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July 28, 2009

Ange from Australia writes:

Hi Scott. Loved your work on QAF, shame it had to end... Do you still see Gale Harold and Randy Harrison?


Thanks, Ange.  Well, I get to see Gale more often as he lives out here in LA but I try and see Randy whenever I’m in NYC.

Dave writes:

Hey Scott, Saw ppp movie . Loved the Chicken dance with peter in the pp playoff in the tournament scene.  My Question is easy.  What was the hellish diet were you on, Please share it , you looked great. ( I bet you differ.) And Also , your gray shirt on the music video had the red words on  the back of the shirt.  What were the words on the shirt.   Can you remember them . Third is , where can we get your autobiography.  I have looked on 5 book sites.  If I can get one,would you give me an autograph- Thanks Dave - Panama city beach,Fl

Glad you enjoyed “Ping Pong Playa”, Dave.  Now to your questions:  The diet I underwent during “Ted’s” crystal meth addiction was pretty much an all protein, no carbs and no sugar of any kind (not even fruit) and reduced portions.  Breakfast could be a hard-boiled egg or plain yogurt with almonds in it; lunch would usually be a salad with a chicken breast (the biggest meal of the day) and then dinner would be a little sashimi or some vegetables.  All portions were greatly reduced in size from what I am used to.  I also changed my workout routine by lowering the amount of work I did with any weights and upping my cardio by almost double.  No wonder I was so cranky all the time.  But as I’ve said before I was trying to make myself look as unhealthy as I could so it’s I’m a little surprised that people think that looks “great”.

As for the grey shirt I wore in the Kristine W. video I think it said “Stop Making Movies Out Of Your Life” ... or something like that.  

Now as to my autobiography I’m afraid one doesn’t exist yet ... except in my own head.  It’s titled: “Picked Last for Kickball.”

A couple of nice comments on the podcast of Scott’s Australian radio interview:

Scott - really enjoyed the podcast with the Australian radio hosts - it was wonderful to hear you speak so fondly of QAF, as well as how much you shared of your personal history. What a role model!


Thank you for sharing of yourself with us!


A sincere admirer . . .


Leslie LeMaster

Hi Scott


I am currently listening to the podcast of your interview on Joy 94.9 from Australia, and must tell you how absolutely charming you are!


You have a warmth in your voice and you sound so comfortable and at ease (I am enjoying listening to this wonderful interview).  Also, you are so funny, in an honest way.


I found out a lot of new and interesting tidbits about you and your acting career.  I hope to hear or read more interviews and would love to see you on TV and in movies very soon.


Come to St. Petersburg/Tampa Florida soon, you have a lot of real fans here.  I’d love to meet you!


Take Care,


Kathi Brown

St. Petersburg Florida

Thanks, Leslie and Kathi.  I had an awful lot of fun talking to Adz, the Bish and Ginni so I’m glad others get to enjoy our conversation as well.  What a cool bunch they are.  I later admitted to Ginni that she’s officially my new Australian crush!  So she now has special ScoLo immunities and no one can ever be mean to her and you have to address her as “Lady Ginni.”  Got it?

Jessica writes:

Hey Scott,

    First of all, I would just like to say that you were (and still are) one of my favorite characters on QaF. You brought humor, drama, and a certain brightness to a scene whenever you appeared! Great job! ^_^        

    My questions is: Are you and the other cast members of QaF still close? Do you see each other often? I think it's such a shame when you hear about actors and actresses, who have worked together for a number of years, not staying in touch. One would think that an unbreakable bond would be created due to the number of hours you are in each others presence.  

    Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions! Stay safe and God bless you.



Well, Jessica I agree with you 100%.  It would be a shame if we didn’t stay in touch.  As I’ve said before we really became a family over those five years in Toronto so I’m happy to report that we do indeed all stay in touch, see each other and gather for dinners and late night poker games whenever we can.

Colleen writes:


If this were a perfect world, your name would be on the Emmy

nomination ballot for your kick-ass performance in "Leverage." And

Peter's would be there, too, for "CSI: Mi." But alas, the vibes I've

been sending westward on your behalf were insufficient. I will try to

do better next year. But I am happy for Gale; please vote early and

often for him, in the best Chicago tradition, lol.



Well, Colleen I guess it just ain’t a perfect world ... but thanks for your vote of confidence anyway.  I’ll gladly accept this Colleeny Award®.  Keep those vibes coming

Jean-Baptiste from France writes:



I live in France and I was quite surprised  to see you in a “straight” role in Criminal Minds !

Happy to see that you find another life since Queer as folk !

And you’re still as cute !



“Straight” ... but creepy.  Merci, JB!

