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August 6, 2004

1. Do you think "Nothing But Pubes" is a good name for my new band? Or how about "Watermelon Biscuit"? And do you find it annoying or endearing when someone chews with his mouth open?

Id go for Watermelon Biscuit definitely. It sounds refreshing AND satisfying. The other name is A LOT to live up to. As far as the mouth open when eating thing, unless youre talking while chewing (which I forgive) or are suffering from terrible nasal congestion  keep yer yap shut when masticating.

2. What is your favorite, and least favorite sign of each season?

Fall: Fave: That crisp, melancholic smell of burnt leaves in the air mixed with the explosion of colors in the trees. Least Fave: the chill in the winds that blow all those leaves off the trees.

Winter: Fave: The first snowfall; peaceful, crunchy and pure. Least Fave: Every frickin day after that. The grey skies and bare lack of green on trees.

Spring: Fave: The first bit of warmth and sun that brings a scent of hoep and renewal into the breeze. Least Fave: the rains that turn everything into a mud-slide.

Summer: Fave: Sundresses on the ladies. Least Fave: sweltering heat that makes you want to strip your flesh off like another layer of clothes thinking that it might help cool you off.

3. If you could be interviewed by your choice of any famous journalist out there...who and why?

Terry Gross of NPRs Fresh Air. Shes jus the best interviewer Ive ever heard. She seems a fan of everyone she speaks with and draws insights out of them that no one else can.

4. I am a Brit living in Calgary and have come to the conclusion that most North Americans don't understand British humour so I was surprised, yet delighted to see that you love The Office. I recently watched the whole of season 2 in one morning and found it hilarious. I'm wondering if you care to comment on some of the things that made you chuckle.

Every moment of that show that wasnt making me cry was making me chuckle. Every uncomfortable moment that David Brent creates, Tims takes to the cameras after some really unbelievable thing has happened, Gareths worship of David, Keiths blas attitude, on and on. 

5. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live?

Well, I havent traveled as much as I would like to make a definitive statement. But as of this point in my life as long as my friends were there with me and I could still be creative, the beautiful island of KauaI would be a-okay by me. But I truly do enjoy life in LA as well.

6. Please choose only one of the following: The Beatles or The Stones? J-Lo or Beyonce? The Brady Bunch or The Partridge Family? West Coast or East Coast? The Flinestone's or The Jetson's? Coke or Pepsi? Harry Potter or Lord of The Rings?

Beatles. Beyonce (I dont know ANY of her stuff I just have no respect for J-Lo). Partridge Family. I plead the 5th on the coast question. Jetsons. Pepsi. Harry Potter.

7. If you could walk in the shoes of anybody, famous or nonfamous, for a day, who would it be and why?

Shoes? Michael Jordan at his prime. Definitely. For ALL the reasons you can think of.

8. I'm a chemical engineer by degree, but I really want to be in the arts. Do you think there's a market for a singing/dancing chemical engineer? Or will OSHA come and shut me down?

Of course theres a market for you. You could be engineering chemicals that could replicate the joy you feel singing and dancing and pass them around at parties.

9. Do you think that muppets getting it on (a la Avenue Q) is kind of cute, kind of gross, or kind of hot? Would YOU ever do it with a muppet?

Well, Im no Plushie but I think muppets getting it on can be a hot thing. I mean, it depends on the muppet. No one want to experience the squeals Elmo would make. But I would definitely get it on with Janet. Loose, hippy muppets have always been a weak point for me.

10. Who takes care of Chalupa when you're touring or traveling?

She takes care of herself. I taught her how to use a can opener and public transportation and that was about all she needed to be self-sufficient.

11. It was so exciting to see Randy run with the opportunity to star in Wicked with such an amazing cast. What is your TOP Broadway aspiration if any?

Well, to originate a role on Broadway in a play (or musical where I didnt have to dance and where my limited singing abilities wouldnt make people run for the doors.) that was an instant classic and one audience members would forever remember seeing.

12. Although we fans understand that the cast members are only playing their roles, we like to think that you are all buddies. Do you, for instance, call each other on your birthdays, buy each other dinner or gifts, if you happen to find something one of them would like? Do you support each other by going to see each other's plays?

We are very supportive of each other, remembering birthdays, supporting outside work when we can, giving advice, etc. We are now and forevermore family to each other and have a bond unique among all our other relationships.

13. You know the shirt you wear in the Kristine W. video? What does it say?

I have no idea. Its kind of hard for me to see my back when Im wearing a shirt. You tell me.

14. So what's next for Scott Lowell? Assuming this season will be the last, what's the first thing you want to do when they yell cut on the last taping for Season 5 (other than cry)?

Well, hopefully the groundwork will be laid for my future before that taping of season 5 is over. Hasnt really happened yet as many of the scripts Ive been reading are pretty crappy and while I know Ive still got a job to go back to Ill continue to say no to things that wont challenge me or move my career forward. Once that safety net is gone however  bring on the crap! Poppas got a big mortgage to pay off. No, no, no. Ideally I would love to do a run of a play and a couple of films every year of my career and if a new series comes along that challenges me as much as QAF has I would happily sign up for that as well. As far as the first thing Ill do when they yell cut on my last take in Season 5, youve eliminated the only thing that I know I will DEFINITELY do so I have no answer.

15. What do you think of William Hung, who was obviously someone America felt sorry for, getting a record deal? Do you think he's setting a trend, and that we will be seeing more tone-deaf and awful singers in the music industry in the years to come? Is the music industry doomed?

I really dont know Mr. Hung other than superficially. But I do worry that his name gives him A LOT to live up to ( much like the band in question 1). I think he will go the way of the pet rock but with less fanfare. But I have news for you, there are already a WHOLE lot of tone-deaf singers out there fronting for bands (Boy ones and others) whose performances are completely manufactured and tweaked in the recording studios. As long as people support true musicianship over cute looks the industry will be fine.

Scott Lowell