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December 31, 2010

Cloe writes:

Dear Scott:


Thank you for your website. It is wonderful.  Being labor day weekend, I did labor through your updates/website. (joke)  You are so busy with your schedule. good. And there are nice letters on there. 


Just like one of the commenters, i too invited my sister to watch QAF after I became hooked. At first, she was shocked, then she wanted to know what bri, ted and emmett were doing next season. We bought all of the seasons on DVD and had marathons when she would come visit me in my town.  "good times" as she says.


I work in public accounting. (haha). the accounting humor you provided was a great stress relief.  I am glad they chose you as the Ted character for the show.  I still use or keep some of the accounting references in my mind when i am stressed out there.  (i work at a wortshafter type place).  You are my ACCOUNTING HERO.  so sorry. i know its sad.


To the future, i hope we can see you on other programs. I have your website to let us know your schedule. my sister also wants to keep up with you as well as the rest of the cast. We are not stalkers, just love the work you all did on that show. It was a great program. thank you.


good luck in the future scott. i see you have much going on. I will be looking for you on tv.  thank you so much for putting so much of yourself into the work.  we are very happy to see you on screen.


take care scott,

cloe richelle, cpa

Thanks, Cloe Richelle, CPA!  That’s the name for a new superhero if ever I heard one.  Glad I can be a hero to all accountants out there.  Now if only you can use your powers to convince the government that I don’t ever have to pay taxes again that would be great.  The cast does indeed all stay in touch and we miss each other terribly when too much time goes by between visits.

Meredith writes:

Hi Scott!

I saw on your bio that you like to cook. Do you have any favorite recipes you wouldn't mind sharing? I love trying new things!

Good luck on the new play! I can't wait to see it.


Well, a lot of my recipes are trial and error science experiments that come about when I eat something really delicious at a restaurant and then I try to figure out how to make it at home.  So none of them are precise but here’s a simple and easy one.  Spicy wok fried garlic string beans:  Heat up oil in a wok on medium high heat (either sesame or peanut or canola - - chef’s choice).  Chop up 2 - 3 cloves of garlic very fine and toss in the heated oil.  Trim, wash and dry as many string beans as you’d like to cook up (I told you this wasn’t precise) and once the garlic is really browned toss the string beans in.  Keep tossing the string beans until they are coated in the the garlic nuggets. Cover wok leaving only a small opening and cook the beans until they start to turn a nice bright green and some even get a little singed.  Pour in about 1/4 cup soy sauce and one long squirt of asian chile paste (or to taste). Mix it all up and let it cook until the soy sauce reduces a bit. Serve immediately and know joy.

Antonella from Italy writes:

Dear Mr  Lowell, 

I am not sure my previous mail arrived you so I'm writing you 


My name is Antonella and I am Italian so please forgive my english!!

I am a very big fan of QaF, I love it and I watched the show many times both 

in English and Italian!

I love Brian&Justin, of course, and I love Ted and Emmet!

I did not like how the show ended about Brian and Justin, there was no sense 

in that, I believe that the finale episode was completely incoherent and I 

prefer to stop watching the show at 512 episode. Better...

I sincerely think you are a very talented actor and I wish all the best

Con affetto


Mille Grazie, Antonella!

Terry writes:

Dear Scott...

Thank you for the beautiful colored autographed picture of yourself. I just received it today and it now hangs in my office in my home alongside autograph pics of Joan Rivers, Oprah Winfrey, Dolly Parton, Joan Collins, Harry Hamlin, and others. You have made my day.

Take care, and I look forward to seeing you on "The Defenders" this month.

Your biggest fan, Terry

Well I’m glad to see I’m in such good company!  Glad you like it and I hope you enjoyed “The Defenders”.

Diane writes:

Dear Scott - 

My husband and I just watched Ping Pong Playa tonight.  We both enjoyed it but I found it even more funny because I watched the QAF reunion (from 2007) on DVD a few days ago and remembered you commenting that watching your dog helped you prepare for the role.   Actually watching the QAF reunion was what prompted me to watch PPP to begin with.   I now have a long list of movies and shows to watch associated with QAF actors.  I attempted to get "To live and Die in Dixie" but even though the link from your website went to the movie, I could not find a spot on there to purchase the movie.  

