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July 1, 2014

Joanne writes:

Hi Scott. I have recently started rewatching QAF, thanks to Netflix. I findthe show as timely and relavant as the first time I watched it.(faithfully). Thinking of a question for you is difficult, so instead, Iwould like you to know that QAF, The Movie, would be something huge for allof the fans of the show. Seeing you all a few years older and a few yearswiser, would be beyond entertainment, it would be like having a familyreuinion. Just say the word and I will do everything I can to help this become a reality. In closing, I want to add that QAF is even better thesecond time around! Big love to you and all the the cast. Thank you.

And Sonya writes:

I know that you have been asked this numerous times but I love Queer as Folk and I can't get enough of the show! is there any chance of a Reunion?  Iwould love to know what the guys are doing now!! Like maybe Teddy and Emmett get married? Also, I wanted to say that I love how you played the character"Ted" with heart and sensitivity!

And Lucia from Germany writes:

Dear Scott,


I am writing to you on behalf of hundreds of fans by facebook and twitter, sure you noticed we wish a reunion of Queer as folk, a movie would be so nice after all these years, cause the QAF-family is missed very very much. 

we contacted different producers and still waiting for answer, we are thinkin about a new online-petition, but after that we dont know what WE FANS can do to bring you guys back all together in a movie. 

PLEASE tell me which possibilities there are for us fans, cause we would do EVERYTHING to see you guys all together again in a movie. 

And please tell me, if there will be no hope, cause we all love you guys from our heart, but its not fair to let us do everything for our dream when you know there is no hope.

We need your help Scott, cause we want the family back!

Lots of regards and all the best to you

Thanks, Joanne & Sonya and Danke, Lucia!  Well, as I’ve written on other social media platforms the cast is doing what it can to explore the possibility of some sort of reunion project so mostly we’re asking folks to be patient while we do.  The one thing that might ne helpful is for fans to let Showtime® (our original network and producer) know how much you’d like to see more QAF whether on air, streaming or on DVD.  Not sure the best method of doing that … perhaps an online petition of some sort so they can truly see the volume of people around the world who are craving to find out where these characters are ten years later.  I mean … it can’t hurt.

John writes:

I loved the QAF series, and Ted was my favorite character.  He had somepersonality problems, while not exactly like mine, that I found easy tosympathize with.  I was disappointed that he and Emmett did not get backtogether.  Ted expressed so much distaste for the physically unattractive,which hurt my feelings, because I am old, fat, and ugly, But I want someoneyoung and beautiful, just like all the other old, fat, ugly guys. Hmmmmm. You are exquisitely beautiful.  Besides being a crazed fan, I do have a question:  Was it ever considered to give you Gale Harold's role, and him your role?  I can see you playing the fabulous playboy, and I think Mr. Harold is physically well suited to play Mr. Nerd.  The two of you demonstrate well that the personality makes the man and not physical endowments.  I love you both, in case you boys should get into a tussle for my affections.  But I'm guessing you two can stay good buddies and I can stay pure as the driven snow.  I hate snow.

Well, John I believe “Ted” tried trading places with “Brian” in one episode and it didn’t go very well as I recall.  ;o)  I think Gale and I were cast in exactly the right roles but I appreciate your sentiments … and thanks for doing what you can to keep us from being at each other’s throats!

Nerdlush on Twitter writes:

NerdLush ‏@NerdLushDiva  7h

@scolo - when creating character, which is easier- light or dark aspects? which is more fun? which do you carry with you after a role?

Wow.  Great question.  Well, the darker is certainly a lot harder for me to tap into as I try to keep things light in my everyday life.  So, I have to dig a lot deeper to find that stuff and because of that it DEFINITELY sticks around a lot longer.  That was my biggest challenge in the five years of playing “Ted” on QAF - - finding a way to leave him at the office and not carry hime home with me because I definitely had to tap into the darker, deeper recesses of myself to find him quite often and had trouble shaking some of those feelings off at the end of the day because of that.  I’m ok now though!  ;o)

Leila from China writes:

Dear Scott, I am a big big Chinese fan of yours. Do you have impression on me? Aha!

