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September 16, 2013

John from Laredo, TX writes:

Dear Scott, I'm a big fan of yours from the "Queer as Folk" series.  I have all five season on DVD and watch the entire series, one episode an evening, at intervals long enough to let the details go a bit hazy.  Getting to the hazy stage is not a big problem at my age, 63. 

The problems that Ted Schmidt has in his personality makeup are a lot like my own in critical ways (with some notable exceptions).  I feel greater kinship with Ted than with any other character.  I feel that I understand Ted.  (And the fact that you are dynamite handsome does a lot to keep my attention rivited on Teddy.  I have a crush on you that I cannot deny.  You probably hear that from all the gay boys.) 

I spent my life as a librarian.  The last 25 working years were spent as a cataloger for the local university.  I now have two pensions and social security payments that add up to a few thousand a year more than I made when working.  My lifestyle is modest (don't smoke, drink, or use recreational drugs), so money is not a problem.  I have bought a house for my retirement that is a palace compared to most places I lived in previous years, though it is a tract house in a lower middle-class neighborhood.  I have turned one bedroom into a library, one bedroom into an office, one bedroom into a bedroom (not too difficult), and am considering making the dining room into a second parlor without a TV. 

My biggest problem is loneliness, which is why I write a fan letter to an actor.  Ted did not think much of fan contacts when Emmett started getting gifts from fans, but his led to a loving relationship and a brief flirtation with wealth (though anyone could see the family lawyers getting this reversed, from the get-go).  Since you provide an email address for fans, perhaps you are a little more tolerant of us than Ted was. 

I have one question about the series.  Were you ever considered for the Brian Kenny part?  I can see you and Gale Harold in each others' roles very easily.  I'm happy with the role assignments as they are, because I find Ted more lovable than Brian.  But a reversal of roles would have worked. 

You mean so much to so many people that you don't know.  It is a burden, I'm sure, but it is a blessing if you look at it with the right perspective.  Your recorded work will be helping people for many years.  Let this knowledge mean something to you. 

If you are ever in Laredo, Texas, I'm in the phone book.  (Allow me to believe that you would call.) 

Your fan, John

Thanks for writing, John and for all your kind words.  I hope in your retirement you'll find the time to get out and study or pursue activities that you've always wanted to but never had the time.  My bet is you'll begin to meet some very interesting people and perhaps find a cure for your loneliness.  As far as the "role reversal" for Gale and myself … I think the casting folk got it juuuust right.  Plus, remember "Ted" tried being "Brian" for a day and it didn't turn out so well.  ;o)  Take care.

Cheryl writes:

Hi Scott,


I am and was when it was on Showtime, a HUGE Queer as Folk fan (where I first saw you).  I saw you recently on Bones and Castle as well.  My favorite actors have always been those that can play “character” roles and fit a myriad of different personalities.  Do you have a favorite role that you have played either short or long term?


I wish you all the best and hope to see you soon again!


Best Wishes



Hey, Cheryl.  Well, naturally "Ted" remains my favorite but I have really enjoyed playing "Dr. Filmore" on BONES and hope they'll bring him back again.

Christopher from Wilmington writes:

Dear Scott,

I know it's been, well, 8 years since QAF ended.  It was a very tragic day for me when that happened.  I know you probably get a million people saying this, but QAF changed my life,  I never felt okay being gay even after I realized it and accepted it.  We didn't have any role models that weren't either tragic AIDS patients, goofy neighbors, or shopping buddies.  But, when I was 21, QAF came into my life.  The show made me feel that I had five friends who taught me how to accept it.  For the very first time in my life I felt it was okay to be gay.  

The show was not only groundbreaking but it helped along an entire generation.  I hope you know that.  I hope you know that every bead of sweat, every tiring day, every struggle that you, as an actor, gave for that show has had a profound impact in lives.  I want to thank you very much.

Christopher D

Wilmington, North Carolina

Thank you SO much for writing that, Christopher.  It's letters like yours that remind me why I love what I am fortunate to get to do.  I'm glad our show had such a positive impact on your life.

Justin writes:

Scott, I just wanted to say that you were one of my favorite characters on QAF. I loved the show even though I'm young enough to have missed the original airing. It has been an integral part of my development as a gay man. Ted is the character that I most relate to in the series. It also doesn't help that I found you to be the most attractive character on the show. You have amazing talent. And I hope one day to find a man just like Theodore Schmidt. Well rounded and attractive like you seem to be. I don't know much about the lives of the cast outside the show, but you managed to play a very convincing, and attractive gay man. I hope to see more from you in the future in your acting career. You are a very sexy and talented man.