Don writes:

Hey scott, Just thought that I would ask a question, hope it gets answered.  First though, THANK YOU for your work on QAF...and more importantly for keeping in touch with us.  But here is the question of the century...which do you prefer? PC or Mac? Don---Nashville.

Easiest question I’ve ever gotten.  Mac, Don.  All the way Mac.  Since about 1989.

Alexis from Toronto writes:

Hello Scott,

I would like to introduce myself, my name is Alexis (known as Lex) and I am a fan of your work.  My favorite show is Queer as Folk and that is how I discovered your talent.  A couple of friends of mine have mentioned that they wrote to you and I figured I would do the same.  I am a firm believer of passing on positive thoughts when you can and who doesn't like to receive letters telling them that they are wonderful?

I really respect and admire the fact that you actually take time to discuss things with your fans.  I find the interaction is a key point in making someone a success.  You might be a fabulous actor but if you aren't a good person chances are people won't be happy with you.

I work in the television industry here in Toronto and I hope that at some point you will return to Toronto!  If you are ever looking for a production coordinator I'm offering my time!

Thanks for sharing your talent with us!



Thanks so much for your kind words, Lex.  I know how much energy it can take to say nice things to someone (strange that it takes less to tell someone you hate them!) so I very much appreciate it.  I always find it a little odd when people preface telling me something nice with: “I hope you don’t mind me telling you this but ...”  Why would I mind?  I crave it!  I’m an actor for God’s sake.  We’re the neediest creatures on EARTH!

I really do hope to work back in Toronto some day.  I miss it terribly.  All these damned work visa laws get in the way a bit though.  But I’m ready to head on up there as soon as someone asks.

Joanna writes:

I saw a trailer for the new season of Burn Notice.

There was a very brief shot of someone tied up with their mouth taped in the trunk of a car.

It looked like Scott.

I was wondering if Scott was reuniting with Sharon Gless on Burn Notice.


What?  I lent that video of me on a typical Saturday night to Sharon for her personal use only!!  How’d it end up in her show’s trailer?!?  Ooooooo, she’s such a prankster.  (*nope it wasn’t me)

Nicole from Germany writes:

Hi, I am reading Q & A but 1/2005 is missing in your list.

Am i just blind or why is that month missing in your



Best regards from germany.

its looking well, seeing that you have car keys in your profile, and sugar... that gives me hope ...

bye for now!!

Well, if you are blind you either have a brail keyboard or a monkey typing for you (I’m hoping for the monkey).  I believe I was off on my last QAF X-mas vacation at that point and so there was no Q&A written.  My old web-wench Annie occasionally gave me time off for good behavior.  So see, I gave you your sight back.  You are no longer blind.

Sarah Jessica writes:

Hi Scott,


I would say "I'm sure you get so many questions about QAF," but I can actually see that you do and I'm sure it's overwhelming! While I do have so many questions about the show (that I'm sure are answered somewhere around here), I actually would love to know whether you ever feel that people pay more attention to Ted than they do your other projects. Do you ever feel like you won't ever be as famous and/or successful for another role?

Also, how's Peter? I remember at that QAF Reunion Brunch hosted by Ant, you two had mentioned how close you were. Do you still stay in touch with everyone else? That would really be something! If you do, you should let Gale know the fact he got deported on Desperate Housewives is great because he needs to be off that shit program. And someone should tell Hal to cut his hair every once in a while.

All the same, I want to thank you for bringing so many characters to us with your amazing passion and wonderful acting. I don't know how many other actors can pull off such an eclectic collection of roles so well. You are truly one of a kind.


Much respect,

Sarah Jessica

How flattering to get a question from the star of “Sex and the City!”  At this point “Ted” is still who I’m recognized most for and I truly don’t mind that.  I do look forward to the day (hopefully soon) where an “and” (and maybe even a few commas) can get added to the “best know for ...” part of the parenthesis that usually follows my name.  But for now I’m pretty happy to be “best known” for SOMETHING.

Well, I’ve already answered your query about staying in touch with folks in questions above ... and as for your request that someone tell Gale and Hal certain things ... well, I guess that someone is now YOU!  Now I wish “someone” would tell Cynthia Nixon that she’s still one of my favorite actresses and Kristin Davis that she’s still the cutest and Kim Cattrall that ... well ... you know.


Finally:  I want to say thank you to all the wishes for broken legs that I received from folks all over the world for the opening of “The Pain and the Itch”.  The show is going really well and I am extraordinarily proud of it.  It’s hilarious and the cast I’m lucky enough to work with is amazing.  Audiences have really been digging it and I hope as many of you as are able will be able to dig it too.  The theatre is a little 99-seater  so it’s your best chance yet to be close enough to have me inadvertently spit on you as I speak.  Who’d want to miss out on that?



Scott Lowell