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October 3, 2003

1. What is the most amazing thing that has happened to you since you began your work on QAF?

Boy theres been a bunch of them. One happened when I went to see the musical HAIRSPRAY in New York this past spring with my childhood best friend Dave Isay. After the show, as we were looking around for the best way to exit the theater, I saw two handsome African American gentleman a few rows down from us waving at me and pointing. I waved back. The larger of the two (he looked kind of familiar) approached me. He told me in exuberant tones how much he loved QAF and particularly my work on it. My names Luther, he said as he shook my hand vigorously. Oh, hi, Luther, Im Scott, I said as calmly as I could as I screamed in my head: its Luther VANDROSS!! I told Luther how his CD The Night I Fell in Love had been my big get the girl in my dorm room and make out with her CD back in college and how I especially loved the song Til My Baby Comes Home. He smiled and said as if lost in a memory: Oh, yeah, and then started singing the song. AAAAAAAA!!! If I was wearing panties at the time I would have thrown them at him. THAT was pretty amazing.

2. I love the show, and you are an incredible and absorbing actor, but my question is this: can you hook me up with Eddie Jemison? Or at least tell him that one of your fans loves him?

You have such good taste that I hate to disappoint you, but Eddie has just gotten engaged to a lovely gal he met in Chicago named Laura so I cant arrange a hook up. I showed him your question however and he got all red and stutteringly said: Oh, my God. How cool. Hes currently shooting the film version of the comic book The Punisher playing John Travoltas henchman Nicky and will be heading to Europe next Spring to shoot Oceans 12. He and I are currently writing a screenplay together tentatively titled Weeping Willow.

3. Do you ever have trouble enjoying theater because you subconsciously analyze/critique what is going on in front of you - from the actor's perspective? I play horn professionally and sometimes have trouble feeling completely relaxed while listening to music-as crazy as that sounds- because I am often putting the piece through analysis, unintentionally. I often wish I could listen to a Tchaikovsky Symphony with virgin ears. Do you ever find it hard to be objective while sitting in a theater audience?

Well, it certainly raises the bar for a film or play to be able to completely transport me. Certainly I can be very critic al of things while Im watching them if, as an actor, I just dont buy it. But knowing how difficult it is also makes me hold those projects that succeed in greater awe. But I always go in WANTING to enjoy what I see  unless its something that I auditioned for and wasnt cast in. Then I want nothing more than to hate it. Kidding, kidding  (kind of).

4. Hey Scott, I'm a big fan of QAF, and its directors. Do you have a favourite/least favourite director since you work with so many?

I love our wonderful directors as well and count it as one of the best parts of shooting the show in Toronto that we get to work with all these talented filmmakers. Its so hard to pick favorites (or favourites) as they all bring something unique to the table and, as I have to work with a great many of them still, it would not be politic of me to list a least favourite (or favorite). In my opinion, David Wellington is my favorite actors director; Bruce McDonald my favorite visual director; Kelly Makin, Kevin Inch, Alex Chapple, Jeremy Podeswa, Chris Grismer and Michael DeCarlo my favorite all around directors and, of course, Russell Mulcahy the most energetic and impactful director of the series.

5. How do you feel towards seeing yourself on television? Are you at all embarrassed at the prospect or are you an active fan? Are you your biggest critic?

Im really okay with seeing myself on television and am pretty proud of most of my work on QAF so far. Im actually pretty good at removing myself from watching me and can get involved in just watching the show most times IF it meets the criteria I mentioned back in question 3. If it doesnt then I can become very critical of myself but usually in a constructive way. Im always wanting to learn from my mistakes and improve.

6. Hi Scott - you'll be heading back to Toronto soon to prepare for Season 4.... how the heck do you decide what to bring with you? Do you just leave your Canadian home with a key for your neighbour to pick up your mail and water your plants, and return 6 months later - or do you have to start from scratch every year?

I keep a place up in Toronto and have a friend apartment-sit for me. Its right in the heart of downtown Toronto (and nicely furnished, I must admit) so its pretty easy to find someone willing to stay there. I leave ALL my winter gear up there so I only have to bring back up about three suitcases worth of stuff (including a lot of my computer stuff) and Chalupa. In fact we just made the trip and Im happy to report that Chalupa crawled out of her carrying case, looked around the Toronto pad and said: Oh, yeah. THIS place. I remember this, and instantly fell back into her usual annoying/cute routine of life. No scurrying close to the floor in a wobbly fashion like an alien thats just landed on a strange planet for her! No, Sir! My gal TOTALLY remembered. I am SO proud.

