to all these letters I want to thank all of you who sent such wonderful Birthday greetings for me back in February.  You make me feel so young!



Scott Lowell