Here is my question:I notice there are lots of Chinese elements in QAF. So, when it comes to China, what is your first thought in you mind? Have you ever been to China before? If you come to China, I can be your tour guide. :) 

Love and Kiss you!

Okay, Leila … here’s my impression of you.  Ahem.  “Hi!  I’m Leila.  I’m from China!  Aha!”  There.  How was that?  That’s a bad joke.  I hope it translates.  It is so thrilling to me and all of us on QAF that the show has fans as far away as China!  It is very humbling.  Such an ancient and beautiful country!  I know we would all love to come there someday and I think the first thought that would be in my mind would be: “I cannot believe I am in China!  I NEVER thought I would get here!  Now, where’s that Great Wall?”

Kimberly from Florida writes:

Heya Scott!! I am a leader for a troop of daisys here in Jacksonville, Fl. I am finishing up my first year and we are in desperate need of more girls! We believe that your message could help our organization attract new members.WE ARE NOT ASKING FOR DONATIONS!! Only asking for your support on a campaignfor next year. The more help, the farther our word reaches. Would you be willing to come?

Well, I’m not sure how much my presence could help attract some Daisies or Girl Scouts (they’re not my usual demographic).  Maybe try Hal Sparks.  He’s on a Disney show!

Tatiana from Russia writes

Hello Scott!

My name is Tatiana and I'm from Russia. I don't know if you get many responses from your fans in Russia but from my behalf i'd like to say that you have many many loyal fans in Russia, both you and all QAF crew. I guess that with all what's going on right now in the world and in press considering politics and stuff, russian people can seem like villains but it's far from true. What is true is that Russia is unfortunatly a very homophobic country :-( that's why it's so great and so important that boys and girls in my country have a chance to see QAF tv show thanks to the internet because i think many years may pass till we can see something like that on our tv screens. We have QAF fangroups in VK (russian version of Facebook) and i read a lot there, about how "Queer as folk" helping these young and sometimes not so young people with their gay identities and letting them know, that they are not alone and there are many people like them in this world. You have to understand that many people here only now beginning to discover "Queer as folk". I'm a heterosexual woman and i know many homophobic people, some of them are my friends ((( they're not bad people, my guess is that they are just affraid because they don't know what it is and how to deal with it. Here you don't meet that many gay people on the streets, you don't hear talking about it on tv or anywhere else and that's why QAF is playing such an important role in our society. I managed to talk some of the people i know to watch "Queer as folk" and i can say it's really changed their attitude towards LGBT community and that's made me very happy. Thank you and all QAF crew for changing the world into a better place. Since QAF i followed your work and also Peter's, Gale's, Randy's, Michelle’s and Thea's work and you guys are a great inspiration for me, you all are phenomenal people and great actors, good luck to all of you in everything you do and your russian fans will always support you.

My question is: Will you consider coming to Madrid for the QAF convensionnext year 2015? I am planning to come and i would be very happy to see youthere :-)

Sorry that this message is so long and thanks for an opportunity to write you this.

Thank you so much for writing me, Tatiana!  I’ve had the chance to meet a few wonderful and beautiful fans from Russia at our conventions in Germany, Spain and here in The States.  It is very moving to me that depsite a government that is so opressive to teh LGBT community that there are so many supporters of our show there.  I by no means even suspect that all Russian people are homophobic and you are right when you say those who are just don’t know many gay people and are frightened of what they don’t know or what they have been taught.  I’m glad to hear that our show is helping educate Russians even if it is just one person at a time.  Every little bit helps and I thank you and all the Russian fans for helping spread the word that.  You are very brave and should be very proud of yourselves.  I know I am.

As far as the Convention in Madrid in 2015, I have not been invited by the organizers as of this date.  If you and other fans would like to meet me there you’ll have to contact the organizer and let them know that.  I would love to see you all there and hopefully I will be asked again.  I had a wonderful time in Bilbao this year and am always happy to come meet and speak with you all.

Scott Lowell