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November 1, 2009

Mario from ? writes:

Dear Sir, 

Hello, I've only been to me all the time scales of "Queer as Folk" and I was very excited carried. Only the final between brain and Justin has not liked me, I thought they marry yet. Why did you have an end? Or Justin and brain back together? I wish it to you. Maybe you can send me your opinion depict times. It would be nice of course, a 6th Season to produce it for all involved a good question there. Justin with a brain, with Ted Emmet 

It would be nice to know your opinion, surely you're also talking about each other. 

With regards and thanks Mario

Well, first off Mario I’m kind of envious that you’ve been to you all the time scales of “Queer As Folk”.  You see, I’ve been to Georgia and California and anywhere I could run.  Yes, I’ve been to paradise but I’ve never been to me. (old song.  look it up you youngsters) We had an end because our contracts were up and our network Showtime along with our creative team felt like it was best to let the show go out strong rather than have it wither away.  But I do agree with you, Justin with a brain would have been AWESOME!

Meredith writes:

Hey Scott!

I had a chance to see The Pain and the Itch today and loved it! It wasn't what my friend and I were expecting, but we both really enjoyed it. You did a fantastic job! 

My question for you - do you Twitter?

Take care!


Hey, Meredith!  I’m so glad you got to see the play.  I was incredibly proud of it and could have easily run it for a year or more as I was having so much fun performing in it.  I have to admit that I don’t regularly twitter although I do have an account so I can spy on my nieces and follow the hilarious twitter feed “shit my dad says”.  Maybe someday when I have something of general interest to twitter about on a regular basis I will.

Kathi from St. Petersburg wins the prize for number of questions submitted.  Here’s the set of them:

Hi Scott


What is your favorite way to unwind after a stressful day?

Scott, what’s next for you now that “The Pain and The Itch” has wrapped up?

I heard a little bit about a Gay and Lesbian Elder Housing Garden Party that is on October 11, and I hear that you are attending.  Where is this at?  If I remember right, you have attended this event in the past.

I was reading a past article the other day (back from QAF time), and it mentioned you and your wife.  Are you still married, and if so, for how long?

I was searching the listings on EBay today for something, and happened upon a few signed photos of you there (no I did not buy them, I’d rather get one in person someday), and it made me wonder if you ever look up yourself on EBay, Google, etc. just to see what is out there on you?  I know that I have checked my own name a few times, just for a giggle (of course there’s not much listed on me).


Thank you,



Well, first off thank YOU, Kathi for single-handedly keeping the Q&A going all these months!  Now to your questions:  My favorite way to unwind after a stressful day is to head out on a hike with my dog.  When the sun is shining and warm and we’re walking through the hills and canyons above the city and the sun is slowly setting all the stress melts away.  Ahhhhhhh.

A couple weeks after ”The Pain and the Itch” closed I was lucky enough to begin work on a terrific film about the trial of the Chicago 8 back in 1969.  The filming of that took about a month.  We just wrapped a few weeks ago. Since then I’ve done a bit of catching up with friends and traveling and now I’m back to some writing while I await the next job.

Well, it’s a bit after the fact (sorry) but I did attend the GLEH Garden Party in a beautiful home in Hancock Park her in LA earlier this month.  Robert Gant, my old cast-mate helped to head the whole event and the lovely Sharon Gless was given an award!  Gale Harold and Thea Gill also attended.  It was a terrific event and it was nice to meet the fans, known and unknown to me, who were able to stop by and support this wonderful cause.

I think I remember when that article came out and ... well ... it didn’t help my dating life much.  I’ve actually never been married.  Came close a few times but at this point in time I’m still out there searching for my first ex-wife.  Plus, Audrey Tautou STILL hasn’t returned my phone calls.

I have indeed Googled myself in the privacy of my own home and there is NOTHING wrong with that.  It’s always kind of fascinating for me to see the stuff that pops up.  Once I actually learned that I was going to be appearing at an event on google before I heard anything about it.  It’s like a fortune teller without the hairy wart and gingivitis! 

Cherie writes:

Hello there! I hope you're doing well, and had a great run of your show. Here are a few questions for you:

  Do you get nervous before live performances?

