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November 1, 2001

1. Who is your favorite Chicago actor?

A: Really tough one to answer as I had the chance to work with and see so many excellent actors while I was in Chicago. I can narrow it down to two, however who always amazed me. Marc Vann and Jeff Perry. I was lucky enough to work with Marc and am even luckier still to call him a friend. He is a more focused and less naughty Malkovich meets Billy Bob. On stage or screen he manages to make every role he does interesting. Jeff Perry is another stunning and versatile actor. His choices are always challenging and right. I came close to working with Jeff Perry when I took over the role of Picasso in "Picasso at the Lapin Agile" at Steppenwolf (he was the original "Einstein.") Unfortunately he had already left the run (fortunately the always excellent Jim Ortleib replaced him). Oh, well. Maybe someday. His wife Linda Lowy did the original casting for QAF so maybe she'll hook us up in something.

2. Will Ted be seeing Dale Wexler again this season?

A: Not that I know of. Bobby did a great job in that role, though. Looked like "He-Man: Master of the Universe" in that barely-there leather thing he was wearing.

3. Are you a fan of Philip Roth?

A: Sure am. Just finished reading THE HUMAN STAIN. Found out while in LA that Anthony Hopkins and Nicole Kidman are going to be in the film of it. I also am a fan of John Irving.

4. If you weren't playing Ted, which character on QAF would you most want to be?

A: Truly Ted is the only guy I relate to. But maybe I wouldn't mind being Baby Gus and suckling and wetting my pants whenever I wanted.

5. What would you have done if you didn't act?

A: Well, I never really had a backup plan, but if things don't work out I wouldn't mind being a Casting Director. I think it's one of the most creative behind-the-scenes positions. And I'm not just saying that to suck up.

6. My favorite episode of Queer as Folk is:

A: So far, Michael's 30th B-day party. Episode 11 of Season 1.

7. Do you use/eat the products that you endorse in the commercials?

A: Only if they give them to me for free.

8. I am totally intent on being an actress. John Lennon's aunt said that when he was young he would always say that he was going to be famous. What was your secret? I have been telling people that I am going to be famous, but it doesn't seem to be getting me anywhere... Any advice?

A: Truly I never focused on fame. I only know that I'm happiest and most satisfied when I'm doing good work. Once I knew I wanted to be an actor and what that really meant all I ever wanted was to work in good quality productions whenever I could. Try focusing on that and learning and growing as an actor and THEN see what comes your way.

9. One of the things we hear over and over again about Queer as Folk is "the characters are so well-written that we forget that they're gay." The writers/producers of the US series have also commented that ultimately, it would be nice if one of the show's broader messages was: "[we]'re queer as's not a big deal." And yet at the same time, the show *is* unique because it intentionally focuses on the lives and loves of GAY characters. Do you find there to be any kind of conflict inherent in this? That on the one hand the point is to emphasis commonality, and yet at the same time something is certainly being said about uniqueness?

A: Great question and very well put. It is quite a conundrum, isn't it? I think ultimately what Dan & Ron (our writers/producers/creators) want is for people to accept these gay characters (and ultimately gay men and women in general) as unique people who have every much a right to BE unique as anyone else and celebrated for that as much as anyone else. Not sure if that clarifies the point for you or not but that's how I see it.

10. I've noticed that you and some of the other cast members wear a silver or Platinum ring. Is there a meaning behind it?

A: Ummm...we like expensive gifts? No, actually Dan Lipman, Ron Cowen and Sheila Hockins our wonderful producers gave each of us a silver engraved ring for the Holidays last year and we wear them as often as we can to symbolize our commitment to each other and to the show. Plus they make us all look like hotties, don't they?

Scott Lowell