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January 3, 2014

Mary writes:

Hello, Mr. Lowell  I would like to know if they would consider making a QAF movie.  I am still a big fan of the show after all these years. I think it is time for it to happen and I know a lot of fans would love to see what the character are today.  Would MR.COWEN & MR.LIPMAN consider it?  Please let me know if you can tell me , if not could you point me in the right direction to ask?  

PS. and have a better ending for brian & justin. Everbody loves a happy ending so maybe they can find each other again.  It would be a big hit if they did make it.   thank you for your time.   mary

Thanks, Mary!  It’s probably the question we get asked more than any other.  While we would all love to get back together and work on a follow-up to QAF it is a very difficult proposition to pull off ... but not impossible.  Perhaps it would take the kind of dedicated fan base that helped fuel the current film version of “Veronica Mars” and a crowd sourcing fund drive to make it happen and prove to film investors that it would be a worthwhile project.  Once that happens then it would just take a really amazing script to make all the actors excited about working on it.  But I really think it starts with the fans proving the numbers are there to make it viable to producers.

Rogerfrom China writes:

Hello~ Scott Lowell, I'm a Chinese student~You can call me Roger.I have seen the QAF .it has lots of affect on me~And you are my favorite role~So I enter your website ,and get your email.I really like your perform in the play.I am studying English now although it was still not good yet.But I will never stop trying and give up any chance to improve my English .I think you are a interesting and nice man .Although we haven't known each other before ,I just want to make friends with you ,right!I hope you also think so~Waiting for your reply……Best wish to you.                                         Roger

Roger, your English is 1256% better than my Chinese!  Thank you for your kind words.  A man can never have too many friends.  Good luck with your studies.

Amy from Portland writes:

Hi Scott! I am a huge fan and an actress in Portland. I just saw that youare in "The Big Meal"! Are you planning on staying in Portland? whats next!?


Hey, Amy!  Well, I sure hope you got out to see “The Big Meal”.  It was one of my favorite experiences on stage ever and I wish the whole world could have seen it.  I had to leave Portland the day after we closed in October to get back to LA and start rehearsals for “12 Angry Men” so I’m no longer there.  But with my good friend and favorite director Dámaso Rodriguez running Artists Repertory Theatre up there I am sure I’ll be back!

Kimberly from IL writes:

I am a big fan of QaF and recently my kids became fans of it also. The thingI love about the show is how real it was. I don't think that any movie ortelevision program has ever evoked so many feelings from me before to whereI actually feel like I am part of the gang/family! I know the writer's hadlots to do with that,but kudos to you as actor's because you were able tobreath life into these characters and made them believable! What you andyour cast mates brought to the televison was awareness, understanding,acceptability, and growth and even humility! I have many people in my lifethat are LGBT and it has never been any issue with me to accept them I justalways have and I get rather upset with people that are judgmental or justplain mean and I don't stand for that and have left many people behindbecause I felt like I couldn't deal with the close mindedness, my kids haveseen this and now have adopted my way of thinking and are very protective oftheir friends that are LGBT and my daughter who is going to be 16 in a monthhas started a NOH8/NO Bullying club in her school (reminds me of Justin andDaphne). She is very pro-active and is doing all she can to make sure thather friends are not hurt~

Anyrate, sorry for question would be, do you know of anyonethroughout the lower 48 that travels to schools to help set up, organize,set goals, and bring in speakers to not only make the schools kids aware butparents as well and help teachers to deal with the issues at hand? I am justlooking for help to make sure we do this right. It is too important to screwup! My kids don't want their friends to have to go through what my friendshad to go through to survive and be how they are! 

Thanks Scott for your time.


Hey, Kimberly.  Well, it sure sounds like you’re raising your kids with wonderful values.  Proud to have been a part of something that helped spur that on.  I’m sure there are a number of organizations that could come into schools but you might want to use any of these sites as resources to help you find the right one.




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