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September 1, 2003

1. Are you excited about working with Dean Armstrong again? How do you feel about the role reversal between Ted and Blake?

I love working with Dean and am definitely looking forward to having him as a scene partner again for however long Blake remains in the show. I have always been a big supporter of bringing him back. I think Dan and Ron came up with an ingenious way to do that and the role reversal theyve created is a perfect example of their writing at its best.

2. Who is your Ultimate Sexy, i.e. the one celebrity that you find sexier than any other?

You know, my favorites change all the time and sexy to me is more than just a physical thing. I also dont think there is such thing as an ULTIMATE sexy. Past favorites (who can still grab me as soon as I see them again) have included Jennifer Connelly, Hilary Swank, Heather Graham, Uma Thurman, Lucy Liu, Winona Ryder, Rachel Weisz and Salma Hayek. Lately Ive been in a French state of mind and my fave is Audrey Tautou (another French actress I find really sexy is Romane Bohringer).

3. It seemed to me that Ted's friends didn't try very hard to stop him from getting addicted to drugs and ignored the situation until it directly affected them (like stealing Gus' college fund). They all seemed wrapped up in their own issues and even looked away from obvious signs of trouble, like Ted shoving Emmett. Was this a deliberate decision that will be addressed in season 4? Will Ted harbor some resentment for basically being abandoned and ignored when he needed help the most?

Ummm  I dunno. But boy Im getting all mad just reading that! Youre right. Those BASTARDS!!! Even if Ted doesnt harbor some resentments, I will!

4. I know the warm sunny weather is what you miss most about LA when you're in Toronto, but what do you miss most about Toronto when you're in LA?

Just walking around the city, my wonderful friends there and the food.

5. Which of the other QAF actors do you wish you had more scenes with?

Baby Gus.

6. Have you experienced a backlash in terms of finding hiatus work due to your job on QAF?

No, not that Im aware of. Its just a lot harder to find decent projects that far bigger names than I havent snatched up all the interesting roles in these days.

7. I know you have a cat, but do you generally consider yourself a cat person or a dog person?

Im an animal person in general. I hope to have a dog someday but not a big humongous one. I like my pets to be smaller than me. Its an ego thing.

8. What is your favorite word?

Who are you? James Lipton? If you start crying and asking me what do I want to hear God say to me when (and if) I enter Heaven then Ill have to start giggling at you. Anyway, you know I am loathe to pick absolute favorites of anything. Heres one of my top ones though: serendipity.

9. Where do you stand on the Harry Potter craze? Have you read the books? The new one? If so, who's your favorite character?

Ive read all the Harry Potter 1-4 and am awaiting the opportunity to finish my current book to get to it. Ive got a great fondness for Hagrid and Ron but my emerging favorite from the last couple books was Sirius Black!

Scott Lowell