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September 28, 2015

Inga from Germany writes: 

Hi Scott,

I don't have a question, but I wanted to tell you how wonderful lovelyadorable you are. I love to read your Q&As. That's so funny. I would love tohave this updates much more often, but I know you're busy. So Thank you verymuch for doing it. And Thank you very much for being so active and alwayskind on Twitter. THANK YOU!

I hope I'll be able to meet you again sometime at a con or see you in aplay. Wishing you all the best (including a wonderful lady and a lot of babies to make your mom happy:))

Alles Liebe,


I thank you, Inga and my mother thanks you too!

Michael writes:

Loved your performance in QAF, I'm currently halfway through season 3 and hate seeing Ted in such a low point in life! I am CONSTANTLY thinking about how great of a actor you are, especially with Ted being such a versitile character. I'm going in to television production right now, and wondered if you had any advice on how to break into the TV world!

Also, you dated my aunt in highschool! Her name is Mary, wondered if you renember her! She hopes you're doing well! Thanks a ton! Hope to hear back soon!

Well, I dated so very little in high school it would be IMPOSSIBLE for me to not remember your aunt! Please send her my best wishes. I actually think of her often.

Thank you for your kind words, Michael. Since you wrote this in May I’m hoping “Ted’s” life has improved by now in your viewing. The only advice I can give you on breaking into the TV world on the production end is just to get yourself on a set by any means necessary. Intern, be a Production Assistant, anything. The experience will be so valuable and … as they say … you gotta start somehwere. I wish you the best of luck!

Sherry writes:

Dear Scott,
       Looking forward to your new series. Hope to be able to watch it on my android phone.
       Best of luck. I'm a big fan.

Sherry Meade

Thanks, Sherry! The plan at this point is to put it up on Vimeo which should play on your Android phone. If we’re lucky enough for a larger distribution company to pick us up I’ll let you all know when that happens. Hope you like it!

Nicole write:

Hi Scott!

First off - I just wanted to say I am such a HUGE fan of yours and of QAF! :)

I wanted to share a story with you.. So recently a very good friend of mine (joe) who happened to be gay, passed away suddenly. He was only 39 years old and in very good shape. (AS you can imagine, he went to the gym everyy single day) lol However, for some terrible reason he went on to have three heart attacks. The doctors were able to revive him after the first two, but by the third one his heart just wasn't strong enough. It has been hard for people, including myself, to understand how something like this could happen to such a young, fit guy. However, what everyone didn't know was that Joe had been through a lot of horrible, horrible things throughout his life that were directly the result of his sexuality. So today I can't help but wonder if the horrible things that happened to him when he was younger, in some way indirectly caused such a young, healthy heart to have three heart attacks. I guess I will never know.But the point of my story was to tell you that even though joe did not really watch QAF, I am literally obsessed and I used to tell him about every single episode! Every day at lunch (we worked together) :) I would tell him what was happening including every single detail and it used to make him SO happy! He said he never even needed to watch the show because I told him everything already! lol I used to tell him that if you guys ever did one of those fan conventions in our area (NYC) I was totally going to drag him and he was all about it!

Anyway, I just wanted to tell you this because although I was alwayssssss obsessed with QAF, now the show has even MORE of a special meaning to me. You should be very proud of the show and what it has done for the gay community. I know Joe appreciated it and loved listening to me go on an on. He once said to me, "If every straight person in the world loved gay men as much as you love the gay men on this show - we'd be alright!" LOL :) And I also happen to agree! :)

So really I am just wondering two things.. 1) Do you think there will ever be another one of those fan conventions around the NYC area? and 2) I heard rumors of a reunion movie or series on netflix. I know you get asked this question a million times a day and you are totally sick of it, butttttt.... I was just wondering if there is any news on that actually happening anytime soon?

Thank you for listening to me go AND on. I think it is super awesome that you take the time to answer people's emails. You are the BEST. I am SO crossing my fingers for a QAF reunion of any kind! :):):):)


Nicole, I am so very sorry for the loss of your friend Joe and that he suffered so much in so few years. You’re a good friend to bring him such comfort with your QAF updates and I’m proud to have been a small part of that experience for you both. 

There are no plans for an NYC convention but there is going to be one taking place not far from you in Toronto this coming summer. You’ll get to see a lot of the locations where we shot the show and meet a lot of our wonderful Canadian cast and crew! I’m really looking forward to it! Click here for info.

No updates yet on any reunion movie or netflix series but, as far s I know, the cast and our creators are up for it if someone wants to produce it!

Johan from South Africa writes:

My name is Johan from South Africa, have to say I'm a huge fan of yours!! Now my Question is, Michael and Ben are they in real life gay? Season 5 end so sad did cry. I've learn a lot out of queer as folk, still today some people don't accept us for what we are.

Johan, while I usually like to let people answer this kind of question for themselves both Hal (who played 
"Michael”) and Robert (who played “Ben”) are very open about this question. Hal is straight and Robert is gay. Testament to them both that you didn’t know one way or the other.

Mark writes:

Dear Scott, I just want to say how much your wonderful portrayal of Ted and  all the actors on QAF changed my life. I can't tell you how much it has meant to me discovering the show just recently. I am 46 and it has given me a new lease on life when I really needed one. I loved all the characters very much but you and Ted are my absolute favorites! Thank you thank you thank you for the gift of your talent. :-)

Mark, it’s letters like this that are worth more than any paycheck for an acting job. I am so glad that our work was able to help lighten your load!

Holly from Wilmington writes:

Scott, my question is threefold: 

1).have you ever been to Wilmington NC

2). and if not, would you like too?  

3). And if so, would you go to dinner with me and my bulldog Sweety?

Hugs from me to you!

Ha! Well, full disclosure to all reading I actually already KNOW Holly and have had dinner with her (and her family) while in London this summer … but Sweety … Well … I have NOT had the pleasure of dining with Sweety! Thanks for writing here, Holly. Hope you’re well!

Ivan writes:

Hello Scott, my name is Ivan and I'm just a fan of yours that wants to tell you how much he admirers you as an actor. 

I recently watched all 5 seasons of QAF on Netflix. Never heard of those series before, but i was browsing for something like that (which it was more than I expected) since I'm gay. Your role as Ted was amazing! My dream is to become an actor and watching your performance is an example to follow, seriously!  I wish I could've watched the series back then.

All have to say is, thanks and hope to get a reply, at least a "Hi". :)


Oh, you’ll get more than a “Hi” Ivan! You’ll get a big THANK YOU! Very kind of you to wrote in and I’m glad you liked the show.

Jen writes:

Dear Scott, 

I am a 43 year old southern female living in Los Angeles County. I am a medical massage therapist and have had the privilege of working with various celebrities and would love to work for u if u ever need of a therapeutic massage therapist.

I am a huge fan of your and your portrayal of Ted in QAF. I fell in love with ur character, gay or straight. Will u marry me? 

Lol your fan, Jen

It depends how good your massages are Jen! ;o)

Scott Lowell