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April 1, 2015

Agnes from Sweden writes: 

Hi Scott, Im a big fan of yours :) <3

I think you are a very talented and a gifted actor.

I love Queer As Folk and have watched it many times. :)

My question for you is: Are you married? Have you children?

And then I also wonder, how your "dream girl" is supposed to be like.

And I also wonder,

How would you describe yourself? How you are as a person or something like that.

And I also wonder what do you want people to be in your surroundings? I know you probably accept everyone for who they are, but what do you prefer for qualities in the people you meet?

(The most important question:) And how are your aspect in movies for example, should they be dark or light? Easy or difficult and somewhat scary?  You tell me.

And what would be your dream part ever made in your career? Maybe you already had a highlight character? Ted Schmidt? or something from the theatre. 

What do you prefer? Theatres or movies?

I’m interested to know.

I would love to explain as the others do so much, about how much you mean to me, and Queer As Folk, but its hard to put down in words. 

I am a straight girl, aged 22 from Sweden. 

And I just adore you <3

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to write to you. 

And I hope you dont think I had too many questions, just answer the first one if you dont feel like answering the other ones.

Best regards, Agnes. <3

Wow! You wonder A LOT, Agnes. ;o) I’ll do my best to answer. 

I am not married and have no children. Did my mother tell you to ask me that to make me feel badly or guilt me into giving her some grandbabies soon? I’m trying, Mom! I’M TRYING!!

As far as my “dream girl” goes, she’s very changeable ... I seem to meet a new version of her every day! See, MOM? That’s part of the Problem! It’s HER NOT ME!!

I would describe myself as extraordinarily charming and handsome and rich … but only a small fraction of that is true. I love my mom though … if only she’d GET OFF MY BACK!! I’ll settle down when I’m ready and NOT BEFORE THEN!

I am very fortunate that I have WONDEFUL people who surround me ona a daily basis. They are kind, funny, down-to-earth and don’t make me feel badly that I’ve come this far in life and only have a dog and cat to come home to and think it would be okay to knit booties for THEM instead of babies that DON’T EXIST!

Ok. Enough of that. Now on to your most important question: I have no preference of what types of projects I’m attracted to as far as comedy or drama as long as the character(s) are rich and three-dimensional and the story an interesting one. I’m not a fan of “torture” films or things that would leave horrible images on my or anyone’s souls.

I would love someday to play some of the great roles that Arthur Miller wrote for older men but in the meantime I look forward to being surprised by the “dream roles” and projects that come up unexpectedly. I love Theatre and Film/TV work … heck, I just LOVE WORKING!

Thanks for your kind words, Agnes! I hope you are enjoying all the pleasures of being a 22 year-old straight Swedish girl!

Deb writes:

Dear Scott,

I'm 59, straight female, recently started watching QAF on Netflix. I already loved your portrayals on Bones, Leverage, Law & Order, etc., but I have to tell you I am so moved and in awe of your portrayals as Ted. Your acting helped me understand so much more about the gay lifestyle, but more than that it showed me what an amazing versatile actor you are - way beyond any gender classification. You are a joy to watch - in any role!

Thanks so much, Deb! That’s so very kind of you to say. I’ve been quite fortunate to be able to portray so many interesting people and I sure hope I get to keep doing it for a very long time.

River writes:

Hi Scott!I'm a big fan of yours and I loved Queer as   folk, I still find it  hard to watch the last episode as I don't want to say goodbye to the characters, I felt a bit upset that Brian and justin didn't get married just as Brian admitted what "we knew " he loved justin,  do you or any other cast members think they should have married?  Also any news of a new QAF season or movie?  River

River, honestly I support the ending that our creators Ron Cowen and Dan Lipman came up with for all the characters. I can’t say more than that without stirring up a hornet’s nest of opinions out there in the fandom. That’s the nice thing about a show like QAF where you get so invested in the characters … everyone is going to feel differenty about what they want for them as everyone has different emotions invested in the characters based on their own experiences and desires. I will say this, the show is about Boys becoming Men and “Justin” had to become his OWN man one way or another. Who knows for sure what happened after the final fade out?

Agnes from Sweden writes (Again):

Im very sorry for writing to you again but I cant help it.

I have a few other questions.

what do you think is the best in America?

Whats the worst?

And how do you feel about the gun situation?

I love America but am a bit confused about the gun part. Here its forbidden

to have a gun.

And is it very artistic people all mixed up to one in New York?

(I know this might is judgemental towards USA about the gun parts, perhaps

Im wrong, maybe the most people walks without guns.)

Though the questions I asked before, yesterday, are far more important than

these questions. I hope you will answer both, but answer the first one if

you dont feel like answering both.

Thanks for your time for reading this,

//Your devoted fan, Agnes, from Sweden. 

Do you seriously expect me to believe that there is nothing better for a 22 year-old straight girl in Sweden to do than to ask me even MORE questions?!? (I hope you know I’ve been teasing you all this time)

The Best in America is it’s generous, giving nature and freedom of speech and opinion. The worst is that we don’t always use these qualities in the best way. Our inability to fully separate religion and politics as well as deal honestly with and heal our history of discrimination also upsets me.

I have never been a fan of guns and I think our gun laws are ridiculous. It saddens me that there is an impression internationally that we all walk around with them. That’s simply not true … although it may be to a certain degree in certain areas. Unfortunately this crazy gun culture is so engrained in the fabric of our country that it is nearly impossible, even after some horrific mass shootings, to pass any kind of meaningful gun control legislature without the risk of political backlash. I do wish I lived in a land that was more sensible about guns.

Mark writes:

Dear Scott, I just want to say how much your wonderful portrayal of Ted and  all the actors on QAF changed my life. I can't tell you how much it has meant to me discovering the show just recently. I am 46 and it has given me a new lease on life when I really needed one. I loved all the characters very much but you and Ted are my absolute favorites! Thank you thank you thank you for the gift of your talent. :-)

Mark, it’s letters like this that are worth more than any paycheck for an acting job. I am so glad that our work was able to help lighten your load!

I hope you all have a wonderful summer! If you’re anywhere near London, come see me in THE ELEPHANT MAN at The Theatre Royal Haymarket! 

Scott Lowell