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June 1, 2011

Brita from Sweden writes:

Hello Scott!


I just feel like I need to tell you that I love your nose! Weird, I know, but it's beautiful.


Anyways, my name is Brita and I'm a big fan of QAF. While I was watching the show I was trying to figure Ted out. I mean, he did some pretty low stuff (like staying with guys to boost up his self-esteem...) and I kept wondering Ted, why do you keep doing these things?! Haven't you learned your lesson yet?

And at the end of the show, when Ted told off that bipolar, jealous, dark-haried guy he was dating I was so proud! Sincerely. I just wanted to tell you that.

Thanks, Brita.  I’ve got to say you’re probably the first person to love my nose.  Even I don’t love my nose.  So on behalf of my nose:  Sniff, sniff, sniff, SNORT.

Jeff from Louisville writes:

Hi Scott,


I was just wandering if there was an address to send you fan mail? I have been, and always will be a huge fan of your work. Queer As Folk is my all-time favorite series!!! I would really love to have your autograph, and I would like to send a nice letter and a picture for you. Thank you soo much for being such a great person!

Well thank YOU for saying such nice things, Jeff.  If you click on the Contact bar above you can send a request through either my agent or manager.  That’s the easiest way.  I tend to do them in batches so I might not get to it right away but I promise your patience will be rewarded!

M writes:

Hi, Scott,

Saw you this week on Bones playing the podiatrist with hysterical paralysis of the arm. You are great and funny with a terrific timing. David was able to play off you so beautifully. Reminded me of scenes in you know what with Brian K in the background responding to you guys.

As usual I enjoyed seeing the doctor immensely.  it's too bad that the crime shows put the names of the guest actors in the opening credits and then, often, I know they are the bad guys. Not in this case. I loved the interaction with the rest of the cast, especially Hodgins; I don't know his actor name, sorry.

I've seen Robert and you and someone else just recently on TV and it's just marvelous to see you guys working where I get to see you. Was it Peter I saw, I think so and Gale, too, on CSI I think. It's like someone decided or saw QAF and decided you guys are the great actors you are.

Great to see you.  Always enjoy your characters and how believable you are and who you become.  Wish they'd have you back for a repeat episode.  Fun and such a foil for Temperance and the humor with David.

Anything more coming up on anything I can be sure to watch?

Yes, we former Folkers do get around, don’t we.  Couldn’t be prouder of us all if I tried.  I had a GREAT time doing “Bones” and would love to go back if they ask.  Wonderful cast, crew and producers.  Reminded me a little of our Toronto set for QAF.  As far as new stuff check out the updates on the Home page here.  Thanks, M!

Ben from Madrid writes:

Hi Scott:

Excuse my English but I'm learning it and I use some DVD 's to practice so I met you as Ted in "Queer as folk"...your character it's my favourite and in fact, I find you the most interesting and handsome man in the series.

Just thank you because you exist in real life and if sometimes you want learn or practice Spanish...oh!, sorry, I'm a 42 y.o. Spanish man who lives in Madrid (Spain), welcome!.

Take care of yourself and lot of'll get it 'cause you worth it!.


Gracias, Ben!  I’m glad I exist in real life as well.  Trust me, your English is MUCH better than my Spanish will EVER be!

Glenda from Italy writes:

Good Morning Scott,

First of all, thanks for give us this incredible opportunity to speak with you. It's a rare thing, believe me. I appreciate it very much because It's a sign of open and kindness.

I'm Glenda and I write from Italy, so, forgive me if I make some mistakes in english.

Of course, I'm a big fan of QaF.. you already know that in Italy there's a wonderful community that , still now, support QaF and that follow the updates and actors's new projects. But,  I'm not ''just'' a QaF fan, but also a big fan of you. I watched you on tv or in internet in many other roles and, as far as my opinion counts, you 're a very talented actor. You're so intense , sweet and strong at the same time. My dream is see you on stage, so my first question is: Have you a new theater project? I'm pretty far but I would like to come to USA to see you on stage. The second question is about an idea I have since a lot of time. Do you mind if I create an italian page dedicated of you? Not a real web-site because you already have one, but a simple page for your italian fans with updates, new projects  and to inform people of future events or how and when to see you on italian tv. I don't want to be intrusive, believe me.. I'll wait for your answer.


I wish you all the best.


Hugs from Italy


Mille grazie, Glenda.  Well, I’d say your opinion counts a lot!  I have some stage appearances happening over the summer that you can read about on the home page here.  I would be honored to have an Italian Page.  Everything sounds sexier in Italian so if you can do the same for me I’m all for it!

Joni from the Cayman Islands writes:

Hi, Scott:

Greetings from the Cayman Islands…very likely one of the most homophobic nations on earth. Like you, I'm not gay. But QAF is still my all-time favorite dramatic series and your role as Ted was undoubtedly one of the most heart-rending artistic expressions I've ever witnessed on television. My ex-husband was going through a crystal meth addiction at the same time Ted was. At the time, I was clueless--I thought he was simply mourning the sudden loss of his mother and sister…and handling it badly.

Watching your portrayal repeatedly over the past 5 years, I can't imagine now how I could have been so blind back then. But periodically re-watching the series helps me now deal with my pain and be more confident about the future. Thank you for improving my reality through your art.

I noticed your suggestion that fans could create and sign an online petition to get a QAF reunion shot by Showtime. If it ever surfaces, believe me, I'll sign it!

Now that I know about your website, I'll make sure to keep track of your future performances. Thank you for gathering the QAF family members for the Sheena Metal radio program. It meant a lot to those of us who still count the show's characters as precious friends.

Much love and joy and success to you. Keep using your talents to make the world a better place…

Oh yes, my question: Why did Chris Potter so suddenly leave QAF?


Wow, Joni.  Thanks for sharing about all that.  I’m sorry you had to suffer through such a difficult time with your ex.  I think it’s very easy to ignore, or WANT to ignore the addictions of a loved one and Meth is such an insidious one.  I hope you both have healed from all that.

As far as Chris leaving after the 1st season, that was really a producer’s call and it’s not really my place to go into specifics because of that.  Chris is a wonderful actor but I think he was just never fully comfortable with the nature of our show from my perspective.  Maybe he’d fit in better in the Cayman Islands.  ;o)

Lucy writes:

Hi Scott!


So I recently started watching Leverage. It was one of those shows that I saw a ton of commercials for and was going to watching it, but never did. I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised to see you guest star on the show! Your character was very interesting to say the least, and definitely amusing! It was great to see you guest starring in other shows, and I hope that you’ll be guest starring in more shows in the feature! That’s all I wanted to say. Hope you’re having a great summer!



You and me both, Lucy.  You and me BOTH!  You have a great summer yourself.  Remember to wear sunblock!



Scott Lowell