  What do you feel is the biggest risk you've taken thus far, either in regards to your career, or life in general?

  And because I'm a hopeless (some might say helpless?) romantic myself, without asking you to share specific 'moves' so to say, do you consider yourself to be a romantic person?

  Thanks for your time - hope to run into you again sometime (we met in Toronto in '03).

Take care!


Hello to you, Cherie.  Of course I remember meeting you back at ScoLo-Con 2003.  Toronto STILL send me bills to pay for the cleanup of the city after you gals left.  I do get a little nervous just before a live performance but once I get out there and either get the first laugh or feel like the audience doesn’t completely hate me then it just turns to energy and an amazing high.

I think moving to LA was probably the biggest risk I’ve taken in my life because while I had some friend out here I was giving up a fairly comfortable career and life in Chicago for a completely unknowable future in LA.  Needless to say I’m VERY glad I did it.

I do indeed consider myself a romantic person and take great pleasure in being so.  But I think as one gets older the way you display romance becomes a little more subtle and (hopefully) meaningful.  It progresses from giving roses on every little anniversary that comes along to remembering to put the toilet seat down.  Vive Romance!

Nicole writes:


is Scott Lowell a Single man?

Did he ever was married until now?

Why don’t he marry somebody?

I am wondering about that, since he is good looking guy.

Does the job takes too much time to find the right woman?

Nowhere is written if he is single or married man!!

I would like to know that!

Is it possible to get a autograph of him?

Lovely regards

heartily, Nicole

Who are you?  My mother?  She asks those same questions every time we speak.  Oh, who knows the reasons why, Nicole.  It all comes down to so many different things, timing, chemistry, her having enough money to keep me in the lifestyle to which I have become accustomed.  SO many intangibles.  But my mother will be thrilled with you for nagging at me so the LEAST I can do is send you an autograph.  Send your address back here to the Q&A and I’ll get one out to you.  Now I have to go cry a little.

Brooke writes:



I really think you are a fantastic actor and I, like everyone else, loved you on QAF. I’m so excited to see you in future projects!!


I have a few questions, but if you can only answer one, I understand. Thank you and I wish you well!



1)      I think you are one of the funniest actors and you have great comedic timing; I LOVED the scenes you and Gale had together on QAF. Aside from Peter, who did you always look forward to doing scenes with?

2)      Did you use any of Scott to create Ted or is there anything you’ve carried over from Ted to you, Scott?

3)      If you could star in any movie already made, what would it be?

4)      Finally, and this is more of a comment, but I just wanted to tell you how great I think you are! Through the entire series, you showed so many emotions that I think carried over to everyone who watched it. I remember watching the episode where Ted hits bottom, right before rehab and I was just floored. I was at my parents house, watching it with my sister and my mom and brother drifted into the living room (it was such a family-friendly show). We all sat there in silence and at the end my brother, who had never seen an episode, just said “damn.” Sure, it kind of killed the mood and I left immediately after those few awkward moments, but it was very powerful. :0P I really hope you continue to act for a very, very long time, what a waste if you didn’t.

Wow.  Thanks, Brooke for such an exuberant bunch of questions.  You know, the great thing about having such a strong ensemble cast is that I really felt safe and enjoyed working with all the gang.  But I do have to say that while I certainly had some terrific scenes with Peter and Gale it was always a “master class” to work with Dame Sharon Gless!  She is such a gifted and giving actor.

There was a lot of myself I had to tap into to play “Ted”.  Most of it the stuff you spend thousands of dollars in therapy to tap down and work through.  So it was tough to dredge up stuff that I try hard to keep at bay in my life but also quite therapeutic in a lot of ways.

I would love to star in “It’s a Wonderful Life!”  Jimmy Stewart is one of my favorite actors and that film has so many challenges in the humor, romance and darkness of it.  I think I’d have a blast playing ol’ George Bailey.

Well, thank you so much for the compliments.  I HOPE to continue acting for a very long time it’s a big part of why I think I was put on this planet ... plus I would HATE to disappoint you.  

