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November 1, 2003

1. I was wondering if the cast even bothers to go to the Showtime board anymore and if they do what do they think about it?

Well I cant really speak for the whole cast because its not something we discuss on a regular basis. Occasionally someone will say they read something on the site. I personally do not visit much and since the last time I gave my opinion about the atmosphere on the site got me in a peck o trouble that I just dont need (or deserve) Ill just keep my further opinions to myself.

2. What is the most meaningful thing you will take away with you from your experience on Queer as Folk?

That I have been part of something groundbreaking that members of a discriminated minority (hopefully soon Ill be able to say formerly discriminated) thank me for doing because it allows them to feel more fully represented in our society  and entertained.

3. Scott, Who's the better kisser (i.e., softer lips)? Peter Paige or Dean Armstrong? Or Chalupa?

Man, are you guys out to get me in trouble yet again? First the Showtime board question and now this. Do you realize that all these whos your favorite questions involve friends and people that I have to work with and that to pick one over the other is going to hurt someones feelings and make my relationship with them uncomfortable? Would you put in print that you love one of your children or parents or siblings or pets more than the other so that they could read it and know? Plus, our show has already suffered through the silly kissing another man is like kissing a dog scandal NOW you want to get me to say that kissing a CAT is better than kissing another man?!? Cant you focus your trouble-making ways on a more worthwhile target than me? Theres a big fibber/scary guy in the White House? Why dont you submit these kind of questions to the monthly Q&A on HIS website?!? Sheesh. Besides, Ive never kissed my cat on the lips before so I can hardly compare and  hold on a second  now where is she?  hey, there  ummm  Chalupas the best. Gotta go now.

4. If you own a car, what kind of car is it? What is your ideal car? What kind would you NEVER own?

I actually just bought my first new car ever. My 1988 Honda Accord with 165,000 miles on it finally had to be retired (and not because Peter Paige refused to be seen riding in it). I bought a 2003 Honda Civic Hybrid (part gas part electric) and I love her! She gets incredible gas mileage (48 mpg on a recent drive down to San Diego for example) and puts out very little in the way of emissions. I highly recommend EVERYONE look into hybrid cars for their next purchase. Cars have never really been something I care too much about and I would rather spend my money on other things  but I would love it if one of those sexy little BMWs or Audis or Porsches came in a Hybrid. Rowwwr. I would never own a Hummer. I cant stand them and instantly judge whoever drives them to be selfish morons. Sorry.

5. The character of Ted has evolved during the past 3 seasons from the nerdy friend to the successful porn web site businessman to the despair of defeat, humiliation, and drug addiction. I thought that the Ted character flourished as the successful porn site businessman. What was your favorite Ted personality and why?

Well they all offered different acting challenges that I relished so (yet again) its hard to pick a favorite. But since the way I first got to know Ted was as the love-sick, self-deprecating, nerdy friend hell always be what I come back to when I think about the character.

6. When I was acting one of the most tossed around mantras was "You're only as good as your scene partner". After seeing your work in commercials and QAF I can see that you're brilliant in anything you do, but my question is do you believe in this saying at all, more specifically do you feel you have more of a rapport with certain actors? I'm not asking for favorites :), but I know when I would perform with certain other actors we could develop a connection that the audience could easily see. Do your regular screen partners (Peter, Dean, Hal) bring that out in you?

Ah, what a caring questioner you are. Certainly different scene partners bring out different qualities in my performances that I think are easy to see. No different than having chemistry (or not) with someone youre dating the chemistry between two actors is vital. You can put two wonderful actors together and inexplicably they just dont click. I absolutely thrive off of the connections I get from other actors and am without a doubt made better by it. Its the cornerstone of the training my mentor Morris Carnovsky instilled in me. You can certainly work to overcome a weak scene partner and find a way to make his/her weakness a strength for you, but obviously if youre having to extend your energies and focus towards doing that its going to cost you in other aspects of your performance. But when it clicks its easy and magical. A couple of examples: the end of Season one Blake story-line was never originally conceived, but after Ron and Dan (and even Russell Davies) saw the chemistry between Dean and me they decided they wanted to see more of it. Similarly with the Season three Ted and Emmett romance. Originally Ron and Dan only saw it going three or four episodes at most, but they liked so much of what they saw between Peter and I it changed their minds and concept of the relationship. I have been so fortunate to have such extraordinary actors to work with in QAF.

7. I was wondering if you could take us through your typical day of work during QAF filming? How early do you usually have to come in, do they feed you yummy lunches, what do you do between your scenes, how long do your days typically last, etc.

Well, for me theres never a typical workday. Start time changes daily depending on what time we finished up the night before. Generally we try and start by 7 am on Mondays. If we have a full day of daytime exteriors on location we may start earlier to maximize the amount of hours of sunshine (or gray shine). Lunch follows 6 hours later (whatever time we start). Some lunches are yummier than others but there usually is a variety of things to eat to satisfy a cast that has to watch its figure (sigh) and a hungry-hungry crew that needs to fuel up for the hard days work they go through. Usually things are scheduled in a way that you come in and do your scenes one after another. It can take between three hours (a simple 2 person scene in Teds condo) and 6+ hours (Babylon or Woodys) to shoot a scene. Every time the camera has to move the lighting needs to go through a major change and during those times Ill either just hang out on set and visit with folks or go read back in my trailer or (if its a difficult scene) hide and listen to appropriate mood music until set is ready. The tough part is maintaining your energy through all those long waits.

Weve gotten much better with our hours. First and Second Season we averaged 16 hour day I would say (with plenty of 18 hour days in there). Last year we got down to 14 and I think this season is starting off below that as well.

8. I was wondering if you enjoy traveling, and, if so, what have been some of your favorite destinations?

I do enjoy it but have not been very good at it. Kind of like with restaurants (and certain dishes there) I tend to be adventurous, find a place I like and go there over and over. Ill be going back to Kauai for the third Holiday season in a row this year. I guess I dont consider trips I make where I have friends to be traveling but I love visiting with my friends in NYC and if I were working there would love to stay for more than just a visit. Same goes for Boston, San Francisco and Washington. Australia and Italy remain at the top of my foreign countries visit list.

9. What do you love most about acting?

The collaborative process of creation.

10. You mentioned in a past Q&A that you enjoy the Harry Potter series. Do you enjoy reading other Sci-Fi and Fantasy novels, (including the Lord of the Rings trilogy, of course)? And what genre of literature do you like best?

Im not really drawn to Sci-Fi I have to admit. I read The Hobbit when I was in sixth grade but never made it through the Lord of The Rings trilogy. I really love good fiction and authors (e.g. something by Philip Roth or John Irving) and historical stories (e.g. Seabiscuit). Right now I am thoroughly enjoying Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides. Thought-provoking non-fiction (e.g. Fast Food Nation) can also really draw me in

Scott Lowell