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February 2, 2016

Joey writes: 

There is a song from Queer As Folk that is Season:1 Ep:11, at Michael’s birthday party. It is when Emmet talks to Michael’s uncle, and Mel is drunk, and it goes ""give me your magic potion, take the pain away, give me your magic potion and give me another day. I have searched for weeks and I can't find it. Any idea? 

Hey, Joey! There were SO many great songs on QAF and it is a real shame that some of them had to be changed (due to licensing deals) when the show started streaming. Not sure what “formant “ you watched it in (DVD or Streaming) and therefore what version of the soundtrack you heard. This website is a pretty good resource for all the music on QAF though. See if it helps at all:

Pallavi from India writes:

Namaste Scott

I loved watching QAF. It helped me gain a new perspective about many things in life. And I'm loving the concept of 'The Adoptables', I just can't wait to see it. 

I relate to Ted a lil more than others cause I'm a Chartered Accountant :p

It would be great if you come to my country on a vacation and have a great time.  See amazing places and eat deliciously food.

Thanks, Pallavi! India is definitely on my list of places I hope to visit some day. I did a play back in Chicago in the ’90’s called “A Perfect Ganesh” that takes place mostly in India and after doing a lot of research on the country it isntantly became a fantasy of mine to visit it. Glad to know Indian Accountants love Ted too!!


Thanks to ALL of you (too many to list here) who have also written in asking about when and where you can watch ADOPTABLE! 

We are in the midst of editing it RIGHT NOW and trust me, I CANNOT WAIT for you all to see it. I am SO proud of the work everyone has done and feel so blessed to have gathered such an extraordinarily talented cast and crew. Things went SO well during filming that my ambitions for ADOPTABLE! have grown beyond my original intent to simply post the episodes myself on Vimeo.

So, if you all can be a little patient while we start the process of finding the absolutely BEST distributor and platform to help ADOPTABLE! reach the widest audience (and hopefully to produce many further seasons) I promise you, your patience will be rewarded! Feel free to visit the ADOPTABLE! Page for Behind-The-Scenes Photos & Videos by clicking HERE!

Your enthusiasm for this passion project of mine continues to move me daily and if and when it comes time to unleash “The ScoLo Army” to prove to others how much you all want to see this show I hope you’ll be fired up and ready to go!

Until then, as they say: STAY TUNED!!

Scott Lowell