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April 20, 2012

Page from Bulgaria writes:

Hey, Scott, I'm a huge fan of yours and have always thought you're the most handsome man I've ever seen. I just love your smile! So, so beautiful and adorable! :-) And I've always wanted to write to you and ask you a silly little question, but felt embarrassed to do it.. But I've worked up my courage now! I was wondering are you ticklish and, if so, do you have tickly feet? Lots of love from Bulgaria,

Page xx

You know what, Page?  I used to be quite ticklish in my arm pits and bottom of my feet but as time has worn on I’ve lost my ticklishness there.  Maybe too many years of deodorant and running have numbed those areas.  Occasionally and under the right “circumstances” a new spot emerges in various spots ... so there’s still hope for me!

Veronica writes:

Hi Scott!


Let me first say what a treat it is to see you on so many television shows these days. Unfortunately, I do not live in a city where I am able to see you perform live. I keep hoping that one day I can make that happen.


Ok, now on with the begging.....


The QAF fandom nearly imploded with joy over the news that you and your fellow cast-mates are considering a reunion. It is too good to be true! Here is my plea…..PLEASE consider holding a convention in the US. While I know that there are many fans abroad; there are also a great deal of fans here, who cherish the show, the actors and the QAF world. While I am sure Cologne, Germany is a beautiful place, it is also far and economically impossible for many US based fans.


I know many of us have been loyal and avid fans since day one. I am always jealous when I hear about conventions for other popular shows. I know the show “Supernatural” has enjoyed great success with their conventions all over the US. PLEASE ask your fellow cast-mates to consider rewarding the loyal and consistent fans here with a convention. I have never followed a show or group of actors as diligently as I have for QAF. There are so many fans and people in small towns all across the US who have never seen or met any of you in person. It would be a dream come true for some and a life-changing event for others.


I do know that in the past, there have been fans who have acted poorly and inappropriately during encounters with certain QAF actors. It is my hope and plea that you and the rest of the cast do not penalize the many for the inappropriateness of a few.


If you do consider a convention in the US there are so many wonderful locations (Chicago, DC, Atlanta, San Diego, Tampa/St. Petersburg) where it could be held and so many wonderful people in the fandom who would be willing to help organize a fun and safe experience. I would even throw my hat and marketing skills into the mix to make it happen. I implore you and the cast to consider this proposal and bring a bit of thumpa-thumpa joy to the hearts of thousands.


Thanks for listening!


Thanks, Veronica.  We are all indeed VERY excited to meet our European fans in Cologne, Germany in June and would absolutely LOVE to have some sort of convention here in the U.S. ... but it’s not up to us.  We don’t organize the events, others do and invite us and as you can now see we are more than happy to attend.  So hopefully a convention organizer in the States will see how successful Germany is/was and put one together here at home.  We’d all be thrilled I am sure.

Diana from Germany writes:

Hi Scott,


my name is Diana, i live in germany and i‘m also a very big fan of QAF (wow, how many times did your hear that one, yet?? ) J


I have a question for you, too. Even though it might be a bit different.

I saw on your Facebook-Account that you know a women named Elsa Rose-Bryant. I know her from a website called “Midnight Whispers”.

It’s a site where people can post their “Queer As Folk” fanfiction stories.


She’s one of the best authors there and I absolutely LOVE her stories.

Now I just wanted to know if you have read some QAF-stories yourself and if so – what do you think? I’m an author myself and I have a very

vivid imagination J

I love to show the “gang” in the most different situations and lives.

I’d love to hear back from you. I wish you all that you wish for yourself and i hope to see even more of you in the future.

Best wishes


Guten Täg, Diana!  While I am well aware that there is a lot of fan fiction based on the QAF characters out there, I must confess that I’ve never read any of it.  I think it’s absolutely amazing that the fans have kept these characters alive in their writing but the QAF I know is the one we’ve filmed and I’d prefer to just remember that.  Keep on writing though!!

Russ from the UK writes:

Hi Scott,

It was a great pleasure to watch all of you great actors in QAF, the portrayal of each character was so poignant and touching and reflected a lot in me being a Gay person.

It was as if a GAY world truly exists out there because as a gay man its always in the background, you see more of a "Heterosexual World"

I hope we get to see all you guys in a reunion QAF special (10 years on-who knows??). What will Debbie and Emmett be wearing LOL!!

Take care

Best of luck in all you do Scott

I am Glad you are all keeping in touch!!