7. Can you name two to three adjectives that would describe each of your co-stars the best?

I was never no good at that linguistical stuff. If some of these aint zactly adjutives, I pologize.

Bobby: Beaming, encouraging, caffeinated

Gale: Brilliant, enigmatic, screwy

Hal: Gregarious, kindhearted, driven

Michelle: Spiritual, dichotomous, bold

Peter: Hilarious, focused, loving

Randy: Thoughtful, dark, principled

Sharon: Nurturing, hard-nosed, riotous

Thea: Sensitive, giggly, sensual

And to ALL add Talented and Brave!

8. You remind me of a cross between Kevin Spacey and a young Mike Nesmith. This is a compliment because I adore both men. Do you consider yourself a fan of either of them? Have you met either of them?

I think they are both tremendously talented men and thank you for the compliment of comparison. I havent had the chance to meet either of them but would love to either act with Mr. Spacey or play tambourine for Mr. Nesmith.

9. Do you ever watch old episodes again, and if so, what's your experience, as an actor, seeing your work again after such a long time?

Whats with the HAIR?!?!? is usually my response.

10. Scott, I noticed on several interviews that I have read, you mention how much you have enjoyed eating again after such a strict diet for the crystal storyline. Does this mean we will see you fill out again? You are a doll either way.

Well, thanks for calling me a doll. What little I know about Season 4 is that it picks up pretty soon after Season 3 ended so while I probably wont get down to the weight I was by the time Ted strolled into rehab Ill need to be kind of near. Then Ill just have to see where things go in his storyline.

11. Will the longer, curlier hair be sticking around for the fourth season? Please say yes!

I know it was always the secret plan of Clara DiNunzio, our Key Hair person on Season 3, to get my hair as long as it was at the end of the season. As for Season 4  lets just say Clara is a VERY persuasive lady  and Im sure a haircut will be the last thing on Teds mind.

12. Is season 4 being written as the possibly final season with all of the major storylines being wrapped up or are the writers hoping for the best and leaving the storylines more open-ended in case there is a fifth season and beyond? When will you find out if there will be a fifth season?

Not really sure to tell you the truth. Dan and Ron are as much in the dark as you and I are. From what I understand they are writing the season as a whole unit so that either way, theyre covered. As far as when well know about Season 5, the network doesnt have to let us know until next spring so it could be anytime between right now and then. Wait, theres the phone! Hello? No, thanks Im very happy with my long-distance carrier.

13. What was the craziest Halloween costume you ever wore? Will you be wearing a costume this year and if so, what will it be?

Charles Manson while I was at N.T.I. at the Eugene ONeill Theatre Center. I had a beard then and wore this long crazy wig, a ratty old coat and sat in a tree outside the window of the dining room where the party was going on just staring blankly and malevolently in at the people inside. I stayed out there for HOURS, never moving. It creeped them out BIG TIME! As far as this year, Im sure well be working on Halloween so I imagine I will dress up as a self-loathing homosexual former accountant turned porn king turned crystal meth addict turned ice cream truck driver  oooops. Did I let that spoiler slip out? Damn. Wheres that delete key?

14. Will there be any crossovers between QAF and The L Word?

Oh God I HOPE SO!!! Let it be me let it be me let it be me.

15. As a cooking/food lover, what's the weirdest thing you've ever eaten that you ended up loving? What's the one thing you've eaten that you absolutely refuse to eat ever again, even if you're starving? What are your favorite types of ethnic (non-American generic) food?

Well the answer to most of your questions is: Sushi. I never had it until I moved to Chicago after college. I had always thought of it as the weirdest food in the world. I mean RAW FISH??? Ewwwww. Now it is my number one favorite food in the world and I could eat it 7 days a week (and have come close on occasion.) Ethiopian food also seemed like an oxymoron to me but I quite like it. As for the food I never want to eat again: check out the party at the neighbors scene in episode 6 of Season 3. Youll see me eating some cocktail weenie/Vienna Sausage kind of thing. I dont know if outtakes from that scene exist, but those things made me gag so horribly. Take after take that we did I had to eat one until even just the smell of them disgusted me. Thinking of that horrible taste, mixed with the cold, raw hot-doggy texture with crunchy bits in it (I am NOT joking) leaves me shuddering and nauseous. Blechhhhhhhh!

Scott Lowell