Dana from Scotland writes:

Hi Scott! I'm a huge fan of Queer as Folk and really sad that it came to an end. But it has gained a lot more viewers (including me!) since Season 5 finished and I think it's amazing what an impact it has had on the world and gay society. Hopefully people will start to be more accepting and not so ignorant and close-minded about homosexuality. 

Anyway, I think you were a terrific actor in QAF, as well as everyone else. I saw your video with Peter Paige, where you explained what a difficult time it was when you were playing Ted during his drug addiction. It takes real commitment to pull off an act that well, when it also affects your personal life. 

After watching Queer As Folk, I've started considering acting (which I "gave up" a couple of years ago when I started having a love for art instead) again and would really love to get into the career. Do you have any suggestions for someone still in high school? I was planning on getting an art degree but meanwhile gaining experience by taking part in plays, but I don't know if that is the right thing to do. And will moving to America make my chances bigger or is there too much competition? 

Best of luck in future and current productions!

Dana from Scotland, UK

Thanks, Dana.  But how dare you have so much drive, ambition and focus while you’re still in high school?  You’re supposed to lay in bed until 2 PM so that your mother has to come in the room and throw open all the window shades and start whistling in that annoying way that drives you screaming from your bed  and forces you to hide in the bathroom where you’ve stashed all your father’s old 1970’s Playboys like I did when I was in high school ... or else you’re going to REALLY make me feel like I squandered my youth.

It sounds like you’re a very creative soul and I think art and acting are outlets that can very easily nurture each other.  If you’re a “learn by doing” type of person (like I am) then I think just doing as much theatre as you can while you study art is a great idea.  You could probably also sneak in an acting or improv class as well but truly the experience you’ll get rehearsing and performing in plays will benefit you (or point out to you where you need improvement) like nothing else.  As far as moving to the US goes I would say that also depends on what kind of person you are.  There is certainly A LOT of competition over here but (from what my friends from the UK have told me) a lot more opportunity as well.  If you think you’ll have an easier time getting grounded and confident in the safe environment of home I’d say do that and then come over here and conquer us with your adorable Scottish brogue ... which then some silly TV executive will make you get rid of.  But if you think the challenge of being in a strange land will help impel you to be brave and grow as an artist in ways that being home couldn’t do then come on over!  We’ll welcome you gladly and then resent you for taking jobs away from us.

Brooke (from NH?) writes:


I saw you when you were in the Heidi Chronicles at the Berkshire Theater Festival in Stockbridge, MA a few years ago.

Any chance you'll ever perform with the Peterborough Players in NH?


If they ask and the play is good and the role challenging I would be more than happy to come to New Hampshire.  It would involve two things I love: Theatre and New England.

Jenis from Russia writes:

Hi, Scott

I send you a picture. 

Hope that you will like it)))

And i wanna ask you..

Were your hair always curly? Or just recently?

It would be interesting to see you with longer hair.


Ha!  I love that, Jenis.  Thank you so much.  Now all someone needs to do is team me up with a cute Japanese Anime girl and I can have a successful career in Manga!  I’ve actually been keeping my hair fairly short for the past couple of years due to the roles I’ve been playing but I used to keep it quite long and if there is any humidity it would get quite curly.

Here’s a shot from about 20 years ago when my best buddy Eddie and I were doing “A Christmas Carol” at the Goodman Theatre in Chicago.  We both could use a bit of sheep shearing I think. (my late cat Satch chewed on the photo)

Peter from Belgium writes:

Hello Scott,


Thanks for the very nice series you made for all us. I really adore QAF i really love it.

You are such a very sweet person in real life and i am really amazed that you have time for your fans to just answer them. Its just such great thing of you.

I hope my english is not too bad, lol, but normally i speak flemish.

So dear Scott, all the very very best in all the things you do, and maybe hope to see you alot more on the screen.  Lol, just wish you visit once belgium.

Well from this belgium fan, big hug and best wishes.


Peter from Belgium

Trust me Peter your English is 1,000 times better than my Flemish.  I would love to come to Belgium one day as it looks like a beautiful country.  Rally the other Belgium fans and invite all us QAF-ers over.  We won’t say “nee.”

Jesus from Spain writes:



My name is Jesus.