I became a big fan of QAF back when it was on Showtime.  I saw a majority of the episodes but missed some here and there.  I was trying to get the remainder of the episodes when they started to air on LOGO but I was convinced they were attempting to drive me nuts (As if LOGO really cares much about my mental health)  because they would have 8 episodes from season 2 and then skip to 5 episodes of season 4 and then back to season 1.   I finally caved and bought the full five season set and managed to watch them all over the course of two weeks.  After reading through your other emails on your website, I realized that this inability to get sleep in a quest to watch more QAF is not only an issue of mine.   I actually found myself sad at the end of the series.

I am a therapist with a certification in addictions and I was glad to see an accurate portrayal of how difficult it is stop using drugs and how easy it is to turn to old behaviors.   The reunion showed you in a very good light.  You were much more witty in real life than I would have guessed from your character as Ted. 

So here is my question and I am not sure if it is something you are willing to shed any light on.   Sexual orientation aside (because I truly do not think it matters that much to the question) how do actors doing sex scenes not get excited.  Body reactions are body reactions and I would suspect that despite the best mind over matter it would still be difficult.  I would find myself watching the QAF episodes and thinking "how could they not be getting excited rubbing against each other like that".   So if you are willing to answer that...great, if not I appreciate you just reading the email . 

Sincerely - 

Diane Edmond

Well, thanks for being such a big supporter of the show and all my subsequent work, Diane.  Unfortunately “...Dixie” may be hard to find as it was a small film and they may not have produced a ton of DVD’s to be sold.  As for how actors manage to not get excited during sex scenes I can only speak for myself and my experience on QAF.  You need to understand that while you are seeing two people alone getting all rubby-rubby with each other what’s actually happening is that that is a ROOMFUL of people with all sorts of mechanical equipment and lights and microphones moving about in the room during a sex scene and most of them are people you know and have worked with for some time.  On top of that most sex scenes (at least on our show) are highly choreographed out so that certain naughty bits can’t be seen.  So, given all these distractions and the amount of energy it takes to make the seen LOOK all sexy and hot the truth is the actors are so distracted by all these things that it’s very difficult for the body to have time to react.

Cathy writes:

Hi Scott,

Is that you in the inventor’s commercial?

Just curious! Big fan of your’s!!

Thanks so much,

Cathy Krepow, RN

Ummm ... no.  Inventors get commercials now?

Bobby writes:

hi scott , are you married , and are you really gay in real life , bobby blankenship

Hi, Bobby.  No is the answer to both your questions but I have one for you: are you related to the poet e.e. cummings?  You write just like him.  ;o)

Tania from Spain writes:

Hi Scott! My name is Tania , I´m from the Basque Country in Spain and I wrote you a few days ago on Twitter, do you remember the word “chispa”? ;D Thank you for the answer, you are great!

Congratulations for your fantastic website! It took a long time for me to write you these lines, but at last i made up my mind and I found some spare time to do it.

My mum, my sister and I were great fans of QAF when it was broadcasted in Spain. You can´t imagine what it meant to me. Thanks to the show I got to know a big community of fans all over Spain that used to write (and still does) in a forum and there daily we shared our points of view on QAF, we looked for new information about the show, we read and tranlate the actors´ interviews, we created games about the show... It was very funny, my first interactive adventure and an amazing experience. Even some of the people got to know each other in person and still today they arrange friends meetings. And all this thanks to this show that it´s sometimes funny, sometimes sad but it always has a very humane approach and speaks of universal themes, that´s why mostly of us heterosexual women were touched by it. All the fans in the forum were crazy when the DVDs came out, we jumped to the stores haha.

Now of course we try to keep updated with the QAF actors´ new projects.Please send our gratitude to all of them if you get the chance. I want to send a big kiss specially to the Great Dame Sharon Gless, Gale Harold, Michelle ClunieThea GillMakyla SmithSherry MillerHarris AllanRobert Gant, Peter Paige and you.

I know your career is more than QAF and  I´m VERY happy that you have several projects going on, Noise Within on stage and your apperance in the Defenders. That´s wonderful!! I love Theater and I would like to see you or Gale or Sharon on stage but I´m too far I´m afraid, unless you come to Europe or I can arrange a journey to the USA.

Well, today  7th October is my birthday, so I´ll make a wish so that I can see you on stage soon. Let´s cross fingers!!

Finally, could you tell me if  there is any way to contact Peter Paige? He was awarded this year in the Madrid LGTB Pride 2010 for his contribution to the visibility and his commitment with the  LGBT rights. He´s so sweet and tender, I love his natural manner and friendliness. Here is a video link with the words he said to us, by the way he speaks Spanish very well


Good night Scott  and have sweet dreams!!