That’s a great question, Russ.  What WOULD “Emmett” and “Debbie” be wearing and how many pairs of sunglasses would we need to wear to protect ourselves from the glare?  ;o)

Diana writes:

Hi Scott,

My names Diana. I just have a couple of questions. I know you  have probably gotten these questions hundreds of time and you’ve probably read this exact sentence hundreds of times, but I just want to know. Will there ever be a Queer as Folk movie, 2 hr. special, another season, episode, etc..? I absolutely LOVE this show. There is no doubt in my mind that this is the best series ever made. I love all the actors/actresses and characters. I think you’re an amazing actor. I just wish I can meet you and the rest of the QAF family. The closest one I live near is Randy so I’m trying to work on that..haha. Can you just please write back.. PLEASE. 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Sincerely, Diana

Hey, Diana! Here I am writing you back ... well kind of.  Sadly, I don’t think there will be any further QAF movies or episodes.  You can read past Q&A’s for the various reasons why ... plus, it’s been seven years since we’ve filmed.  Do you know HOW much work it would take to get us all “naked-ready” again?  ;o)

Tatiana from Puerto Rico writes:

I'm Tatianna, born and raised in the beautiful island of Puerto Rico. I remember the first time I read the title, and even saw part of Queer as Folk...I was like 12? 13? 14? my father almost beat the crap out of me. But it was an accident, I was just looking through the channels and I saw part of it. I'm not gonna lie, judging by the first scene I saw I really thought it was a "Gay Sex, Soft Porn" (whatever). I kind of forgot about it until I read an article (don't remember what website) But I saw the title and I knew they were talking about the same show they have in SHowtime. So I read it, and realized it's isn't just sex! I knew about it, got to know the characters thanks to Wikipedia....I knew ALL of you without even watching an entire episode of the show because I did not get the chance to watch the show, just a couple of clips in youtube but it was just for a while because I was afraid my father will yell at me. I would delete the history of the computer thinking that he'd find an "inappropriate youtube video" from this show.  It was not until I moved to Florida by myself 2.5 years ago that I was "free to watch whatever I wanted" the thing is that I forgot about Queer As Folk until like a couple of months ago when in a classroom and the teacher asked "Tell me a TV show that you went out and bought the ENTIRE collection just because you loved just one episode" I honestly don't have any collection or any Complete Series of TV shows but the girl next to me said "Queer As Folk" and I just stared a her, my other classmates started laughing (of course) and I asked her (loud) in front of the class "British version or American" and she said "Oh God! the American Version" and all of the sudden it was a conversation between the Professor, Me and Her, people just were listening. She recommended us to look in youtube the video of the "Goodbye Final" the interviews and everything and she shut a lot of mouthes who kept saying that it was all about Gay Sex. I saw that and I said to myself "I got to watch this show!" And I did....I went and bought me each episode at this movie place where they sell used DVD's and stuff. (cheaper that way) and Saw it.... It took me one month and you would not believe how disappointed I was when it finished. I think about these TV shows like "Friends, that 70's show". They lasted more than 8 seasons ...Friends lasted 10! And Why Queer as Folk couldn't? It's bittersweet and I wish you guys celebrated your goodbye in your 10th anniversary but you gotta do what you gotta do. 

I'd be lying if I pick one character that inspired me the most, because in their own, special way they all DID and still DO inspire me. I'm a heterosexual woman, who identify herself with 2 characters of this story, Melanie (Michelle Clunie) and Brian (Gale Harold). It's only in the personality the way they speak and portray themselves... I am that kind of person. But inspiring? YOU ALL ARE. 

I loved this show, and I will always love it. My favorite so far. Covered topics that have touched me or someone I love. 

I really hope you all get this letter and you all have a special place in my heart. Not only the characters but you, the ones who gave life to them. 



Wow!  What a great story, Tatianna.  Thank you so much for sharing that with me and I’m so glad the show meant that much to you.  While we were all sad to leave it behind isn’t it wonderful that it can live on forever?

Monica writes:

Hello Scott,

How are you and Gertie? what activities you do toghether?


We are both great, Monica!  Thanks for asking.  Gertie is my dog for those unaware.  We go on hikes around the hills or Los Angeles, play in the park, watch movies and lick our butt ... oh, wait ... that’s just Gertie on that last one ... I’m not that flexible.

Doris from Germany writes:

Hi Scott,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for giving us wonderful hours of (TV-)entertainment! I loved you as "Ted" in QAF. I think your character was the one most changing and developing, you really dis-played a wide range of emotions. Was it a challenge for you to play such a many-faceted role?

Unfortunately I'm not in the U.S. so I don't have the chance to see you on stage... But I'm really looking forward to see you at the convention in Cologne next year!

Greetings from Germany,


It was a great and wonderful challenge, Doris.  I consider myself quite lucky that the writers of QAF gave me so many fun and difficult plot lines.  I certainly never got bored, that’s for sure.

Oliver from China writes:

Dear Scott Lowell and his agent:

                     How are you recently, I  am a Junior high school student from China. I am you fans. Precisely,I am Ted's fan .The role you have played in  QAF. He is a funny guy , and i think so as you, i am sorry that i cannot speak English very well because i always got B in the English exam. I think you can use Google translator .<it's a joke>.ok.maybe it is not very funny.

