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March 21, 2018

Vanessa writes: 

Hey Scott! I'm so excited to be writing to you. My question has a long story behind it. I don't want to bore you with it so I hope you can answer it without the details of my story. 

My question is: My dream since I was 9 was to be an actress. I never tried and I sit everyday wondering  "what if?" Part of me still wants to go for it but I fear it's too late. (I'm 37) What honest advice would you give to me if I still wanted to try and make my dream come true? 

Any advice you have would mean the world to me. Maybe I will be able to make my acting dream and the dream of meeting you and Peter Paige come true. 

Thank you so much!!! ❤❤❤❤

Hey, Vanessa. I appreciate your sense of privacy … but MAN, now I kinda want to know what the story is! ;o)

To answer your question specifically would require a little more info so I’ll answer it for a couple different scenarios. If by "being an actress" you mean getting the opportunity to act then I would say that most cities or towns in the states (if that’s where you are) have local theatres that you could surely get involved with as well as arts centers that migh thave classes you could take as well in order to satisfy your creative itch as well as do some really good work. It all depends on the area you live (be it big, urban city or small rural town) as to what these opportunities might be.

Now, if by “being an actress” you mean as a profession … your route may still depend on where you live. If you are in an area with a thriving theatre scene (like Chicago for example) you could try to get information on when/where auditions are happening and just start trying your luck. If you feel like you need to either shake the rust off or get some basic training (if you’re more of a beginner) then look into local classes either in improv or other forms of acting but I would say DEFINITELY look into involving yourself in some theatre work to get started. From that you may have a better feel for whether or not you have the skills and talents neccessary to continue to pursue your dream.

I guess what I’m saying is: be clear WHAT your dream actually is. Like friends of mine who say “My dream is to have a kid”; they end up needing to clarify for themselves what that means. Do they just want to biologically experience childbirth and raise a child or do they want the entire family sturcture of having a partner to have and raise the kid with? The actors and actresses performing in local non-professional productions are just as much actors as anyone in my books and the only REAL difference is how it affects their bank account.

Hope that helps some.

Jose Antonio from Spain writes:

Just wanted to say hello and congrats for your role and performance in the series (QAF). I started to see it years ago when it was first broadcast on the Spanish TV but it´s just now that I´m going through the whole series. So just wanted to say that you did, together with the rest of the cast, a great job. However, I´ve grown fond of your character.

Best regards from a Spanish admirer.

Gracias, Jose! I continue to be so moved at the fact our show has had such a worldwide appeal. 

Susan writes:

Hi Scott. 

Found out about Adoptable the usual way ... by trolling Gales page lol. 

Love qaf and would be thrilled to watch this show. 

You haven't posted an update In awhile. Have you found a vehicle to show it?

Hi, Susan! I’ve been hoping we can find a quick solution for how to get rid of The Orange Creature ruining our country … maybe I should troll Gale’s page as well since it has so much info!

To be honest, it’s been a frustrating time so far finding just the right home for ADOPTABLE! and I’m sad to report that we STILL have not found one depsite actively searching and pitching for the last 18 months. But we haven’t given up yet and I remain hopeful we will. I am very protective of it and wnat to make sure that when we get it out there it will be in a way that help as many people around the world who want to see it to be able to as well as enable us to film further seasons. I just KNOW you’re all going to enjoy it when we do. SO, as I keep saying … Stay Tuned!

 Feel free to visit the ADOPTABLE! Page for Behind-The-Scenes Photos & Videos by clicking HERE!

Your enthusiasm for this passion project of mine continues to move me daily and if and when it comes time to unleash “The ScoLo Army” to prove to others how much you all want to see this show I hope you’ll be fired up and ready to go!

Scott Lowell