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March 23, 2011

Kathleen writes:

Hi Scott!


I just want to thank you for getting the QAF gang together for the Sheena Metal interview, it was a joy to hear from all of you!

Did you know that QAF fans crashed their server right after the show trying to access the interview. It may be 5 years since a

QAF episode has been filmed but it will ALWAYS be the best series with the best actors I’ve ever had the pleasure to watch and rewatch and rewatch...


My question is, where was Randy and Hal? I read that Hal tweeted he wasn’t invited, is this true?

Oh and the next time you’re chatting with Cowlip, please let them know that a QAF feature movie would be a fantastic gift to bestow on all the rabid loyal fans, just sayin...


Kathleen in PA

Hey, Kathleen.  Yeah we found out right after the show that y’all crashed their servers.  Great job, Folkers, you made us feel like rock stars again.

Now, as far as Randy and Hal go, the show was a bit last minute in being put together and as I’m just not in touch with Hal as regularly as everyone else I didn’t have time to get to him and everyone else (he was missed though) and Randy wasn’t able to make it work with his schedule in NYC (w/ the 3 hour time difference).  That’s all.

Cowlip are getting ready to open a musical that they wrote the book for on the West End in London next month called “Betty Blue Eyes” (adapted from the film “A Private Function”) so I don’t think a QAF movie is going to be on their mind right now, unfortunately.  But, who knows ...

Wulan from Germany writes:

Hi Scott!

Just coincidently  visited your website and found out that your birthday was  just two days ago. So: Happy belated birthday! May happiness, success, joys and loves always fulfill your life and what you wish will come true. Stay healthy and surrounded by people you love and who love you. 

I was searching a certain song when I saw coincidently the series where you were in. It was the nude scenes of those series attracting me to click the videos, but I ended up to buy the complete DVD of those  five seasons beyond that reason. Those series were more than just sex; it was about how to get laid with Vi*gra (ha! Kidding!) 

Well, ok. This is the real reason: I live in Germany, and in Germany  most (or all, I think) foreign series and movies on TV and Cinemas are synchronized into German. I have to admit that German synchronization are  great (not always, but mostly). Sometimes the German synchronization are even better than the original, I mean in the sense of humour, for example, the German version is funnier than the original one sometimes. But still, I like listening the original voices of  certain actors and actresses, or watching some movies in the original version of language. The second one is for a comparison and to learn more German. I have more reasons why I have to have the collection, but let’s save our bytes from elaborating more about them.   

So here I am, an Indonesian living in Germany, greeting you in English. You like cooking, huh? I do; Javanese, and Chinese cooking. I can offer you some someday when luck allows us to meet each other. Thank’s for keeping your website updated and for caring your fans. You’re nice!


Wulan  (read: Woo-land)

Thanks, Wulan.  I’m always hoping for AMAZING!! ... but I’ll happily settle for “nice.”  ;o)

Mark writes:

Hello Scott,

I don't really have a question.  I am just a big fan of yours, and became a greater fan when QAF was no longer being shown.  I was recovering from an accident, and ordered the entire series to watch while recuperating.  I found your website by mistake, but it was a good mistake.  Thanks for all your good works....hope to see you on the screen soon.


           Mark S

Very kind of you to say, Mark and I hope you’re fully recuperated!  Keep your eyes peeled here from updates on where you can see me next.

Caludia from Austria writes (via FB):

hello scott.. thx for accept the friends request .. maybe you remember me, we met you on the elton john party two weeks ago .. the people from austria.. 

now we are back in austria and got the nice pictures from the ejaf party - which remember us about this great evening :) thx to you, peter and gale so much again for the pictures (enclosed one of them) .. it was a great pleasure to meet you guys. i send it also to peters fb 

have a great day & best wishes to you and also the best for gertie = cute pretty dog ;)


Hello, Claudia. Of course I remember you. Thank you for the lovely picture. I hope you and all your friends had fun at the party and enjoyed your time in LA.

Dana writes (via FB):

Hi Scott,

You answered one of my questions on the Q&A section of your website a couple of years ago and I just wanted to say how much it meant to me at the time - well it still does. I didn't even expect a reply so when I got the e-mail - coincidentally at school, where I tried so hard not to grin my face off and freak people out - it totally made my day haha. I'm not sure if you remember, but you gave me advice about getting into acting abroad and such. Which I am definitely sticking to now :D

You're a talented, incredible actor and I hope you all the best.


Hi, Dana! So nice to hear from you and I'm happy you're still following your dream. Hope your winter hasn't been too rough but even if it has Spring is just around the corner!

Jose from Spain writes (via FB):

First thank you so much for accepting my friendship request. Second sorry for my English... 

I’m Jose from Spain... i guess you know you have a lot of fans here in Spain... I am one of them, you are famous here now for queer as folk but it finished one year ago. I can see on your web you have worked in a lot of TV, films and theater, unfortunately here we can’t see all your jobs. What are you working on now? I think you are a really great actor, and I wish to see you at the theater.

I guess you are straight so I would like to say you thank you so much for working on Queer as folk!, I work in an association for the rights of gays and lesbian and that show means a lot to us… it helped me and a lot of young men when we realized that we are gays to know what to do or say . Here in Spain we have all the rights for gay and lesbian people since 2005 we fought for those rights really much. Last gay pride in Madrid Peter Paige was here to receive an award for his work for gay visibility. Have you ever been to Spain?

I would like to make you only one question… why finished so soon queer as folk??? Why not another season or a movie like sex and the city??

Wish you the best! And thank you again for accepting my friendship request.


Hola, Jose. Thank you for all your kind words. I have never been to Spain but would love to go someday. Peter told me he had an amazing time there and it made me quite jealous. ;o)

We only ended up doing 5 seasons of QAF mostly because our contracts expired after 5 years and it would have been too difficult for Showtime (the network that produced the show) to get everyone to sign new contracts to keep the show going. Some of the actors on the show were a little tired of playing their roles and really didn't want to continue. So that's why there hasn't been a movie either. We all had a ton of fun for 5 years but it ran it's course and it was time to say goodbye.

Hope that answers your question.

Thanks also for all the wonderful birthday wishes back in February!



Scott Lowell