I am an big Spanish fan (forgive me my bad English). I first watched QaF when I was still afraid to come out to my friends and family (well my family doesn't know yet) One of my now openly-gay friends told us to watch one episode. When I saw Ted at the Babylon I though that he was the most beautiful man I had ever seen, and there are a lot of cute guys here in Spain, believe me :-). I shocked me quite a lot when I realized that he was like the loser character of the series. In my opinion Ted was 10,000 times hotter that Brian. Brian, sincerely, doesn't inspire anything on me. Sorry, Brian haha. Well, as I was saying I became your big fan and you my "impossible love" of course. One summer I decided to go to toronto to improve my English and I called my friends who didn't know that I was in toronto at that time. One of them asked me joking if I was gonna look for you. I said what??, and then he told me that the whole series was shot in Toronto and I was like: OMG, don't BS me¡¡¡¡. Later then I realized that the Fly nightclub in Toronto was the Babylon in the series. It was all so funny. So I went to the "Babylon" but obviously could't find you :-( . Quite a crazy joint that night, hahah.

Well after this history class, I wanna ask you: how come someone who is 10,000 times hotter than Brian is the loser character in the series? and another one: could you ever fall for  blonde caucasian Spanish guy who is mad about you hahahahha?

Kisses from Spain.

Well, Jesus you are obviously a man of great taste and wisdom.  But 10,000 times hotter?  I don’t know about that.  Maybe 9,567 times.  Honestly I think what’s interesting about “Ted” is that it’s how he feels about himself on the inside that makes him the “loser”.  He spends the 5 years of the series learning to love himself before he can ever really love someone else or truly be loved by another.  As far as falling for a blonde caucasian Spanish guy ... how much does it pay?

David writes:

Scott, Saw you in the miracle job on the tv show Leverage.  Your performance was Brilliant.  I hope your agency will pursues such roles for you, -David

Thanks so much, David.  I hope so too.  I had a blast working on that show and it’s always fun to play “the bad guy.”

Jon Perry from San Francisco writes:

Hey Scott – I see from your site you are living in L.A.  Was wondering if you happened to be in San Francisco this past Saturday, October 24th?  I was at SFMOMA for the Avedon Photography Exhibit and was sitting in the lobby on the main floor around 5pm when, if it wasn’t you who walked by, then your long lost twin who apparently shares my appreciation for the arts, walked by on the way out of the museum, I believe with some friends.  I caught his (your?) eye but out of an over abundance of respect for actors' privacy (especially when in engaging in civilian activities) merely nodded but did not call out.  If it was you, did you enjoy the show?  If it wasn't then be on the look-out for a possible doppelganger running around out there!

That asked, I'll say I of course enjoyed your work in QAF (which is why your name and image where in my mind) and hope all is well with you.


Jon Perry

Crazy!  I was indeed in San Francisco for the weekend visiting some friends.  I had driven up from LA with my dog and had an amazing time.  I ate at some terrific restaurants (Foreign Cinema, Farm:Table, Tartine) and even drank some incredible coffee that my new pal Jojo brewed up for me at Blue Bottle coffee.  I rarely drink the stuff as I soar super high and then crash mightily soon afterwards ... but she may have made an addict of me.  At least of Blue Bottle coffee (going for corporate sponsorship here if you can’t tell.)   The Avedon exhibit at SFMOMA was wonderful, I thought.  Such a great museum and city.  Make sure to go see Sharon Gless in her play “A Round Heeled Woman” at Z SPace January 5 - Feb. 7th, 2010.  I’m sure I’ll be up in San Fran again to see the Dame on stage myself.  While I’m pimping out my friends: for those on the east coast make sure to go see Randy Harrison play Andy Warhol (could there BE more perfect casting?) in “Pop!” a new musical at Yale Repertory in New Haven, CT Nov. 27 - Dec. 19th.  I’m hoping to get there myself.


Finally:  I hope you all had a great Halloween and remembered to set your clocks back here in the U.S.  In case I am unable to write before year’s end I hope you all have a wonderful Holiday Season and as much joy and happiness as you can stomach in the New Year!  Thank you for all your questions, compliments and general interest.  You guys always give me a boost JUST when I need it.



Scott Lowell