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November 12, 2004

1. I think I should name my new African violet Marguerite, Jr., but my friend Jennifer says that's stupid and that I should name her Alexis. So, which do you think is better: Mexican food or Chinese food?

Get help now, please. Seriously. Im a Jew. Chinese food is our National cuisine.

2. What acting qualities, traits, styles, secrets, or techniques have you learned from your castmates that you truly believe has helped to make you a better actor?

Keep your c#$k-sock tied nice and snug during your nudie scenes.

3. How do you react to fans just greeting you out of the blue and asking for autographs? How often does this happen?

It happens every now and then and generally people are quite nice about it. Occasionally people just shove something at me to sign as if its owed to them and that only makes me want to misspell my name. The majority of the time its a wonderful validation of what Ive been doing for the past 17 years. I know how much nervous energy it takes for someone to approach a stranger and take the risk of rejection to say something nice and ask for an autograph and I truly appreciate it. It still seems weird to me that someone would actually WANT my autograph (and its such a bizarre thing to want of someone anyway).

4. Our friend thinks it's normal to wear jeans in the pool. Isn't she weird?

Yes  and obviously a poor Marco Polo player. Jeans + Water = Slow Moving Target.

5. Are you a fan of old classic movies, and if so what are some of your favorites? Also, which actors inspired you to be an actor or have had an impact on you?

I am a huge fan of Classic Movies and was greatly influenced by them growing up. I really like a lot of Frank Capra and Preston Sturgess films. They had a great idealism in them and both directors used a wonderful stable of character actors in their films. Mr. Smith Goes To Washington is one of my all-time favorite films. James Stewart, Jack Lemmon and Peter Sellers are actors that have had the greatest influence on me.

6. What are some of your fondest memories of growing up in Connecticut? Where did you go and what did you do in your spare time?

The explosion of color in the Fall leading to huge piles of raked (or blown) leaves to be jumped in. Playing kickball with the kids on my street. Eating buckets of steamed clams and lobsters in the summer. Going down to NYC to see shows. Many, many happy memories. Connecticut was a wonderful place to grow up and I still get nostalgic for it when I think about it or visit there.

7. What slang expression or euphemism do you dislike most?

Its all good. It rarely ever truly is.

8. If you could pick one major motion picture and replace the lead actor with yourself which one would it be and why?

I would have loved to have done the role Jim Carrey played in Eternal Sunshine  this year, or Ray Charles in Ray. I thought the psychological journey of Carreys character was quite challenging as well as navigating the really cool effects. Ray would be a casting coup for me because I really dont play the piano.

9. If Bush gets elected for real this time, where will you expatriate?

Well, Ive already got an apartment up here in Toronto  but maybe somewhere a little warmer. I hear the show is doing well in Australia 

10. Can you belch the alphabet?

No, but I can fart the pre-amble to the Constitution.

11. You're seated at a table for 6 in Heaven. Who are your 5 other dream dinner guests?

Jesus, Moses, Mohammed, Buddha and Fred Rogers.

12. Is there anything you would like to see happen to "Ted" before the show ends?

Id love for him to finally find his own sense of self-esteem that does not rely on any other factors (e.g. a job or boyfriend) than his belief in himself. That way love or a successful career can only enhance whats already there.

13. At the end of Season 4, Ted got a cat named "Lupe." That sounds an awful like "Chalupa." Was that your idea to get Ted a cat and if so, did you pick the name too?

No, that was Dan Lipmans call I believe. Chalupa is  well, rather shy and when people come over to visit me she tends to hide under the blankets on my bed. Dan was always tickled to see this lump under the sheets and brought that to the screen in the character of Lupe as a salute to my dear puss.

14. Are you a fan of cartoons? What is your favorite animated film and t.v. show?

Ive always enjoyed cartoons, from Looney Tunes as a kid, to South Park, Dr. Katz and Family Guy as an adult. The over-all favorite has to be The Simpsons for consistent comic juiciness. Pixars films seem to be consistently my favorites in the movie theatres.

15. What was/is your reaction to the way age is dealt with on Queer as Folk. You're just coming into your prime and yet you play a character whose social set considers him way over the hill. Did you find that baffling or disconcerting in any way?

No, it seemed pretty accurate for the club scene of the Gay Community as well as the Straight Community. Youth and beauty are highly prized in these worlds and that should come as no surprise to anyone. I also knew from the outset that this show was about boys becoming men. Part of that growth had to deal with accepting your age and allowing yourself to grow up.

16. Pretend you're auditioning for American Idol. What would you sing and how would the judges react?

The Doobie Brothers hit Taking It To The Street. The judges weep and proclaim me not only the American Idol but also the American President.

17. What are some of the best CD's you've been listening to lately?

Elvis Costellos Delivery Man, Tom Waits Real Gone and Wilcos A Ghost Is Born.

18. Can I trade you my school books for season 5 spoilers? If so, what subject should I always carry with me?

No. Now do your damned homework or no Season 5 for you.

19. What's one bad habit you have that you honestly enjoy and have no plans of stopping?

Biting my fingernails. No manicurist could get them so perfectly trimmed!

20. Do you like the Family Guy? If so, who is your favorite character?

I do like The Family Guy and in fact a friend of mine, Michael Barker is a writer on it. Look for his new show:American Dad coming to Fox soon. Stewie is my hands-down favorite on Family Guy.

Scott Lowell