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May 1, 2004

1. If you could be any fruit, what would you do to ensure that the presidential election fiasco of 2000 is never repeated again?

A gigantic prune that everyone would have to eat so that the country would finally have the enema it so desperately needs.

I am an amazingly nosy person. Because of that fact, I was wondering if you guys ever celebrate holidays together since you're all out in Toronto. Any fun stories you could tell us about a particular Halloween, Thanksgiving, or any other holiday that was especially fun or memorable for you?

When we have the occasion to be together for holidays we have celebrated them. I threw a Thanksgiving dinner during our first season that went very well  until the Pyrex casserole that I was making my magical sweet-potato dish in exploded when I took it out of the oven. I tried to salvage some of it but Peter made me throw it all out explaining: Honey, thats broken glass in there. Hmmmph. I REALLY wanted those sweet potatoes. Broken glass.

3. Do you REALLY believe that Diet Pepsi has just one calorie?

Which one is Pepsi?

4. I have this daydream that gets alot of re-runs in my head. I'm offered a film and the character is one that I would kill to play. Totally different to anything I have ever done or would normally be considered for. The perfect role. It's the character breakdown and script that challenges, excites and scares the pants off me.I wondered whether you have ever had the same daydream and if so - What is this character like?

His name is Ted Schmidt."

5. For a lot of QaF fans, the show is almost an obsession (to use a slightly scary word). Has there ever been anything (TV show, movie, band, etc.) with which you've been obsessed?

Yup. They change all the time. The 2nd Season of THE OFFICE just got released and you KNOW I raced out the morning it did and bought it, raced back home and checked out all the extras. Ill be having a marathon of the whole season for my friends who don’t have cable VERY soon.

6. One of my favorite books from childhood is "Where the Wild Things Are". We even deconstructed the work in a college lit course, lol. Is there a children's book that you particularly enjoyed?

Harold and the Purple Crayon and Barnaby. I thought Crockett Johnsons little boys looked like me so I related to them and their sense of imagination.

7. Reality Shows. What do you think about 'em: good, bad, apathetic?

Generally cruel and abhorrent  although I did get hooked on Joe Shmoe. The Swan almost made me vomit it was so disgusting to me.

8. What do you think of Queer Eye For The Straight guy? Because with the two shows combined, we're seeing 13 VERY different gay individuals (Fab 5 and the QAF characters). And so do you think that it's a step closer to ending stereotypes?

As Ive always said, anything that helps eliminate ignorance and phobias in the straight community is great and America sure seems to have embraced the Fab Five.

9. Are you afraid of any insects? Spiders? Snakes? How about thunderstorms?


10. Are you ticklish? Where?

Im not telling YOU! No! You cant make me. Quit it! Hee hee. QUIT  Ha hahaha ahahahahahaha!

11. I am in my final semester at an acting conservatory, and facing a dilemma about what to do next. Two main options are continuing to grad school for my MFA, or jumping off the cliff into auditionland in the big scary Equity world (with somewhat premature Equity card in hand). As a successful theatre actor, do you have advice on this?

I would say go out and get some experience. It will give you some clarity about why and if you need to go to Grad School. I consider my 10+ years in Chicago my Grad School. From what I understand many schools prefer actors who have some real world experience.

12. I recently read an article about new marketing strategies from Robert Greenblatt for QAF and The L Word. I think it's a smart move to try to appeal to a wider audience, but not at the expense of challenging them. Now that you're through filming Season 4, do you think QAF has lost any of its edge in pursuing "more mature" themes?

I think the show has matured as the characters have. Im never really sure what edge means but I don’t think QAF will ever shy away from being controversial and timely.

13. I keep having dreams that a giant frozen turkey covered in a paper hospital gown is chasing me while it sings "Wake Up, Little Susie." Do you ever have these kind of dreams, and do you think this is a sign that I should buy a new car?

No, its normal for a kid your age to have those kind of dreams. Just wash your sheets before your mom wakes up and no one will ever know.

14. You talk an awful lot about baby Gus, and he and Ted look eerily alike. Is there something we should know?

Ummmm  what can I say? Even lesbians cant resist the Schmidt charm.

15. I get the feeling that you would be an awesome director. Do you have any aspirations or plans to direct any of the QAF episodes next season?

No. There’s math involved in TV directing.

Scott Lowell