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February 6, 2004

1. Who is the tallest Queer As Folk cast member?

Baby Gus. That's JUST how good an actor he is.

2. Are you at all related to Christopher Lowell of "The Christopher Lowell Show"?

Only when I cry.

3. I've been part of the internet fandom for almost a year now, and have noticed some bizarre, creepy behaviour on some forums, yahoo groups, websites etc. Are there any internet fan behaviours that you or other cast members particularly dislike?

Hmmmm ... oh, let's see ... the picking apart of EVERY physical flaw or attribute that we may be (or may not have been previously) self-conscious of. Yeah. That sucks hard. I wonder if those that are SO bold as they hide behind their little computers could withstand the same scrutiny.

4. Do you ever get the chance to watch any television, and if so which TV shows do you enjoy?

I rarely have time to but I will say this: "The Office" is the BEST show on television bar none.

5. Do you listen to opera, or is that just Ted thing? Do you have a favorite opera?

I don't really listen to opera in real life. I enjoy it when I do, but it doesn't occupy really any space on my iPod currently.

6. Do you get recognized a lot, and how do you feel about your celebrity status?

I'd say on average that I get recognized at least once a day in most places I go. Usually it's fine and the best part of "celebrity" is using it to help worthwhile causes ... like ANYTHING or ANYONE who can remove Bush from the White House before he blows up the world!

7. Do you know if the QAF PTB have ever considered releasing an "outtake" DVD set (or somesuch), separate from the few outtakes included with the season DVDs?

Not that I am aware of. We really don't screw up that much anyway ... snicker, snicker...

8. Your plane crashes one day, and your hopelessly broken body washes up on an island populated with cartoon characters, never to return to the world of people. You must pick one character to attend to your injuries and feed the useless lump of human flesh you've now become, one character to keep you intellectually stimulated, since your brain is the only thing you have going for you at this point, and one character to sing "99 Bottles of Beer" to you every day at sunrise, 3pm (Greenwich Mean Time), and sunset. Which cartoon characters do you choose and why?

I'd want Blondie to tend to my lump and feed me. There was a REASON Dagwood never wanted to get out of bed. That man was SATISFIED in all ways. Mr. Peabody for intellectual stimulation, I mean what DOESN'T that li'l fella know? Without a doubt Jessica Rabbit would be my chanteuse of choice. No explanation necessary.

9. Would you agree that Descartes was totally the hottest mathematician?

What? Are you high? Leonhard Euler was MUCH hotter. I mean, the first name says it all.

10. What are you going to miss the most when the show ends? The least?

The extraordinary bond between our cast and crew. I'll miss "the family" most. I'll miss least walking from my trailer into the studio at 7:30 AM in only a robe to shoot a nude scene in the dead of winter when it's -20 F outside (with the windchill).

11. Is the Cast contractually prohibited to work on other projects while working on QAF during the actual shooting period, Sept - March? I know with the grueling schedule it may be hard but, If need be, can it be done?

No. Although it is damn near impossible given the intensity of the shooting schedule. Peter was able to sneak in 6 days of shooting this past Fall on a film called "Child Star" (written and directed by the great Don McKellar) because it was being produced at Dufferin Gate and schedules coincided.

12. Two Harry Potter related questions for you, if you don't mind! What would you see in the Mirror of Erised? Which house do you think you'll be sorted into at Hogwarts, and why?

I think I would see myself surrounded by a happy family of my own. I would definitely be sorted into Gryffindor. It IS the house of lovable losers after all.

13. I've heard that every TV set has the resident practical joker. Who is that person on the QAF set and what are some of the pranks he/she has played on you?

Who told you that? They must've been playing a joke on you. The whole "resident practical joker" thing is an urban legend that's been around since the days of "My Three Sons" when Fred MacMurray "SUPPOSEDLY" cut William "Uncle Charlie" Demarest's suspenders and his pants fell down and he wasn't wearing any underwear and his ... well ... there wasn't a whole lot there and they started calling him "AUNT Charlie." It just isn't true.

14. What's the one part of your appearance that you are particularly vain about?

The back of my knees. They are REALLY sexy so I tend to moisturize them at least 4 times a day..

Scott Lowell