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October 1, 2001

I have: hair in weird places

I see: a bad moon rising

I hate: bullies

I miss: being able to eat WHATEVER the hell I want

I wonder: wonder, who, ba hoo hoo hoo. Who wrote the book of love?

I find: it strange that anyone would care about my responses to this.

I want: you... great Elvis Costello song

I regret: that I wasn't "gettin' it on" in highschool.

I need: to get a hobby.

I wish: a wanguage spoken by peopwe who wive in Iwewand.

I fear: guns

I love: loving and being loved


I crave: passion

I feel: funny "down there."

When was the last time you...

Talked to an ex: Today. It's hard for me not to. There's sooooo many of them.

Kissed someone: You mean frenching? That's DISGUSTING! Ohhhh with a person. Today.

Cried: Today. I saw a tribute to the victims of 9/11/01.

Danced: Tonight. (a rare occurrence) Oy, am I sore.

Smiled: Every day.

Bought something: Today again. Boy Am I winning at this game or what?


Book you read: The Human Stain by Philip Roth

Song you heard: "Yellow" by COLDPLAY

Movie you saw: The one where the teacher helps the school girl with her "extra credit" in the shower and... oh in a movie theatre? "Hedwig and the Angry Inch" One of the year's best!

Thing you had to drink: a pint of Guinness. Mmmmmmm

Time you showered: This morning

Thing you ate: Grilled tofu with teryaki sauce. Ain't I healthy?

Do you...

Live in the moment: Try to but then I start worrying about tomorrow.

Sleep with stuffed animals: Well, she's not really an "animal" and she's more inflatable than stuffed

Play an instrument: used to play the French Horn

Had a dream that keeps coming back: Yeah, there's this one where I get his endless stream of questions and...

Believe there is life on other planets: Yes.

Believe it's possible to remain faithful forever: Yes. Once your priorities are figured out.

Consider yourself tolerant of others: Very. Now are you DONE with these INANE QUESTIONS?!?!?!

Remember your first love? Remember her? I still am in touch with her!

Have any straight friends? Most of them are pretty crooked, but a few are straight

Read the newspaper? I try to every day.

Believe in miracles? Yes.

Have a favorite candy? Why pick just one?

Believe in God? Every time I look in the mirror. And He's quite a comedian.

Believe in magic? Quit it. Magic is CREEPY!

Believe in astrology? Yes.

Like the taste of alcohol? Not in the Kitty Dukakis sense

Talk to strangers who IM you? Only those with screen names like: Bazooms69

Have any bad habits? Chew my nails

Like your handwriting? No. Looks like Katherine Hepburn's if she was on a roller coaster.

Collect anything? My thoughts.

Have any piercings? Owwww ... no.

Have any tatttos? Nope

Have any pets? a cat named Chalupa

Wear hats? When I can. Used to wear one ALL the time in highschool and college. What a geek!

Believe in ghosts? Absolutely. Was ghosted at the O'Neill Theatre Center. Long story.

Scott Lowell