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July 1, 2016

Tatjana writes: 

Hi Scott,

I have discovered QAF by accident in the Toronto Public library last November and, since then, I believe I saw it 5 times. I bought DVDs as a gift to myself recently, went through the whole series again and just finished two days ago. Now I am fighting with myself, trying not to start with Season1 (again).

I am wondering if someone came up with some kind of a QAF 12 steps program?  I do not remember ever being addicted to something like this. I guess it can also be a timing in one’s life, trying to escape ...

I am not saying it is a bad experience. I feel it did change me for the better in some ways. I was not familiar with the LGBT world before, so it was helpful on that front and also encouraged me to start   reading /watching other related material, learning interesting historical facts etc.

As they say, I would not trade this experience for anything, but maybe it is time to let it go...  Any suggestion to help with that would be most appreciated 

All the best with your series! And thank you for being part of QAF.


Hey, Tatjana. Sadly, there is no known cure for QAFAS (QAF Addiction Syndrome) and as it is a disease that lodges itself in the heart as well as the neurological systems, 12 step programs have proven themselves to be abject failures. My only recommendation: pace yourself. Give yourself enough time to live your life fully enough that you reach a point where you start not to be able to remember whether or not “Brian” wore his shell bracelet on his right or left wrist as well as the name of “Ted’s” boss when he was still a lowly accountant … then and only then can you give yourself another “hit”.

It’s a beautful summer day out there, Tajana go outdoors and enjoy it while you can. There’ll be plenty of cold winter days ahead for you to hunker down and indulge your disease.

Sarah writes:

Hey scott! I love all the relationships in the show and I love how real it is and how likeable all of the characters are. Emmett is probably my fave though. You and him have such amazing chemistry and are so fun to watch...I could go on forever...My question is what place would you love to travel to? I love you and the Queer as folk cast for life! <3

Thanks, Sarah! I love “Emmett” too ESPECIALLY because of all the strength that my bff Peter brought to him beyond his natural humor. 

I’d still love to visit Australia, Greece, Southeast Asia, Brazil and more of Italy and Japan and Europe of course … basically there’s a WHOLE lot of this beautiful planet of ours I’d love to and HOPE to have the opportunity to explore.

Kristina writes:

Hi Scott, I don't know if you'll actually end up seeing this, but I thought I'd comment anyway. I am a 24 year old straight woman and I found myself transformed after watching qaf. I especially resonate with Ted, since you played him with such humanity, transparency, and sincerity. I could feel what ted was feeling just by the emotion conveyed by your expressions. I think we all have a little bit of ted in us.. I find myself so emotionally connected to the characters that I can't bring myself to finish the series.. Thank you :)

Well, Kristina if you don’t watch the final episodes then for you at least it will never really be over, right? So skip them and live on in happy delusion! 

Thank you for all your kind words. I’m glad “Ted” has such resonance with you. We all worked very hard to make our characters as relatable and honest as we could and it’s quite rewarding that someone who was too young to watch the show when it originally aired is still connecting with what we created.


Thanks to ALL of you (too many to list here) who contunue to write in asking about when and where you can watch ADOPTABLE! 

We’ve had a couple of exclusive screenings of Season One here in LA and in Toronto and based on the audiences enthusiastic responses I can say unequivocally that we have accomplished what we set out to do when filming began: to create a funny and moving story that everyone who has ever asked themselves “Who am I?” can relate to. 

We have begun the process of finding the absolutely BEST distributor and platform to help ADOPTABLE! reach the widest audience (and hopefully to produce many further seasons) I promise you, your patience will be rewarded! Feel free to visit the ADOPTABLE! Page for Behind-The-Scenes Photos & Videos by clicking HERE!

Your enthusiasm for this passion project of mine continues to move me daily and if and when it comes time to unleash “The ScoLo Army” to prove to others how much you all want to see this show I hope you’ll be fired up and ready to go!

Until then, as they say: STAY TUNED!!

Scott Lowell