Love, Tania

I always love hearing that QAF creates communities of friends wherever it goes so thanks for sharing that with me, Tania.  As far as contacting Peter you can try looking him up on facebook and he also has his own website:

I hope you had a great birthday and that all your wishes come true.

Stephanie writes:

Dear Scott, 


Hi there! I am writing to you from Canada! Just wanted to say that I am huge fan... I am of course, like most, a HUGE QAF fan..and have been since the very begining.  I am writing to you today to find out what I can do to get the word out there that all fans are hoping for a QAF movie.  It is still such a fans are starting to watch it, and old fans like me can't stop watching it.... these types of movies are IN - I believe it would be incredibly successful!  We need to see our boys (and girls) again - 5 years later..the world is ready for it!!!  

I have no idea if you will even get this email..but if you do, what can I do?  Everywhere I go, people everywhere are asking about a movie.  I already sent an email to Showtime, who knows if they will get it. And I am going to write to all of the cast members..again, I have no idea if anyone will get my emails, but I have to do SOMETHING!!!  QAF has changed the lives of millions of people, and we need some closure, silly as it may sound.... please let me know if you have any ideas for me. I can not imagine that the cast wouldn't want to do this..for some reason, a huge part of me thinks that secretly, every single one of you would want be a part of history again....

Thank you so much for reading this, I appreciate it so much. And thank you for your work as Ted...wouldn't you like to see him 5 years later, a big fat fucking success..maybe married to Blake??? :)

Anyways, please take care, and again, thank you for your time!!!




Stephanie Mack

You’re not alone, Stephanie.  I hear from folks all the time that they’d like to see some kind of reunion.  I’ll be honest I really don’t know where you should start.  Showtime would be the natural place.  Maybe start some kind of online petition that you can send to them.  I’m sure if they could see the huge number of fans who would plunk down money to see us all together they might be more interested.  If you are successful could you maybe ask them to set at least part of it in Hawa’ii?  As much as I love Toronto it would be nice to be warm for SOME of the shoot.

Mia writes:

a long time ago, about late 2001, i saw you at canter's and had to stop and tell you how much i enjoyed the way you brought ted to life on qaf, and that i remembered you payday spot..... i was the mousy redhead in a flowy grey dress,,,,,i guess this note was triggered by recent feral consumption (aka : major scarfing) of said product (...well that, and editor's block/procrastination)


and now back to turning coal to diamonds.... water to wine...choose your favorite alchemic analogy.....



I think I’m still burping up that meal.  Thanks for the reminder.

Paolo from Italy writes:

Hi! My name's Paolo, I'm Italian and I'm a big fan of QaF and in particular of 

your character Ted I loved so much during the entire series... your performance 

was excellent because Ted is a very insicure and sweet guy looking for love and 

self-esteem and I believe you gave the character so much humanity and 

deepness... thanks so much! I miss the show but I try to follow you through 

this blog and I hope all the best for you!

I'm also a student at Fondazione Studio

Marangoni in Florence, a school of photography. I'm fond of Terry Richardson 

works, he's an inspiration to me! So, I'd like to ask you something about a 

work of Mr Richardson we studied at school this year. It's the kiss between 

Robin and Batman and when I saw the picture the first time I thought Robin was 

Gale Harold. Just curiosity but can you tell me if  am I right? I would ask Mr 

Harold but I can't so I remembered you are close friends and maybe you can help 

me if you know the picture and tell me if Robin is him. The picture is the 


Robin looks like Mr Gale Harold, in my opinion.

Thank you in advance and please let me wish you good job and Happy New Year!


Grazie, Paolo.  I’m sorry to say that Gale is not “Robin” in that picture ... but he does look a bit like “Rage” doesn’t he?

Hannah writes:

Hey Scott,


First of all: Thank you, you're great.

My sis and I finished watching QAF recently (not that she was very enthusiastic about it first, but then she fell for it - in the end she couldn't believe it was actually over & insisted on re-watching the whole series, which, admittedly, makes me a little proud), and we just lovelovelove Ted... um, you that is... or your interpretation of Ted... anyway, thumbs up, you did an awesome job :)

So, I wondered, what do you consider your best work? We might just take the hint and extend our movie collection ;D


Greetings from Austria,

Hannah and Lisa

Danke, Hannah and Lisa!  As far as work on film or TV I still remain proudest of the work I did on QAF to be honest with you.  Everything else pales in comparison.

I wish you all the happiest of new years and that you all find happiness, success and joy throughout 2011!



Scott Lowell