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September 15, 2014

Mikey writes: 

It’s been 9 years and you still get QAF related questions how does that makey ou feel?

Well, Mikey it’s incredibly flattering and gratifying.  It’s such a rare gift as an actor to get involved with a project that lives on and on and touches so many people’s lives.  I mean … just look at the following messages.  People all over the world want more QAF!

Stephen from Nigeria writes:

Hi Scott 

my name is stephen. I am from Nigeria and am a huge fan of yours and I enjoyed your role as Ted Schmidt in QAF. Nigeria like most African nations is a homophobic country for political and religious reasons. Same sex marriage and relationships are seen as crimes. After watching QAF via the internet, although I am straight, I've gotten to know that being gay is not all about the sex and that rich cultural and family values are also involved and people in the LGBT community are human beings and should also have equal human rights. There are QAF fan groups on Facebook in Nigeria and other social media networks with both young and old people getting to accept their identities and be free and comfortable about it. My question is if viewers are going to see a continuation of the series and how soon will it bebecause we would like to see Ted and Emmett getting married this time. 

Diana from Germany writes:

Dear Scott,

i feel very excited knowing that there is a possibility for an reunion movie.

I hope showtime gets enough voices through the petition to consider it! 

What i'd like to know is - given the fact there WILL be a movie: do you think we (the fans) may have a chance to let the producers know what we wish to happen in the movie?

I mean, if we want certain characters to stay together or apart ... If we want them to have kids (or at least a dog ;0) lol

You think they would consider our wishes? Not all of them, of course.... but maybe what was wished the most....

A lot of fans around the world didn't like the ending of season 5 because it left open a lot of questions. It would be sad to finally see a reunion and have an open or disapppointing ending again.

Thanks so much for caring! You're doing a great job! :)

Diana from Germany.

And Yazia writes:

Hey Scott, I'm Yaiza, and although my first name is Spanish and my last nameItalian, I was born in Germany.

I would just love you to know that I think the idea of doing a reunion filmis brilliant. It would be a dream come true to see you guys back togetherone more time!As for the movie, I would love to suggest a few things. Just random ideas Ihave, you know. Maybe they can inspire some of you guys!I thought maybe Justin and Brian haven't seen each other in all those years,and then maybe Justin comes back to Pittsburgh for Daphne's wedding orsomething like that, and when he sees Brian again it gets all weird, and Ireally really want them to get back together in the end! After all, they arethe only ones who didn't get a fair ending in the show. Ted shoulddefinitely be still together with Blake! Emmett could find the love of hislife. Mel and Lindsay could come back with their now older children to seeBrian and Mike, and they would get to see Justin again too. Then I thought maybe Hunter could be having a family or something like that, and then suddenly he has to go to the hospital, and there's some drama (but he shouldn't die!). Just some random ideas. I hope I'm not annoying you with them! Oh and I also thought that seen that gay marriage is legal now, Brian and Justin could finally get married in the end (PLEASE! I WOULD LOVE TO SEE THAT!) and also Debbie could make it come true because now her son’s marriage is accepted!

Other than that I wanted to tell you about a singer called Matt Fishel. I don't know if you care at all about this, I really really hope I'm not freaking you out or annyoing you, but everytime I listen to his songs I think of Queer as Folk. All of them are LGBT themed; he sings about love, about society, about tolerance, bullying, etc. etc. I love his music and I just thought you guys should know that he would make a perfect soundtrack!

As for a question, I would only like to know if the petition that is upright now really could be a dream come true. I know that everyone in thecast is supporting it and that you guys would love to make this happen. I would just like to know if you talked to the writers and producers and all the other people around the show about it? I guess you have, but I would really like to know if they consider it possible or if they don't really have any intention on making this true.

I love you and it would be amazing to see the family back together!

Love,Yaiza xxx

AND Irina writes:

How are you? I recently saw you on French TV, in a rerun of Bones. You were great ! It made me want to rewatch Queer As Folk, and to catch up on the cast's news. Queer as folk is maybe the only TV show who will leave me its mark on forever. I remember I first discovered QAF UK, and then someone told me about the US version. To be completly honest, I'm not a big fan of remakes. Both are good, But I have to admit here that I prefer the US version. I was15/16 years old when I first watched this show. I remember waiting at nightwith my sister and my cousin for our parents to go to sleep to be able towatch it. Now, watching this show more than ten yers later, with maturity and with all the societal evolution, was really interresting. That's why I am glad to see some talk about a qaf movie. I know it's complicated, money, script, cast and all, but I'm sure you know fans are ready to do whatever ittakes to make it done. I really can see a project like the one made for the Veronica Mars movie (crowdfunding). A lot of fans are ready to support this. I know I will support it as best as I can with my 27-years-old-and-still-student budget!

