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July 10, 2010

Herrick writes:

Dear Scott:


I recently saw the Canadian indie film "Denied", released in 2004, which featured two very fine (and talented :) Canadian actors you worked with in Showtime's Queer as Folk: Lee Rumohr and Matthew Finlason.  Perhaps you know that Lee was in Los Angeles a few years ago auditioning for television roles. I believe you did 3 episodes with him. Please tell me what it was like working with him? Have you kept in touch?


-Herrick Inman

Hey, Herrick.  I did hear from Lee now and then after the show when he was down here in LA but haven’t heard from him in a while.  I believe he met a gal and moved back up to Canadia.  Lee’s a terrific guy, very warm and funny and brave.  We had to shoot some rather ... ummm ... gymnastic sex scenes and he was SUCH a good sport about it all.  He was always more concerned with “getting it right” than with how he himself came off which is always great when you want an actor to play as big a jerk as his character was (at least initially).

Mark writes (via Facebook):

How many pounds did you have to gain for your role in season five of Queer As Folk? Was it hard to lose the weight? What did you eat to gain weight?

Mark Daniel via Facebook

Hey, Mark:  Well, that was physically tough (and near impossible) story line that the fella wrote me there.  Fortunately they did tell me about it shortly before I was going on a trip to Venice, Italy.  Now you have to understand I hadn’t eaten ANY carbs for 4 years at that point so the fact that I was now being DEMANDED to eat as much as I could before starting the season was a miracle!  So I ate every delicious thing put in front of me over there and I was in Heaven!!  Even with all that I probably only put on at most an extra 5 - 7 pounds.  Plus, part of the problem (as I explained to the Powers that Be) is that after “Ted” had his plastic surgery I had to be naked in the very next episode looking all liposuctioned and tight and ... well, I wasn’t ACTUALLY going to have that surgery so unless they were going to give me a few months off to get back in shape there was no way for me to put on as much weight as they wanted me to.  So, in the end they put a cheap fat suit that a department store Santa might wear on me and I went to a dentist who made me a device I could wear in my mouth to poof my cheeks out a bit.  In my opinion it didn’t work out too well and I’m a little embarrassed by the end result to be honest.

Jennifer writes:



I just wanted to tell you that I am a big fan. I thought your work on Queer as Folk was amazing! I had the great pleasure of seeing you on stage in "Oliver & Hannah" your performance was so moving. I hope I get the chance to see you again. You were kind enough to pose for a picture with my mom and I and I want to thank you. 


Well, I’m really glad you got to see it, Jennifer.  Even though the playwright was only 19 and the play only 25 minutes it was one of the more challenging and satisfying experiences I’ve had in a long time.  It was nice to meet you afterwards as well.  Here’s some photos from the play.

Lucy writes:

Hi Scott!

Well, I'm not entirely sure what to call you- not to mean that offensively. Mr. Lowell? Scott? Scotty?

Anyways, I just have to say I am a big fan of QAF, and especially Ted!

He has always been one of my favorites I have to say, and it was so sad watching Ted hit bottom. I think I almost screamed at the screen a couple times whenever Ted started on meth again. What can I say? I get into the show.

I loved the moments between you and Gale; they were always sweet and hilarious!

I just started watching QAF this month or so, and it has to be one of my favorite shows. I have lost a lot of sleep watching the show non stop XD. I think the chemistry and bond between all the characters is amazing, and the show doesn't get the credit it deserves!

So, I was wondering. Do you still keep in touch with some of the cast members even five years after the show has ended? I think it would be cool it see that the cast members of QAF have always been friends long after the show was over (: And if you could, would you be able to tell the whole lovely cast YOU'RE AMAZING for me? From a super fan (:

I kind of sulked at the ending, with Justin leaving and everything. I like to pretend that the show ended on episode 11 of season 5, when Brian and Justin agreed to marry, but I don't really see Brian as the marrying type. I like to think that Justin's off to NYC, but they do end up meeting...up, and they still do love each other. Brian/Justin is one of the most amazing couples I have ever seen on TV. It still makes me sad to think the show ended with them apart. I also loved Ted and Blake for some odd reason; I thought they were cute together.

And I'm going all out of order and this message sounds really disorganized, but I have REALLY wanted to see you in one of your plays, and see any of the QAF cast members in their other movies and plays, but unfortunately, none of the plays are anywhere near where I live. Sweet old North Dakota. I can't exactly pack up my bags and go on a trip either, seeing as I am still in high school.

Anyways, I think this is long enough. You are a super amazing cool actor, Scott. I hope to see you in some more shows and plays soon!



Wow, Lucy.  Looks like they’re not giving you enough homework if you have THIS much energy to type all that.  ;o)  Thank you so much for being such a Super Fan!  The cast has indeed remained very close and we see each other whenever we can (I’m having lunch with Peter this coming Monday as a matter of fact).  Not only that but we are still in touch with most of our crew up in Toronto as well!  It was truly a family affair.  I hope you get out of North Dakota sometime and get to see not only all of us but the whole world.

lzaquirreg (via Twitter) writes:



Hey, Scott! <3 Can I ask you a question? :) Why did you decide to play "Theodore Schmidt" at QAF? I loveee youuuu!! :D

Well, when I read the script I thought he was the most “universal character” of the bunch.  I mean straight or gay EVERYONE can relate to bad sex and “Ted” had A LOT of it.  ;o)  It’s proven true over the years that more people relate to “Ted” than any of the other characters I find ... or maybe they’re just being nice to me.  :o)

Scott Lowell