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March 4, 2004

1. Will you be actively participating in a candidate's campaign? Or would you like to share some of your thoughts about the Presidential primaries and general election?

Whomever the Democratic nominee will be (looks like Kerry as of March 2nd) will get my support. I am quite committed to doing whatever I can to remove the current squatters in the White House. It's been an interesting primary season so far and I have to admit that Gov. Dean's self-destruction didn't really surprise me. The "flaws" that exist in him as a viable presidential candidate made themselves clear to me when I went to help out in a fund-raiser in NYC back in December. I sensed a certain lack of diplomacy in him that troubled me. I liked alot of what he had to say and that's what drew me into wanting to help his campaign. However, righteous anger can be a powerful tool, but you have to learn how to work with people when you're running a government and I had doubts the good doctor would be able to do that without alienating the very people whose support he needed. That is why I decided to wait and see which of the remaining candidates could survive a primary campaign the strongest.

2. Have you seen any films in the theatre recently that you found interesting and would like to recommend?

I loved CITY OF GOD. A very disturbing but brilliant film from Brazil.

3. Everyone else has given their accounts of the ScoLo Con; let's hear your thoughts!

Well I only attended one event so I can't give an account of the whole convention. It was a pleasure putting faces with avatars of a gaggle of wonderful ScoLo-ers and I enjoyed getting to hear their stories. While it's true some got a little tipsy and a little frisky ;o) it was flattering to receive so much attention from such a terrific group of folks. It was touching for me to see that the friendships that had been formed online at "Annie's Little House o' Scott" had really cemented over the course of that weekend.

4. I'm sure Ted will always love Michael as a friend, but - post-Ted/Emmett hookup - what is the status of Ted's "crush" on Michael? Has Ted outgrown that - will he ever?

I think "Michael" will always hold a special place in "Ted's" heart, but given the fact that "Michael" is so happy with "Ben" (and that "Ted" approves of this relationship) I think the crush has abated or been put away. Now, if things don't work out with "Ben" ...

5. Thank you for your beautiful work, Scott. My question regards post-production for QAF. Because episodes are taped so far in advance of their airdates, are you ever required to do "pick-ups" or "re-shoots" when necessary, as is often done in film? If so, is there a memorable QAF example for you?

One re-shoot we had to do that I will always remember occurred during the first season. It was for episode 15 of that year, or as I like to think of it: The Dungeon Episode. Seems that the producers felt like they didn't have a clear shot of "Ted's" reaction while he was getting flogged all nekked-like on the St. Andrew's Cross. So a few episodes later in a a very random (and open) part of our Dufferin Gate studio, the old cross was hauled out of storage and I had to strip down (only to the waist this time) and be flogged yet again. Bobby Johnston, the actor who played "Dale" was long gone by this point in time so a lottery was held among the crew to see who would get to wield the cat-o'-nine-tails and much fun was had by all.

6. If the apocalypse ever gets around to coming, what do you think would be the most exciting (and eco-friendly) way to die? A.) An asteroid covered with pink and green penguins singing "The Star Spangled Banner" strikes the earth. B.) A new ice age brings about a fatal drop in global temperatures AND the instantaneous failure of all coffee makers worldwide. C.) A violent mob of clowns circles the globe like locusts, destroying everything in their path while juggling week-old pastries and wearing tiny little hats.


7. What is your favorite Shakespeare play?


8. Can you give your opinion on spoilers? With the rampant violation of intellectual property that goes on regarding unaired episodes (i.e., screener tapes on sale on E-bay, word for word dialogue of entire episodes posted weeks and even months in advance of the airdates, etc.), many people have placed the blame on Cowlip for not taking better care of their property. It seems like people who live by spoilers will come up with any excuse to justify their validity, but I'd like to know what your opinion is as an actor whose work is consistently "spoiled" in various locations online. Do you feel it diminishes the work you do as an actor, and do you think that spoilers (and subsequent discussion of them) are unethical?

While I understand the urge to want to know what happens next in any story I just don't know why you would want to ruin it for yourselves or be so cruel as to ruin it for others. With great patience comes great rewards, I often find. As far as justifying their existence by blaming the producers for not protecting their material, how idiotic. Have you ever run a television show (especially from two countries)? Faxes and emails get sent, copies of scripts and tapes have to go to so many people (auditioning actors, network executives, crew members, members of the press for reviews etc.) There is no way to completely stop someone who REALLY NEEDS to get some insider info. from getting it. Dishonest people are everywhere, alas.

9. My favorite thing in QAF has always been the friendship element. In my opinion some of the best scenes are the ones with Emmett, Ted, Brian, and Michael hanging out (gym, bars, even road trips!). Do you have any favorite scenes involving you guys together and if you do, any interesting tidbits about it you could tell us?

I still love the road trip that M, B, E & T took during season 1 to find "Justin" in NYC. We had such fun shooting it, eating chips and drinking orange soda and singing dopey songs all night. It felt like a real road trip to us. Always a happy memory.

10. In your November 2003 Q&A you said you enjoyed reading John Irving. He is one of my all time favorite authors because of his amazing characters. I was wondering who your favorite character is and why?

Owen Meany. He is the most indomitable spirit in fiction.

11. If you could wake up tomorrow having gained one ability or quality, what would it be?

I would really love to be a great sax player. Or an amazing singer/songwriter.

12. Do you know all of the Canadian provinces and territories, along with their capitals? If not, do you think that Americans in general are too centered on themselves and should make an effort to learn about things beyond their own borders? And if you do know the provinces, etc., do you think it's true that dog really IS man's best friend?

Most Americans couldn't name all 50 states and their capitols let alone areas outside of our country ... unless you've got some oil we want. I know Ottawa is the nation's capitol and as far as provinces go I know Ontario (Toronto), Quebec (Quebec City), Alberta (Edmonton) and British Columbia (Victoria), Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, Saskatchewan, P.E.I ... and that's about it. I know there's more but those are the big ones I hear when I listen to CBC in the shower ... and I have a cat ... but I plan on getting a dog as soon as I own a yard and live in one place for more than just six months out of the year, so I'll have to wait to respond to your last query.

Scott Lowell