All the best, 
Justin in TX

Thanks, Justin!  I hope you find a good man like "Ted" too!

Michael writes:

Hello Scott,

It was great meeting you on AA-222 Thursday.  I am not a celebrity watcher and rarely recognize anyone.  You, however caught my attention.  Denver must have been a good place to grow up.  I grew up in Louisville,KY, lived a year in Schaumburg, IL outside of Chicago, then moved to Marblehead in 1988.  New Haven is nice also.  I guess that is why you flew into Boston.  I sincerely hope our paths cross again.  I have not played ping pong in years but would love to take you on sometime!Enjoy your time here and if so inclined, write me back.

Best wishes


Thanks, Michael.  So sorry for the delay in getting this and getting back to you (almost a year later).  I had a great time in Boston celebrating my sister's award from a local Breast Cancer organization (super proud of her!!)  As far as ping pong goes … well, my skills on display in "Ping Pong Playa" have not improved by any degree so you may find yourself evenly matched!

Nicole writes:

Hi Scott!!!!!!

So I just saw that you guys were doing another one of those Rise n' Shine Conventions again in LA. My sister and I want to come soooooooooooo bad but we are all the way in Jersey and can't miss that much work. Any chance you guys will be doing one in NY eventually?? If not, you should totally consider this a suggestion! We SO love you & QAF and would be SOOO excited to come to one!!! Also, I know you say no QAF reunion movie or show, but I reallyyyyyyyyyyyyyy think you totally should- i'm pretty sure the whole world is waiting for it!! :) Okay, I am done telling you what to do now! Thanks for taking the time to read our letters. YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!!

Nicole :)

You know what, Nicole?  You are a VERY exclamatory typist!!  That's grrrrreeeeeeaaaaattttt!!  So am I!  We did indeed have an amazing fan convention in LA this past June and we are happy to attend ones in NYC or Toronto or Pittsburgh or Chicago or ANY city in the USA or the world where someone decides to organize one.  A few of us will be in Bilbao, Spain in March for the next one on the calendar.  As far as a movie goes … if the whole world is willing to pitch in enough money to make it happen ANYTHING is possible!  ;o)

Ryan writes:

Hi Scott,

I was a huge fan of the story line between Ted and Blake on QAF. I loved the chemistry and the themes of timing and punctuation and the opera. I was wondering if you were still in touch with Dean Armstrong and if you have had any contact with him since the show? What about the other cast, have you been in contact with them as well? 

Thank you so much for you great performance on QAF and your many others! 

- Ryan 

Yeah, Ryan I'm in touch Dean often and see him whenever he's in LA or I'm in Toronto.  The whole cast remains quite close and we spend time whenever we can together.

Corey writes:


This is random but I think I saw you today at Gelson's on Hyperion?  I wanted to come back and say hello and tell you i'm a big fan but didn't wanna be a big nerd.  Also, I had just come from the gym and didn't look my best.  

Anyway...Thanks for all the work you do for our GLBT community.  You're a great actor and a wonderful advocate.



Thanks, Corey.  Yup, that's my Gelson's and Trader Joe's since I moved to the 'hood in December.  I hope I wasn't buying anything too embarrassing!

Brittany writes:

Hey Scott! My name is Brittany and ever since I watched the first episode of QAF I've been hooked. Your character always brought a smile to my face and many hearty laughs! I'd give anything to meet you all. You are all so amazing and talented and have the biggest balls on earth! Send the cast my love! I'll never forget Teddy <3

Well, Brittany you really HAVE watched the show closely if you acknowledge the truth about my testicles!

Maritza writes:

Hello Scott,


Loved your portrayal of Ted even though at times I wanted to ring his neck through the television, in other words great acting!  Is there much of a resemblance to your character  or non at all?


Also, where can we see you working today? Television

Thank you

Well, I hope the neck-wringing parts of "Ted" that you found are what I DON'T have in common with him, Maritza … but I'm afraid there's probably a bit of me in there too.  The self-loathing and destructive tendencies of "Ted" are what we don't share much of as well as the obsession with opera and most of his choice in wardrobe … other than that we are a lot alike.  ;o)


My HUMBLE apologies for the extreme length of delay in replying to these questions (more than a year for some).  For various reasons we have been unable to update the site until now but hopefully that problem is fixed and I should be able to respond more responsibly!  I hope you all are having a GREAT Autumn!

Scott Lowell