By the way, I was wondering if any of you kept something from the QAF set?  Like a memorabilia from their character or the set. Did you? I know if I could have crept into the set I would have tried to stole one of the famous Debbie's shirt. But that's the fan talking!

I saw you were in a lot of TV show. Is there one TV show today that you WOULD LOVE to be in ? Or is there a part (movies, tv show, or theater) youwould love to play ?

I saw your new project : Adoptable. Break a leg, just make sure it will beavailable in Europe !:)

I would love to meet you Scott, you seem like one of the most genuine peoplein this world. If only someone could organize a Qaf convention in Paris!Maybe when a movie will be made. I sure hope.

Hope my english wasn't so bad, All the best Scott.


WOW.  Ok.  First, to Stephen.  PLEASE run for President of Nigeria!  What an wondefully open and beautiful human being you are!  Thank you for all your kind words.  As to your question … I just don’t know right now.  We’ve let our old network, Showtime (who produced and owns the rights to QAF as far as we know) know that we’re interested and there’s been a wonderful online petition to let them know … it’s all in their hands right now.  Here’s hoping.  It would be fun to see where everyone is ten years later given EVERYTHING that has been happening in the US and around the world with LGBT rights.

Diana: That’s a very tricky question and will depend on who ends up producing and writing it.  The problem is that while you may have been disappointed in the ending many people loved it and wouldn’t change a thing.  It’s impossible for a writer/producer to please everyone so they just have to go with what feels right to them.

Yaiza:  Thanks for all your enthusiasm.  Sounds like you should get writing on some of those fan fiction sites I hear are out there!  ;o)  Thanks also for the music tip.  I will check Matt out.  I sure hope the petition helps but as I wrote Stephen above it’s all in Showtime’s hands right now.

Irina:  I did take a few items from Ted’s Condo.  That Egyptiany statue on his bar and the kitchen clock.  Also a few of his jackets.  I would love to be on ORPHAN BLACK (one of my new faves) or FARGO or SHERLOCK.  Those would be fun!

Stephanie writes:

Hi Scott,

As a HUGE QAF fan from day one, I just wanted to let you know that I got my 73 yr old mother completely and utterly hooked on the show. When Time WarnerCable went out in our neighborhood, she literally freaked out because wecouldn't watch our back to back episodes! So we got them on Amazon prime butnow that Pride month is over, we are both going through withdrawal, so I mayindulge in the box set to keep her updated! (oh darn! LOL!)

As for Elephant Man…thank God Telecharge emailed me about the delay today.I had 2nd row center for 10/21 and now have 2nd row center for 11/8. Thereare 3 reasons I am so excited about this: 1) it my all time favorite play,2) I adore Bradley Cooper and 3) to see you in person is so exciting for me! According to Playbill, the show will start on 11/7…so hopefully I am safe with tickets for now. I am a Broadway-a-holic, so this is the one show I am most excited for this season. Break a leg, Mazel Tov and I'll sign anywherethere is a petition to get a reunion going for QAF! All my best!  


Sounds like you MAY have the coolest mom in town, Stephanie!  Sorry about that delay but I’m glad you got such prime seats for your replacement.  I’m pretty sure you’re safe with the 8th!  Bradley is SO good in this play.  You’re really in for a treat.  Hopefully we can say hello after the show!

Johanna writes:

hi scott my name is johanna jones and i see that u will be in the broadway play the elephant man from october to january and my birthday is oct. 26 and i plan on getting away to newyork for it so i jus wanted to say i am planning on coming to a show i hope to see you.

Happy Connecting.  Sent from my Sprint Phone.

Hey, Johanna, hopefully you’ve heard that the dates for THE ELEPHANT MAN got pushed three weeks due to a scheduling conflict.  The show now begins Previews November 7th, opens December 7th and runs through February 15, 2015.  Sorry that screws up your bday plans.


Felice writes:

Hi Scott,

Rewatched QAF several times now and love it each time. Question- Are you

singing the opera selections when Ted is the "singing waiter"?

Thanks for your time, and I hope to catch the Elephant Man in NYC later this year.

Sadly, no, Felice.  I had only a couple of weeks to try to learn how to sing like an opera singer but the producers weren’t happy with my final efforts so they dubbed me.  ;o(

Scott Lowell