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September 3, 2010

Nicole writes:

Hi Mr. Lowell!

First off I just wanted to say that I can't believe you actually answer your fans letters on here- I think that is so awesome! I just wanted to tell you (even though I'm sure you hear this allll the time), that me and my sister are HUGE fans of QAF. It is literally our favorite show in the entire world. I started watching it earlier this year and I got crazy hooked. I then introduced it to my sister who got just as hooked as I did! We even ordered the complete series on DVD and we watch it ALL the time! Some nights we can't even go to sleep because we stay up all night watching it! lol Anyways, my sister and I are dieiinnggg for a QAF movie! Every time we watch the ending to the series we say, "They ended it this way because there is definitely going to be a movie!" lol Soo, even though I am sure you get asked this question like 100 times a day, we are dieing to know if there is any truth to the QAF movie rumors?!! If not that's okay, we still LOVE you and the show! But, we had to ask!! =)

Thank you for taking the time to answer these letters, you are the best!!


your biggest fans,

nicole & samantha

Well, first of all Nicole and Samantha, if you’ve seen as many episodes of QAF as you say you have then you’ve seen MORE than enough of me to call me Scott.  Also, as you are FAR too young to be dying I will keep you alive by answering your question.  At this point in time there are no plans for nor have there been any discussions that I am aware of about a QAF Movie I’m sorry to report.  Now go and LIVE!!! 

Mathieu from France writes:



my name is mathieu, im french and i would like to say at Scott that im fan

he is a good actor



Merci, Mathieu.  It’s been wonderful to find out I am so appreciated in France!  I better work on my mime skills.

Lyn writes:

Is there an address for sending fan mail?

Just want to send you a short letter about seeing you in two television episodes and how happy I am to see you again.  I'd lost contact and didn't see you much after QAF, I'm sorry to say.  I kept watching  for you on TV. 

I know it's late in the day to see your 2008 Criminal MInds' serial killer or stalker. Your acting is, as always, excellent,  your timing superb, and the character portrayal is spot on. You're getting to be, or maybe have always been, a good character actor. Man, had no idea it was you until the very end of Criminal Minds epi and the end of Leverage epi. Change your clothes, facial hair, voice, hair style and clothing and it's hard to tell it's you being the character.

Your comic timing, wonderful, especially in Leverage. What a great bunch of characters to do a miracle story.

Looked through your photos and head shots on Imdb today. Nice, nice photography. You look great. Your eyes gather people in and your open demeanor gives the immediate impression of, "Here's a person I know or would like to get to know." Love the latest shot, if it is, of you in the sports coat, if it is, and jeans.  I so seldom see men in wonderful clothing like that.

How did your play writing go?  The one about a gay man in the thirties.  I'm sure it was yours I remember your talking about.

Wish I were closer so could see your theater work. Thanks for the essay.  I know theater is one of your passions and am so happy to see you in it.

I don't watch TV all that much because I hate sitting through commercials even though many of them are good.  Just wanted to catch Leverage and Entourage one time to see what they were like and the last few frames just before the police take your character to jail. That's when I realized it was you!!! I was so excited to see you acting again!  I love the actor who played the priest, and the Leverage players.  Funny in their own rights.  

No one I know stays up as late as I do or has a DVR to record shows.

GREAT to see you again and will make sure to follow you from now on here at Scott Thanks for always being so kind to your fans and open with us.

Also, best website I've seen of  yours.  So professional and yet so inviting. Great combo for you.


Lyn Carr

P.S.  When I work on the drawing of you from one of your headshots, I'll send it even if I do think you must get tired of that kind of thing.

Well, it seems you’ve FOUND one of the addresses for sending fan mail (and have done a good job of sending it as well) the other snail mail addresses are my agent and manager located on the “Contact” page of this website.

Thank you so much for your kind words, Lyn.  I’m glad you’ve been able to catch up on some of the things I’ve been lucky enough to get to do since QAF.  The “Leverage” cast and crew were incredibly kind and fun which I think comes across in the final product of all their episodes.

Not sure what play you are speaking about.  I did write a screenplay that takes place in the ’30’s about an actor and a mute with my writing partner Eddie Jemison ... maybe you thought “writing partner” meant something else and assumed there was a gay character in it.  ;o)  

As far as getting tired from people sending me drawings ... well ... I can’t say I’M my favorite work of art to hang on the wall ... but if the drawing makes me look kinda hunky ... well ...

I hope you have all had an amazing Summer and that the changes that Autumn brings your way will be fruitful ones.



Scott Lowell