                   I like Hal Sparks too.He is a China hand . Maybe you can get help from him.<英语很难学,输入英文也超级麻烦啊》。

              Finally,I have the same birthday with you. My birthday is February 22.Hope to get your reply.


                                                                                                                             YOURS  Oliver


Hello fellow Pisces!  Thanks for writing, Oliver.  Your english is much better than my Chinese will EVER be ... I’d probably get a D-.  You are right, though: Hal is a China hand!

Stephanie writes:

Hi Scott,

How in the world did you persuade the entire QAF cast to appear at the German convention?  You are a true miracle worker--the entire cast got together veeeerrrrry infrequently here in the states! Good going!

Steph (old enough to be you mom but still a QAF fanatic back in the day!!)

PS: Love all the QAFers. But you are a very special person indeed!!

You know what, Stephanie I have a secret stash of VERY secret photos of each and every one of them that, if they do as I say, will never see the light of day ... but if they DISOBEY me ... well, then ...

Henrique writes:

Hi Scott,


I am Henrique from Brazil, and started just now to watch the QAF DVD, stopped on season 4.


First I would like to say the series is amazing, awesome cast, directors, producers and screenplay. However, there was a episode from season 3, The Election last episode, which let me freeze. It´s when your character Ted found it a video of been abused by the orders. It was really strong for me, but I like for two reasons: first gives a alert about abusing drugs, alcohol and its consequence, second you performance as actor is really perfect. Can hardly wait to see the last two seasons.


Second, I would like to do personnel question, sorry if it’s teasing you. Are you adopted?  Sorry, I asked this because I am adopted too and I like to talk with others heart’s sons, here in Brazil is how we call sons adopted.


Thanks for your attention and wish health, success and all good things for you and your family.


Best regards,

Henrique Balogh

Thank you so much, Henrique.  I was indeed adopted as a baby and I think that phrase “Heart’s Son” may be the most beautiful expression of how I feel as an adoptee.  Thank you so much for sharing that.  I hope that’s how you feel as well.

Jamie from California writes:

Dear Scott,


I know I'm quite late to the party, but I just finished all 5 seasons of Queer As Folk yesterday!  I'm sorry if you're tired of hearing about a show that's been over for so long, but I feel like it's important for me to let you know just how much Ted meant to me.  Of course, I loved Brian and Emmett and everyone, who wouldn't?  It's easy to love those beautiful people, because we see them all the time - all the TV shows, all the movies, all the commercials - like they are the only people out there.  But the little people, the ugly people, the people who blend into the background, they're so incredibly underrepresented, despite the fact that they are not only real, but that they are actually the majority.  I count myself among these people (been overweight my whole life, never been pretty, never quite figured out how to talk to people, struggled with sexual identity for years - just generally awkward and unseemly) and while I am definitely a lover of TV and film, it does get difficult to watch beautiful person after beautiful person fly by on the screen and not feel totally invisible. 


Queer As Folk did something amazing by having a character like Ted in it at all, but it was made so much more amazing by your portrayal of him.  Ted could have just been the joke character, the token uggo, the one we're all supposed to pity and laugh at and contrast with all the other pretty people; but he was so much more than that!  He was a hero to people like me, people who felt forgotten or were deliberately ignored, people who just couldn't quite find it in themselves to love anything about themselves.  All of Ted's struggles - sex, drugs, money, self-image, all of them - were representative of the series of pitfalls and tentative triumphs that come along with being one of us.  Even at his absolute ugliest - which, for me, was during his addiction to crystal when he started to treat his friends like shit - there was a side to Ted that we saw, that other people seem to have missed, that was still a scared and self-hating little boy, wishing he could be beautiful and beloved. 


And may I just say, I think Ted's ending was about the best of anyone, my love for Brian or Emmett be damned:  he wished for the ability to love himself, and just as he blew out those candles, there stood the one person who saw through all Ted's self-hate and saw the goodness inside, Blake.  (Can I also say that I adored Blake?)  I love that it wasn't until Ted learned to love and respect himself, to see the goodness buried in all the ugliness, that he was finally able to have the person he'd wanted all along. 


Anyway, I didn't quite mean for this to get so long, and I really hope it makes sense (this is the first fan letter I've ever written, so I hope my enthusiasm was neither masked nor overpowering...).  In summary, I just wanted to tell you thank you, for playing Ted with such honesty and integrity, even in his darkest hours (and he had many), because it was refreshing and inspiring to feel like I was finally, in some way, finally represented on the screen. 


Thank you.  More than I can express, thank you. 



Jamie, California

Jamie, when you write such a beautiful and eloquent letter like that you are welcome to go on and on!  Thank you so much.  I’m so glad I was able to give you a “voice”!



Scott Lowell