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May 5, 2005

1. Why do you feel that Queer As Folk did not get the same kind of recognition and accolades from the industry as other cable shows did like Six Feet Under, The Shield and the Sopranos?

Ill refer you to many past answers to this one. My fingers are too tired to type it again.

2. Now that filming is over, who do you think you will most keep in touch with from the QAF cast and crew?

Im sure a number of them. The most convenient and easiest to stay in touch with will of course be those out here in LA: Peter, Gale (when hes in town), Dan & Ron, and Michelle. I will also be keeping close tabs on Sharon, Randy and Thea from afar. As far as the crew goes there are too many to name who I will stay in touch with and see when I visit Toronto periodically. Im pretty good at keeping in touch.

3. I just adopted a kitten named Teddy Bear, but I of course call her "Teddy" for short. Anyway, she loves my computer, and seeing as you are numero uno cat expert around here, I was wondering if Chalupa loves your computer as well?

Well Ill let her respond: iuygpyvqer p14738gffk x[q 0eicnm43 q[wer9if qowerilgwp;7825q/[09j8hpujaUIY IYUA O. Thats one of the many interesting things she has typed out for me on her journeys wandering back and forth over my keyboard in an attempt to get my attention.

4. Now that the show has wrapped, do you plan on writing a tell all book on the "behind the scenes" stuff we want to know about?

Uh, no. Unfortunately, I think one of our gang is already planning on doing that.

5. How do you think Queer As Folk has changed the perception of being gay in the US? Do you think the show has been able to counteract some of the damage by the right-wing political agenda or has the anti-gay movement grown in part as a backlash against shows like QAF?

I think its helped put a human face on the gay community in a way never before seen in the media. As Ive said before, any phobia is based on ignorance. When our show has worked best it has helped eliminate that for some folks out there. While I think the success of QAF has frightened some right-wingers I think their use of anti-gay marriage initiatives to help elect Bush was not based in any genuine fear on their part. They knew the bulk of their support base is ignorant enough to be manipulated to believe its a threat greater than their sons and daughters being killed in an unwarranted war, and THATS why the anti-gay movement has grown as of late.

6. Would you be so kind as to let us know a little about what the QAF wrap party was like?

Well, everyone was pretty damned exhausted and drained emotionally after a week of long hours and ending every night wrapping a different cast member and crying. So, by the time we all got to the wrap party we were ready to just plain celebrate the achievement of being together for five years. If any tears were shed that night they were shed over final goodbyes to some of our family that we knew we may never see again. What was most wonderful was having crew members who were not with us during our fifth season come back and join in. It was great to see folks we hadnt seen in years and it made me realize just how many lives our show has touched in Toronto. I was beaming with pride the whole night. It can be VERY difficult to keep a show running for five years and not have it just become a job. But as I looked around the room that night at all the beaming faces and laughter and tears and hugs I knew in my heart that we did it right.

7. Can you tell us what, if any, QAF mementos you took after filming wrapped?

I grabbed a few items from Teds condo (including the groovy ancient Babylonian-looking headless statue that was on the bar since season 1) and some costume pieces. Some of the wardrobe I took was stuff that I felt would be kind of iconic for Ted and could be donated to charities for auctions at some point like various bowling shirts and his bike helmet and light from the AIDS ride.

8. Is it true that some of the cast was advised by their managers not to take roles on Queer As Folk because it would typecast them? How does the artist separate himself from the art?

None of the main cast was given that advice that I know of, but over 2,000 other actors were told (or decided on their own) not to even audition for the show initially. This opened the door for knuckleheads like me to get hired. Hopefully an artist doesnt want to completely separate himself from his art. If he does, that usually means hes somewhat embarrassed by it.

9. Do you know why the season four DVDs have so little in regards to extras? I was especially bummed to learn that there was no blooper reel this time around.

No, Im afraid I dont really know. As you may know there was a regime change at Showtime a couple of summers ago and with that came new people taking over various departments like the one that handles all their DVD/Videos. Thats why youre seeing a different look in the season 4 set.

10. As a new Jew in New England, can you tell me what to expect? There are a lot of Outbacks and other utility station wagons. It scares me that I might be asked to do something "out-doorsy" at temple.

Well, I hate to tell you but you WILL be forced to go gefilte-fishing. New England Jews LOVES them some gefilte fish!

11. Any post-QAF projects lined up yet? You know you're going to get this question every month until you have exciting news to share, right?

Mom, quit writing in PLEASE!!!!!

12. How much wood can a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

As many seashells as she sells by the seashore.

13. Even the most laidback celebs have designers they love and wear all the time. Whose clothes do you prefer to wear, either in casual settings or at fancypants shindigs?

Well for fancy dressing up I do love Hugo Bosss style but my new favorite suit that I cant stop wearing is a Dolce & Gabanna one I bought while in Venice last summer with my personal stylist, Peter Paiges, assistance. In casual Im a total Gap and Banana Republic guy.

Scott Lowell