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July 2, 2004

1. I have a friend who was forced to carry a [very uncool] Donnie and Marie lunchbox to school once because her dad waited too long to buy her a good one with popular characters...she has nightmares to this day. What character or TV show lunchbox would have traumatized you if you had been forced to carry it to school, amid the scorn and derision of your classmates?

FAMILY AFFAIR. Mr. French would have gotten my butt kicked for sure if Buffy didnt manage that already.

2. My question is about sports, who do you think will go to the 2004 World Series this year from Chicago: White Soxs or Cubs?


3. How many plays have you written and do you plan on arranging a production of them any time soon? What is it about writing that you enjoy the most?

Ive written 2 full-length plays. Neither produced. Maybe I suck. I dunno. Writing a play (or screenplay as I currently am) are tremendous creative releases. Plus, being an actor can make one feel pretty powerless and writing is the ultimate form of power. Youve created something, a world, that no one can take away from you.

4. I have just recently seen episode 314 and was amazed at the chemistry that you and Dean Armstrong shared in the rehab scenes. Does working with someone like Dean who is not a member of the "regular cast" make it easier or harder to create that chemistry?

Boy, it really all depends on the other actor. Sometimes you just dont connect no matter what. Sometimes you meet someone new who brings something so interesting or dynamic to the table that it forces you to elevate your game. The cool thing about having Dean come back into the show is that the 2 seasons away from each other as actors made it easier to have an awkward re-connection between the two characters. So much had happened to Ted since he had last seen Blake and I think all that was instantly there by having Dean return after such a long absence. 

5. How do you feel about mullets?

Frightened by them, yet strangely turned on.

6. Do you consider yourself a feminist?

Yes, as long as it doesnt interfere with men ruling the universe.

7. You're a self-professed history geek. Have you ever been to the most historical state in the USA - Virginia? If so, what did you think both as a tourist and a history lover? [Annie's note: Amazingly enough, I didn't come up with that question. But yay Virginia! ;)]

I spent a childhood vacation in Williamsburg and started a life-long obsession with Peanut Soup there. Being a New England boy I am all about that Revolutionary War vibe and Virginia is chock-full of that. Plus Virginia is for Heart-ers and so am I!

8. How do you think Ted feels towards Justin since they rarely get any dialogue together?

I think Ted is totally hot for Justin and wishes he had a whole lot of money to be his Sugar-Daddy.

9. What do you think of Ted and Brian working together?

I think its a great idea. They are the most unlikely of team-mates and it will make for some fun comic moments  I hope. Plus I have such a fun time working with Gale.

10. If you had to choose, would you rather always live in extremely hot temperatures or extremely cold?

Ummm  I moved from Chicago to L.A. You do the temperature conversion.

11. What TV show from the past, would you call your guilty pleasure?

Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood. I watched it all through high school and found it better than meditation for relieving stress. Also, the original DeGrassi High. I was obsessed with it just after college. Ironically my nieces are now fans of the NEW DeGrassi and so we compare notes.

12. Watching those party/blooper reels on the DVDs is just laugh out loud funny. What's your trick to regaining your composure to get through the scene?

I think of George Bush being my President and all of a sudden NOTHING seems funny anymore.

13. What's your favorite retro candy? (ie. razzles, pixie stixs, dots, etc.)

Bit o Honey!

14. Why do you think cat anuses look like that?

Because every cat has been pulled off a star in Heaven. Their anuses were the last thing connected to the star and so they carry the imprint of their former home.

15. Do you believe in: The Loch Ness Monster? Champ in Lake Champlain? Sasquatch? The Moth Man? La Chupacabra? UFO's? Ever been to a Pyramid? Ever seen a ghost? Ever had an out of body experience? Ever had a dream that came true? Who do you think you might have been in a past life? Have you ever read Chariot of the Gods? I recently got to hold one of the Crystal Skulls - have you ever seen one? Ever been in a Sweat Lodge? Ever done the Spiral Dance or been in a Circle?

Yes. Dont know him. Yes. No. No. Yes. Ive been ON Pyramid. Not seen but experienced. No. Kinda. A monkey. No. Not that I know of. I did a play that had a sweat lodge in it. No. Ive stood in a circle playing with the big silk parachute in gym class in elementary school what the hell kind of exercise was THAT? No wonder I dont know how to dribble a basketball or throw a baseball properly. Sheesh..

Scott Lowell